1. whatever says

    well good for her, it only took how long, but i can tell you this, if it was gay father his ass would be gone by now nothing would have been said, no blogger would blog about it.. I’m tired of the double standard there, just be she is woman. I say send the dyke back to were she came from….

  2. says

    Right, WHATEVER, because if there’s a double standard we all know it’s this evil lesbian’s fault . . .

    She shouldn’t have to be going through this to begin with. If she were able to get married, and if that marriage had federal recognition, no one would have had to blog about this in the first place.

  3. JOE 2 says

    Hooray! What a joyous day for Shirley Tan, Jay Mercado, and their sons. To the Tan-Mercado family: we are celebrating with you!

    (PS to “Whatever”: Yes – what Tralfaz said. And please use an implement sheathed in extra-coarse sandpaper, with no lubricant, to do so. Also, please revisit sixth grade English class. Thanks!)

  4. says

    Thank you to towleroad for quoting me and referring to my blog. As NEW BLOGGER THE BOOST HAS BEEN GREAT. That said, it was a pleasure working with the Tan Mercado Family. I served as coordinator for the political endeavors in this case and was go between for all the legal counsel and orgnaizations that lent a hand.

    I would like to invite all your commentators, including the WHATEVER guy to read my blog and all the information that has been added to explain what went on, since my quote above.

    This is the first time I have been subjected to “sexist” behavior by a gay man; and I very sorry for his misunderstanding of the fight for UAFA. It is a fight for all Lesbian and Gay people. Shirley Tan’s case did not receive PB because she was lesbian – if you read the wording of the bill she had undergone enormous hardship. He mother and sister were murdered in front of her and she was beaten and received a bullet wound to her head.

    I ask the WHATEVER’s of the world to refrain from their unproductive comments and to channel their anger and bitterness toward the activism required to bring good laws such as UAFA to passage.

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