News: Portuguese Water Dog, Tea Party, Tila Tequila, Somalia Pirates

 roadLGBT activists plan Tax Day rallies across nation: "As LGBT Americans, we work hard, take care of our families, and pay our taxes
every year. Yet, our families are not included in the very policies we help fund.
Our loved ones are treated like legal strangers and denied the economic protections given to our
heterosexual counterparts."

Jacobs  roadMarc Jacobs, Kate Moss, and Justin Timberlake do some ego bonding in Vanity Fair.

 roadTila Tequila is dead: Or at least that's what her stalker wants you to believe.

 roadWill & Grace creator Max Mutchnick on the Obamas' relationship with the gay population: "If more homosexuals were in the Obamas’ lives, there
is no way Michelle would have worn a twin set when she met the queen."

 roadMadonna speaks for first time about quest to adopt Mercy.

 roadGay activists in Salt Lake City turn to charity work rather than protest: "While protests and signs
can be effective in advancing gay rights, volunteer Jason Trowbridge
said the movement is about civil law, not religion. 'Really, I have nothing against Mormons,' said Trowbridge, who
recently moved to Utah with his boyfriend. 'I have very nice Mormon

 roadNYT on the marriage equality state-by-state strategy and why the U.S. Supreme Court wil keep its distance: "The concern about creating another Roe v. Wade looms large…"

Bo  roadObamas to adopt Portuguese Water Dog named Bo.

 roadFreedom to Marry's Evan Wolfson on the "Gathering Storm" ad: "At a time when most Americans have had their fill of years of
polarization and want to see us come together to deal with the pressing
problems that hurt us all, gay and non-gay, could a negative ad
campaign like NOM's work? Who would buy these obvious scare-tactics?"

 roadRex Wockner on gay Iraqi executionsUK Independent: Iraqi leaders turning blind eye. "In an unusual move, Amnesty International will today write to the Iraqi
President, Nouri al-Maliki, demanding 'urgent and concerted action'
by his government to stop the killings. Amnesty said the murders appear to
have been carried out by militiamen and relatives of the victims, after
being incited by religious leaders"

 roadTransient accused of Matthew Shepard memorial park vandalism in West Hollywood.

Phebus  roadMale model fix: Adam Phebus.

 roadNavy Seal snipers killed the three Somali pirates holding captain Richard Phillips hostage simultaneously, in the dark, from the deck of a rolling ship 75 feet away: "Finally tensions had inflamed so that the pirates actually had the
gun aimed at Captain Phillips, and commanders made a split second
decision. Believing his life was in 'imminent danger', they ordered the snipers to fire."

 roadVatican blocks Caroline Kennedy as U.S. ambassador: "Vatican sources told Il Giornale that their support for abortion
disqualified Ms Kennedy and other Roman Catholics President Barack
Obama had been seeking to appoint. Mr Obama was reportedly seeking to reward John F Kennedy's daughter, who publicly gave her support to his election bid."


  1. Pender says

    Why does the Vatican get to veto our choices for ambassador? Could South Africa during apartheid have vetoed any ambassador who believed in racial equality? For that matter, could Germany in 2003-2008 have vetoed any of Bush’s appointed ambassadors who supported the war in Iraq?

  2. 24play says

    Obama should just let the position of Ambassador to the Unholy See go vacant for the next 8 years. Enough with the pretense that The Vatican is a sovereign nation.

  3. paul c says

    I don’t trust anyone who is pushing 50 and has never had a pet before…and only got one because of public pressure.

    Yet no one had to pressure her to get a full time makeup artist.

    People who don’t like animals are creepy.

  4. AK says

    Dial 911! The Mutchnick “twin set” line is SO true. Michelle is a beautiful, intelligent, caring woman but a fashion disaster as First Lady. The sweater sets, the 24-7 bare arms, the occasion-inappropriate wide, flouncy skirts…it’s like she lets her youngest daughter pick the outfit and then has it made in her size.

  5. Leland Frances says

    You left out the best part of the article that the quote about Mrs. Obama’s clothes came from.

    SF Mayor Gavin Newsom:

    “If we didn’t do it in 2004, do you think the party would have wanted us to do it in 2006 during the midterm elections to take back Congress?” he said. “God forbid. 2008? Well, it’s another presidential year. And now people are saying 2010? That’s another critical year to hold Congress, and we’ve got statehouses across the nation. 2012? Another presidential year. 2014? Another Congressional year. Wait does almost always mean never. That was Dr. King’s point.”

  6. crispy says

    What, no follow-up to #Amazonfail?

    Apparently, a douchebag hacker did it by exploiting the “flag as inappropriate” links… which makes far more sense than a liberal company based in Seattle suddenly turning into homophobes.

  7. woodroad34 says

    The Vatican should be ostracized. Who cares if they have relations with our government. It’s at our pleasure, not theirs. Perhaps we should just say we don’t want any association with any Bishops or Cardinals since they’re representatives of Vatican CITY (not state or country or government). There was a reason Henry VIII got their asses out of England.

  8. jimmyboy says

    “Max Mutchnik created a whole TV sitcom based on ridiculous stereotypes… Not surprised he speaks in stereotypes in his real life either.”

    Posted by: JTlvr

    Here here!!!!!


    appoint no one to the fake state = vatican

    while at it reject the vatican ambasador to the US. Yes thhere is one. Kick him out on his ass because it is US property he is wholed up in as well as revoke the nifty ambasadorial license plates with the privelage to run over someone and not get presecuted.

  9. Noah says

    “Max Mutchnik created a whole TV sitcom based on ridiculous stereotypes… Not surprised he speaks in stereotypes in his real life either.”

    Word. I’m surprised he didn’t give her advice on what drapes to hang in the White House too.

  10. BH says

    Michelle Obama is doing a fantastic job as first lady, which must be a difficult role to play. Why do we care what she’s wearing? Maybe she has more important things on her mind — like raising a family while advocating for what she cares about as first lady.

  11. paul c says

    It’s sadly predictable that the gays of Towleroad are attacking another gay man (Mutchnick), who absolutely HAS helped the cause of gay rights, to defend the wife of a president who opposes equal rights for gays.

    What the fuck?!

    Mutchnick’s program did not promote negative stereotypes — it showed a balance of gay characters (who reflect as accurately as any sitcom would allow) of different personalities.

    Do you realize what having a show like Will & Grace meant to kids who were growing up gay at the time? You finally got to see more than one token gay character on a show…and Mutchnick had to fight to get much of the content through to the air because it was still taboo just ten years ago!

    How soon we forget. That happens when people are ungrateful and self-centered.

    Mutchnick’s comments were probably partially inspired by the Obama’s complete lack of support for gay rights.

    But who needs those anyway? We have token Easter egg hunters!

    No fucking support from Michelle and Barack Obama, but token Easter egg hunters…it really balances out.

    If you have a problem with Mutchnick and prefer to lick at the ass of the badly dressed wife of an anti-gay marriage politician, please do go fuck yourselves.

  12. Nick says

    So cunty, Paul C. If you think that over privileged fag with his Beverly Hills weddings and surrogate-spawned twins did jack shit for gays with the portrayals on the vapid W&G, YOU can go fuck yourself. Mutchnick is just another “A-gay” who has the luxury of being able to spout platitudes and cliches, but really do nothing. He doesn’t have to. Money is the best insulator.

  13. paul c says

    ….and Nick proves my point.

    Will & Grace, like “Ellen” (the sitcom), may be just sitcoms, but you benefit every day of your life from the ground they broke for acceptance of gays. That’s a fact.

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