1. Lance says

    just omg.

    violence srsly is never the answer, however, i hope these murderers lives are crushed, their families mangled, in fact cut out the entire nation, and rid the world of their filth.

  2. says

    This report is truly horrifying.

    But the comment below is equally disturbing.

    “cut out the entire nation, and rid the world of their filth.”

    And no thought to the fact that an entire nation, including all of its social, ethnic and cultural diversity, would be wiped off the face of the earth. The irony is that this is just the kind of fundamentalist attitude Al Qaeda expresses about the US.

  3. Gregus says

    @ SIMONE

    “Those people aren’t even human over there.”

    Trust me – “They” don’t own the patent on inhumane treatment (of gay people, or any people for that matter). Abu Ghraib ring any bells with you?

    Your ‘those people over there’ is *almost* as disturbing as the horrific atrocities carried out against gay people in Iraq.

  4. Jane says

    This is terrible. I suggest that the Queer community respond the way they it always does: condemn the US and Israel!

    I see Paul has already gotten us started.

  5. says

    Maybe we should invade? Bomb them back to the stone age? We broke it we bought it?

    What does winning this war even mean? Maybe to the architects of the invasion this is what winning means.

  6. paul c says

    But we had to get Saddam Hussein out of there because…you know…he tortured people. Thank God that has stopped.

    Anyone who doesn’t believe that the entire Iraq war was King George’s attempt to avenge his daddy and become a “hero”, raise your hand.

  7. Chitown Kev says

    I can’t co-sign Simone and Lance’s statements. But I understand their sentiments.

    This. Is. Horrible beyond belief.

    And you know what. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that the fundies here would do the exact same thing to us if they could get away with it.


  8. Eddie says

    Gregus, how can you even compare what happened in Abu Ghraib (which I didn’t approve of) to what these subhuman pieces of sh*t are doing to gays in Iraq?

    Like you, I disagree with Simone’s use of the phrase “those people,” but for reasons diametrically opposed to yours. These “things” are not people, and they need to be destroyed.

    Of course, when I (and Simone) say “those people”, I’m referring to anyone who carries out such atrocities or supports them, not the entire country. I don’t think anyone seriously wants to destroy the entire country.

    By the way, even though your last comment equating what Simone said to what is happening in Iraq is nowhere near as vile as what is actually happening in Iraq, I find your comparison vile and repugnant nonetheless.

  9. Asher says

    Wow–this really gives some perspective. We whine about Civil Unions versus Marriage Equality while people in other countries are killed in such gruesome and horrific ways for being gay (or for being perceived as being gay, in most cases). Makes me count my blessings that I live in the United States, imperfect as it is.

    And as for Chitown Kev, your comment about fundies doing the same thing here is ridiculous. The whole point is that they COULDN’T get away with it here.

  10. ReasonBased says

    I can see the liberal cultural relativists squirm – but it is their religion that demands this. It is in the book. written in black and white. with no New Koran or reformation to change this. So there you go – start with the excuses, the religion of “peace” strikes again!

  11. Lars says

    Reasoned said: “I can see the liberal cultural relativists squirm – but it is their religion that demands this. It is in the book. written in black and white.”
    What complete and utter nonsense. You have obviously never read the Qu’ran.
    Don’t blame the religion, traditionally gays have fared better in Islam than in Christendom, blame the rise of fundamentalism, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic.
    You should read the Qu’ran before making hateful and bigoted comments about Muslims.

  12. Rad says

    And in the 8th day, Bush created Iraq.

    This… is democracy? I can only hope that Muslim law prevails; an eye for an eye would be quite appropriate for the monsters who have decreed such… vile acts against humanity.

  13. liz templin says


    sick. so damn sick. awful. this is torture, right? i mean, to glue their anuses (i dont wanna even know what kind of glue does that) which prevents diarrhea which then causes death…that would be torture if i couldn’t let my…stuff out. geez.

  14. BobGolfs says

    I agree they are barbarians and they do this in the name of their god. Of course this is what our men and women died for in the course of securing their “freedom”.

    If they aren’t removing a clitoris, gluing an anus, or killing in the name of their god, they are wiping their asses with their bare hands. I have no use for them. Scourge of the Earth and they should be eradicated.

