1. samwise says

    In Jade Empire both lesbian and gay relationships were options. In Mass Effect a lesbian/interspecies relationship was an option. Previously they’ve said that they will do what fits the story, but I think thats mostly bullshit since they always find a way to include a lesbian sex scene for the straight male teenage crowd.

    Furthermore this, “no gays in Star Wars” crap is paramount to, “in this universe, there are no undesirables” and is rather offensive. If they want this gaymer to purchase any more of their products, Bioware better start acting with more class.

  2. Ferin says

    It’s really bizarre, especially coming form Bioware. In Knight of the Old Republic, they had a lesbian primary character. I would have thought they’d also learn something from what happened when Blizzard did something similar. Oh well.

  3. Liam says

    It’s stuff like this that make me happy to be on FFXI. Even though Square-Enix is hardly perfect we’ve had an openly known GLBT linkshell for about 6 years and never been threatened to be shut down. Hell, they even include a few gay characters and storylines. Granted they aren’t major ones, but at least they are there.

  4. Josh says

    World of Warcraft really isn’t any better. They forbid players from advertising LGBT friendly guilds in guild chat or on the forums, also they’ve been known to ban users who have already formed LGBT friendly guilds.

    Meanwhile, they have an NPC in the game that calls another a pansy several times an hour 24/7 in a scripted little event.

  5. Andrew says

    Disgusting sensationalistic headline aside, if you actually take the time to READ the thread you will notice that they reopened the thread and uncensored the terms in question.

  6. Hank says

    It is odd because as other posters have said: Bioware has put lesbian characters into their games.

    George Lucas insisted on “Truman Capote” the evil gay hutt in the Clone Wars cartoon and there is a gay Mandalorian couple in the expanded universe.

  7. Craig says

    We still don’t have equality in this galaxy and Star Wars was in a galaxy long long ago and far far away. Doesn’t Jabba look and sound a lot like Rush? Then we have Darth Cheney. And the GOP replaced the emperor with a retard from Texas. I guess its easy to see how these bigots in Canada could be confused. But that’s no excuse.

  8. Meanwhile says

    This is just a case of a community manager who is not good at his job doing something boneheaded. I don’t think it’s reasonable to blame the company. As others have mentioned, they’ve got a record of inclusive content in their games.

  9. PM says

    I frequent those forums – and have started a GLBT suggestion thread or two myself – and that media coverage is just a gross misrepresentation of Bioware, Sean and the events in question.

    Seriously on par with the “videogames made my son a killer!” class of reporting.
    For shame.

    On the positive side: potentially makes Biwoare more 1% more likely to include same-sex romance arcs – in the slim chance they weren’t already planning to – so that’s good.

  10. BTD says

    Maybe this Sean Guy was saying that the terms “gay” and “lesbian” don’t exist in the Star Wars Galaxy, because it’s society is made up of such a variety of sexes, races and cultures that it has evolved beyond the point of describing a relationship as “homosexual” or “heterosexual”. May in the Star Wars Galaxy all relationships are just relationships.

  11. says

    Now, that’s a bit disappointing. Star Wars is just fictional and they should cater to the audience in the real world where they get their profit. If movies/forums or MMORPG games like WoW would discriminate gender preferences, would they be able to benefit from such acts?

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