Towleroad Guide to the Tube #458

ANAL POISONING: Rush Limbaugh says British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will get “anal poisoning” from his admiration of Obama.

KEITH OLBERMANN: Jane Velez Mitchell and Hannah Storm present Keith Olbermann with GLAAD’s award for “Outstanding Journalism Segment” in New York for his special comment on Proposition 8.

THE QUEEN: Some British offended that Michelle Obama touched her shoulder.

TURTLE ATTACK: A pigeon has a bad day.

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  1. Mr. E says

    Fuck the queen. She is not above any other human being. It is SOOO time for the british royalty to GO AWAY!

  2. Jason says

    From Buckingham Palace Press Office:

    “It was a mutual and spontaneous display of affection and appreciation between the Queen and Michelle Obama.

    The London Summit reception at Buckingham Palace was an informal occasion”.

    A Buckingham Palace Press Officer said there was no breach of protocol as they do not issue instructions on how to address the Queen.

    Apparently, on a trip to the U.S. members of the public hugged the Queen.

  3. Matt says

    Umm – I do not think that any British were offended by Michelle Obama Touching the Queen. Even though it breached protocol, the Queen apparently took a shine to Michelle & returned the gesture, which is totally out of character for her. Furthermore the British really showed a great welcome for both Michelle & Barack. It is a shame that the same respect/admiration has not been returned this side of the pond as evidenced by your tagline…. Anyhoodles Mr. E suggest you seek help for your rage issues & try to express yourself with adult language next time you post.

  4. CJ says

    I watched this yesterday and while many at first questioned this move most British, and especially the “rags” that report sensationalized headliners, weren’t offened at all. In fact, the Queen expressed mutual affection with the first lady, and lady stated a desire in “keeping in touch” which is literally unheard of from the Queen. Either way, it’s a lot of pomp and circumstance.

    Who cares about Limbaugh? I’m surprised he’s even considered a “journalist” and especially from the conservatives, wasn’t this schmuck caught with illegal prescriptions of Viagra? Impotent AND ignorant, sounds about right.

  5. patrick nyc says

    MATT as my Irish Aunt Mary would say, ‘Pay him no mind, he does not have any’.

    I think it showed class on both the Queen and Michelle’s obvious respect for each other. Something Mr. E lacks.

  6. jimmyboy says

    I haven’t seen, read, heard any britt getting the vapors over the touch. The only wilting violets and upholders of le majesty are we yanks who rejected monarchy in the begining.

    In fact all of the britt and other euro news outlets are going ape sh@t crazy gaga over Michelle. One could imagine Obama staying home back here in Dc and Michele repairing our alliances and image abroad at how much all of europe is drooling over her every move, outfit, word, gesture, etc

    Anyway; the US biatchers need to get a wiff of smelling salts because the whole wilting violet getting the vaoprs thing is so pathetic

  7. davefromtampa says

    Watch out for those snapping turtles, one almost got my good stuff during a swim.

  8. 2nd Class Citizen says

    Why is Rush so vile? Does his low self-esteem demand a need to see/hear his own name on a nightly basis?

  9. Geronimo says

    The report I read said that the Queen put her arm around Michelle’s waist before Michelle put her arm around her shoulder.

  10. Alex says

    Let’s assume that the Queen or the British were offended…the notion that it should not matter b/c we should not care about their monarch is pretty ridiculous. You respect other nation’s protocol when you go there. So suggesting Obama or the First Lady can act how they choose when they go there or the Brits’ reaction to a breach in protocol is unwarranted is absurd. I do not think official statements from the Palace = what the Queen actually thought. While the Queen may very well have not cared, I’m sure if she did, she wasn’t going to release a statement about it. You may not agree with the pomp and circumstance that goes along with another nation’s culture, but it does matter if we are to not seem like a bunch of backwoods hillbillies to the rest of the world. That said, it’s not a big deal clearly and is a two-day old news story. Move on.