  15. BobGolfs says

    Oh, and I forgot to mention there will always be some zipper head (or two or three) who will come in here and chastise over the vehement reactions and comments. You know what? STFU and then go over there and get your anus glued shut and then come post your admonishment.

    No, really. I’m serious.

  16. Mike says

    I think Kathy Griffin says it best when she refers to the people of this part of the world as “Peaceful farmers”.

    Sorry, but no amount of peace and love globalism will wash away what this truly is, barbarism at its worst. Bash America, Israel, and the west all you want, but this kind of behavior is not sanctioned here by our leaders like it is in that part of the world.
    The visceral side of me, says do the world a favor and just nuke that shithole part of the planet. All it does is cause us all a lot of grief. Our culture teaches us to be tolerant of other peoples/cultures (ie. them), while there’s teaches them to destroy us. This is the problem the West now faces. How to hold onto and strengthen our Western values, in the face of a rising force that plays off of our tolerance as a way to destroy us. I’m ranting……

    Kinda makes your whining and bitching about Ron Paul look stupid.

  17. KJ says

    I believe the “sick fuck of a god” that they worship over there is the same one that christians worship and adore. The problem isn’t a sick fuck of a god. The problem is the sick fuck of a belief prevalent on this planet that there is one.

  18. Dan says

    I understand how fundamental religious/ cultural followers find homosexuality (and other “moral” deviations) absolutely offensive – but there IS actually a LINE at some point… and that’s so far from it that you can’t even see it.

    To think that those subjected to these torture might not even be homosexual – they could just be victims of rumors and accusations – I don’t know – It’s getting worst and worst – I feel powerless to these extreme systematic violence.

    Also, in comparison, the experience reported just make our lives seems so superfluous… It just makes the whole the ‘struggle’ for gay marriage to me seems almost silly. (I rather trade off the right to be married – and divert the time and resources to the global gay movement, if that means LGBT people around the world are treated more humanely.)

  19. Bruce says

    So sad. The story, if true, is deeply depressing and upsetting. The attempt to reduce it to right or wrong religion or right or wrong foreign policy is fruitless. In the end, this is a story about the potential of our species for infinite brutality.

    Yes, I and everyone else reading this message “knows” “right” from “wrong.” But we are powerless as individuals to stop this particular form of lethal torture. Maybe we, privileged Americans and Towleroad readers, should think about making a better world in whatever way we can — by coming out to family, friends, and co-workers, voting against homophobes, telling companies which retain the PR firm that produced the “Storm is Coming” ad that we will not to buy what they sell — to show that we are something other than finger-pointers with keyboards in a world of finger-pointing.

  20. Aaron says

    All of you racist dumbasses are, in fact, racist dumbasses. Yes, the Middle East is virulently homophobic, like pretty much everywhere until recently. Gay people were executed in Germany 60 years ago. Christian societies have sucked pretty hard, too, and continue to do so in many parts of Asia and Africa. Stop pretending that there are insurmountable cultural differences and that your desire to carpet bomb the Middle East isn’t batshit insane.

    Horrible, violent homophobia doesn’t actually make any of the United States’ questionable foreign policy more justifiable. The fact that Israel’s a largely gay-tolerant country doesn’t mean that it has the right disproportionately bomb the shit out of Palestinians.

  21. Feral says

    I can’t tell if I don’t want to believe this because it’s so horrifying or because it’s so ridiculously medieval.

    I’m most afraid that the answer may be both.

  22. rick baye says

    This is surely one of the lowest forms of depravity that I have ever heard of. It echoes the atrocities that were committed by Dr. Mengele during the holocaust. Tragic… truly tragic.

  23. Paul NJ says

    This is why I find movies about torture (“Saw” and such) so offensive. People are tortured in the real world, and it’s not OK. Torture should never be used as entertainment.

    The victims are in my prayers.

    While this only makes me angrier about equal marriage.

    We are NOT “lesser than.”

  24. Gregus says

    Thank-you! The racist, xenophobia displayed here is almost as vile as these reports.

    Just go read the reports of “abuse, torture, sodomy, and homicide of prisoners”.
    In your book clearly abuse, torture, forced sodomy, and homicide are OK in one instance, but not in the next. That’s messed up. It’s an entirely fair comparison.

  25. kipp says

    This story has just the right amount of random yet gruesome details like that too neatly addresses any question “can only be removed with surgery” “they give them a drink that causes diarrhea.” The real kicker is that videos are being distributed on Iraqi cellphones… conveniently only the story and not the video has made it to Western ears…

    This reads like an urban legend created to fan fear among gays in Iraq rather than a true story.

    There are enough effective ways to torture and kill people that don’t require waiting for “special glue” to dry – and they are used against all kinds of people in Iraq. Unsubstantiated stories about anal glue should be met with skepticism rather than sensationalist re-broadcast.

  26. Lexxvs says

    What happens to the gays –and others from the GLBT minorities- is horrible. But sometimes I’m surprised on how little is known by the western gays about the destiny of their brothers and sisters far beyond the comfort of their places.
    Even though I do not condone Israel policies towards the Palestines –whom I consider to have been suffered a terrible historical and practical injustice- I know that the Palestines do kill gays in horrible ways too. Many of them escape to Israel for this very reason, and sometimes Israel forces them to act on its behalf.
    So many stories. First of all, those people are cruel with themselves in unimaginable ways. So, it’s no surprise that they act like worse than monsters when they feel enforced for religious motives against minorities.

  27. JoeTynan says

    I would take this whole report with a grain of salt, while at the same time investigating to see if it’s true. It’s already known what homophobic atrocities go on in Iraq and Iran, but…..this one sounds suspicious to me (COULD be true, though).

  28. Mark says

    What does cross dressing or being a “hermaphrodite” (i.e. inter-sexed) have to do with being homosexual? This report perpetuates the stereotype that sexual orientation for Gay men is merely a matter of gender confusion.

    This report ignores that it is precisely the bigoted anti-Gay culture of Iraq that 1) mistakes gender confusion for sexual orientation and 2) pushes Gay men into such gender confused identities.

    The result is a perpetuation of victim culture instead of an indictment of Iraqi culture and bigoted religious zealouts. Why? Because white heterosexual men at the BBC essentially believe the same bigoted stereotypes about The Gays that Iraqis believe: all Gay men are effeminate and want to be women…but we should protect them.

    So here’s the report: we shouldn’t kill The Gays but they’re still creepy and weird aren’t they? We should just feel deeply sorry for them being so weird and causing such violence.

    Vilifying, attacking and killing The Gays for cross dressing or being effeminate is no different from killing women in 1692 Salem Massachusetts for being witches. Those women were not witches BUT WERE PERCEIVED SO.

    Why does the BBC ignore these distinctions and perpetuate Gay stereotypes in what they believe is a sympathetic report?

  29. Skye says

    The irony of the first comment is stunning.

    “just omg.

    violence srsly is never the answer, however, i hope these murderers lives are crushed, their families mangled, in fact cut out the entire nation, and rid the world of their filth.”

    Evidently violence is never the answer, except when it is in response?

    Having world organizations condem Iraq for what is occuring will go a long way to helping the situation. Enforcing the rule of law, and ensuring the rule of law will protect all minorities.

    The US Millitary unfortunately is not leading a good example for for the people of Iraq. With the institutionalized discrimination of gays, and the rampant issues of women in uniform being raped, and the abuses of power such as in the prisons, how do we expect the people of Iraq to behave any differently?

  30. says

    This report is truly disturbing! We here in the states need to take heed of this and send a message to Ms. Prejean letting her know that her words can insight negative acts.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  31. Ray says

    Lars: It’s funny how people like you always use the term “hateful” when someone (like Reasonbased) simply points out the facts about certain holy books which make the cliché “religion of peace” seem ridiculous. I have read the Qur’an (albeit in English, since I haven’t gotten around to learning Arabic yet) and the Hadith, and anyone who claims that there’s less hate than harmony in there is a liar.

    As to the fundies in the U.S., I believe the original point was that they’d do similar things *if they could get away with it*. That’s not hard to understand, is it? I’d agree, since I’ve heard various evangelical nutcases say publically that they’re in favor of laws that would allow the killing of people who get divorced or have premarital sex, based on Mosaic law. You know, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and similar pieces of inspirational writing.

  32. paul c says

    @Ray – Based on so many of the comments on Towleroad, I have little doubt that many of the hateful, hypocritical little fascists who post here would be all too willing to do the same sorts of things to those on their “enemies” lists.

  33. Chitown Kev says

    Ray, thank you.