  11. jimmyboy says



    ahhhhhhh woooooooo the vaporrrrrzssssss

    loosen that bodice and fan yourself


    huff some smelling salts before you faint


    The wife of the most powerful and FAMOUS man in the world gave a public boost / poll boost with the commoners for old queen bess. the britts debate every day whether the queen is it, out of date, cold and when she passes shouldn’t charlie boy just retire to quietness doing his organic gardening in the countryside. Michee’s touch boosted the queen and the palace knows it. Great PR to watm her and make her relevant thus the monarchy relevant in the 21st century


    god help us



    the vaporrrrrssssssssssssssss

    we poor wilting violets just can’t take it


    poor alex needs some smelling salts


  12. mike says

    Alex is right, it matters for politicians to show appropriate cultural signs of respect for foreign heads of state. I didn’t see him saying what happened here specifically was a problem, but that doesn’t change the fact of correct behaviour. Whether the populace of the UK (or the Commonwealth nations where the Queen is the official head of state) is fully supportive of their head of state isn’t relevant. A lot of elected heads of state have popularity issues.

    America is looking to other nations for help and cooperation right now in a bunch of deep messes it has gotten itself and the rest of the world into. It is also so in debt to China you night as well call it Chinese property. This is not the time to be bragging it up about how powerful and FAMOUS your president is and how he and his wife can do any goddamn thing they like in other countries. That’s the kind of asshole attitude that caused a lot of America’s problems already.

  13. nic says


    america is in deep doodoo right now, you are correct. but the brits were teetering on the brink of oblivion way back when. it was the american put-your-shoulder-to-the- grindstone ethic that brought you back from the brink. please don’t muddy the waters 0f diplomacy. our country is becoming increasingly brown, and by that i mean the mixing of the whites the blacks the browns the yellows and the reds. excuse your brutish american cousins for not completely observing protocol. we do not come hat in hand asking for british support, and we certainly don’t want to kiss lily white royal ass. the obamas were extending an open hand to you and all you can think about is whether there may have been an inappropriate sign of warmth between two women of stature.

  14. rudy says

    Yay for the turtle. Pigeons are nothing but rats with wings.

    Speaking of rats: keep talking Rush Limpfool. Every word from your foul mouth reveals your bigoted mind. Yay for free speech. Rush Limpfool is very effective in convincing people of the absurdity of his “opinions” in general and his deep-seated homophobia in particular.

  15. johnny says

    Question: Why does Rush have a TV camera in his studio for a radio broadcast?

    Answer: It makes his horrific program even scarier.

  16. txstevo says

    What the hell is “anal poisoning” anyway? What does that mean?

    I don’t get it.

  17. CJ says

    The YouTube comments on the Limbaugh video are HIL-AR-IOUS. All the conservative zealots panties are in a bunch.

  18. mike says

    We did not here the quiet exchange between Her Majesty and Mrs. Obama. One will assume that their gestures were a spontaneous result of this exchange. Although it is a seeming breach of protocol, it in fact was not. I am sure Her Majesty would not have been offended and I am also sure Mrs. Obama and the President were given the entire briefing on protocol. I don’t think Mrs. Obama would have gestured in such a way unless Her Majesty had said something that allowed Mrs. Obama to respond as such. Such nitpicking against the Obamas! I’m sure many LCRS probably just cringed in their crinoline T’s over this. As for the GLAAD Awards, can we get rid of the tired techno “music”? It detracts from the seriousness of the event, which is to acknowledge those courageous men and women, gay or straight, who are making a difference in the news media in reporting on issues about gays and lesbian Americans. Besides this, techno is, like, um, soooooo last century!

  19. CJ says

    Mike, why are your panties in a bunch? I grew up in the UK, no one is making a big deal out of this. Most realize the Queen has been changing protocol ever since Princess Di passed on, and most realize there are more pressing issues in the world, such as feeding and clothing their family, Darfur, global climate change, etc. Move on from this.