    And if anyone doubts that christian fundies like Sarah Palin and her ilk would not do this here “if they could get away with it,” check out this about former Alabama Supreme Court Justice and now candidate for Governor, Roy Moore:

    “Moore, best known for installing a washing machine-size Ten Commandments monument in the entrance to the state’s judicial building, tacked a 14-page “special concurrence” onto a decision denying a lesbian mother custody of her children. In it, Alabama’s highest judicial officer declared homosexuality “abhorrent, immoral, detestable, a crime against nature.” Gay sex, he wrote, is “an act so heinous that it defies one’s ability to describe it,” an “inherent evil” that “should never be tolerated.” And if homo-bamians continued to insist on fornicating? The state might have to use force, Moore wrote, wielding a biblical “power of the sword” to root out this evil once and for all.”

    Anyone that think that these “Christian” fucks (and there’s nothing Christian about them, if you ask me) wouldn’t looooove to get away with what these particualr Muslim hoodlums in Iraq are doing, I don’t know what to say to you!

  34. Derrick from Philly says

    “Such barbarians. What a barbaric civilization.”


    Islamic culture brought the Europeans out of the Dark Ages. The Church (which ruled over Europe) wanted to destroy all the classic literary works of ancient Rome and Greece. The Muslims saved the classics. The Muslims brought enlightenment back to Europe in the 15th Century.

    I’m angry at Muslim fundamentalism too, JOHN, but I’m not going to lie about history, or lie about the various cultures on this Earth. The men who held my ancestors in bondage did that to justify their evil.

  35. CitizenGeek says

    The idea that this didn’t happen under Saddam is absolutely absurd. Of course it did, and the state turned a blind eye. It was just never reported, because there were no reporters in Iraq to report on it. That kind of naivety is obscenely irritating. The gays that are using this horrific product of Islamic extremism to somehow condemn the US and Israel are appalling ignorant, asinine and petty. Yes, W. was an awful president, but it’s NOT his fault that Islamic extremism does this to gay people.

  36. says


    Why did you mention Bush in your first line? Has Bush permaraged you so bad that you cannot resist the urge to utter his name? I mean, “Bush derangement syndrome” is serious. You should go down and get checked out because that syndrome slowly breaks down mental reasoning, then ultimately causes the person to die.


    The Iraqi police can barely stand on their own so why do you support the withdrawl of American troops? When Obama waves his Messiah pen to sign papers pulling troops out, incidents like this are going to get worse and your lefty friends will still be like RAD with “Bush derangement syndrome”.


    You could walk around in Baghdad in a neon pink mesh shirt, talk with a heavy lisp and wear some tight short shorts to see if this really happens..

    You know, many of you talk about violence against gays, what about violence perpetrated against people by heterosexuals? You guys remember Jeffery Dahmer? He was a homosexual.. This guy in this story I’m about to link drugged a straight man with GHB and raped him after he thwarted the homosexual’s perverted sexual advances. Where is the outcry there?

  37. Derrick from Philly says


    I just read your comment. Maybe it’s the effeminate gay males who are bearing the brunt of this persecution. The masculine gay men may be doing what they did in our anti-gay culture of the 1960s: hide in the closet.

  38. says

    Yes of course it’s terrible. And the only way we can hope to stop it is to pressure Obama. It’s true, he’s been silent on this, as he has on many LBGT issues. But he MUST speak out on this, and act on it, and we must force him to. Here’s his email address, let him hear from you…

    And here’s a petition to the President of Iraq to stop the killing…

    Make your voice heard, don’t just say how awful it is! And if you can, donate to Amnest International, they’re a worthwile organization that fights for people around the globe like this who have no voice…

  39. Derrick from Philly says

    Remember, we often are quick to believe the most ghastly things about people we don’t like. Yes, Iraqi militia and religious extremist nuts are killing Iraqi Gays. But has this form of “Medieval Inquisition type” sadistic torture been verified? And if it is being done, do you believe that the majority of Iraqi people would approve? So, don’t call the whole society barbaric.

    I don’t know, if it’s true, I’ll have no problem apologizing for my incredulity. Then again, I guess many Americans had trouble believing the tales of torture that occured during lynchings in this country. And many people couldn’t believe the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust, or the torture, rape & child-killings in Darfur.
    Yeah, my doubt is wearing away.

  40. HistoryFreak says

    Sometimes I wonder if us Westerners should ever butt in at all on that part of the world. By our standards it can be brutal: don’t Middle East Muslims greatly run the child slave trade in Africa today? Hussein was a beast, as was Bin Laden, the Shah of Iran, Khomeini, the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.. Aren’t we just being “Colonialist” if we try to interfere with their own way of handling things, even on the homosexual issue? I just don’t know.

  41. Husky says

    Well i think they should rule out gluttony as an evil as well, though it seems most of the clerics would be gotten after for that. This really is unbelievable it’s sickening how people will follow any fat ass with a religious title attached to them.

  42. KFLO says

    The middle east is so fucking sick of full or worthless ignorant pieces of shit. I used to defend them but now I lean more toward wiping them off the face of the earth. They’re worthless to every other nation.

  43. mmc2068 says

    As a vegetarian, I would not become a carnivore and hunt down and kill all animal “filth” and all of their progeny if, say, someone I knew and loved were killed by a wild animal. In the case of the animal, I would simply target it for removal to an isolated place, far from human contact. With violent homophobes, I would treat their actions as a criminal matter, try them and, if necessary, jail them. It would simply be unfair to do otherwise, as the animal does not know what it is doing.

  44. mmc2068 says

    (continued from above) In addition to being a vegetarian, I am also a gay man who knows how it feels to be persecuted, but I am still a human being and, as such, I am moved by the plight of the Arab Muslims to speak out for their rights, every bit as much as I do for the rights of animals, no matter if both treat me with less respect.

    Jesus called it “turning the other cheek.”

  45. Tanner says

    This article actually just brought tears. The fact that this kind of thing is carried out ANYWHERE in the world is beyond sanity. I think we need two more good A-bombings- this time aim for the Middle East. No seriously, fuck this shit. I’ve had enough hearing about the deaths and the violence, and this just ends it for me right now. Roosevelt did it right in ’45. And what did it do? It put an definite end to WW2 and now Japan is an ally. Fuck the innocent, I’m tired of this endless horsing around- Fire up the Enola Gay; her job isn’t done yet.

  46. Wes says

    “I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again: Iraq should have been nuked, and so should every MuSlime nation on earth.”

    Oh I see, you don’t want them to kill gay Iraqis, you want us to do it ourselves.

  47. Dhani Darko says

    I believe of all the hullabaloo written on this topic, Mel Smith is the only one who is making sense.


    We need to take control over our own destiny.

  48. Joe H says

    So again, what have we been doing in Iraq the past 7 years? They were a secular country before we went invaded. Anti-gay, sure, but never this bad. One silver lining may be the global exposure this is getting. What’s sad is that the U.S. no longer has any moral high ground on torture because now we do it, too. Thanks W.

  49. Xuan du Plessis says

    Again this morning I saw on CNN what is happening to the Gays in Iraq. I cry for them, I can not imagine going back to that sort of existence in my country South Africa. I have once again realised how free I am and how many rights I have in my country. I am happily married under our Civil Union bill. There are still many that dont accept but at least we are protected. I wish there was something I could do to help the Gays in Iraq. The only way forward for the whole world is if we can start taking each others hands and have start having more understanding and acceptance for each other. Love and peace NOT hate and killing!

  50. Paul says

    I find this so sickening, it’s hard for me to believe how someones mind can be so twisted and evil as to think of doing that to another human being. Gluing their anus and forcing diahoreah would burst their intestines and lead to the most horrifically painful, slow death. I just can’t believe the hideous suffering man continues to inflict on his fellow man.

    At least with awareness of this coming out we can take action and make our condemnation of this barbarity known. With enough voices raised and pressure mounted it will have to stop.

  51. Scott Hutcheson says

    I’m dissapointed in the gay community, or in the head of gay rights coalition. Gays in America should be providing an exodus for the gays in Iraq, Iran,.. etc. Knowing the History of the Jews when Germany invaded Poland, wouldn’t anyone want to go back in time and provide an exodus for them to safety? The only exodus provided to the Jews were on trains going to concentration camps.

  52. dia ali says

    hey im muslim and the quran says nothing about killing and torturing gays nor does it say anything about controlling women like dogs. its the people in charge-take those losers out

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