1. Paul R says

    Isn’t the question, When does Woody Harrelson not look crazy?

    I agree that the movie looks dreadful, but I wouldn’t say that Jennifer Anniston gets “icked out.” She says, “That just looks like you’re kissing him” in a fairly normal register given that (in true wacky Hollywood style) some guy just parachuted into the pool she’s at. I don’t find it offensive, aside from the stupidity of it all.

  2. johnosahon says

    the ONLY thing offensive about this movie is the fact that this mess is going to be released to the public. this mess needs to go striaght to DVD ASAP.

  3. Jonathan says

    I think she was more bothered by the fact that it looked like he was doing CPR poorly, regardless of who it looked like he was kissing.

    Not the sort of movie I generally like going to, but the trailer certainly didn’t look like a gay panic scene.

  4. Bart says

    I agree with the sentiments above. The movie looks pretty awful if that’s the best two minutes they can cut from it but Aniston’s character is hardly “icked” by a gay kiss, and more freaked out by CPR done insanely. Not everything is a gay conspiracy to get us

  5. mb says

    I agree…I was ready to get pissed off, but it’s not like that. It seemed like she was just saying “you look like you’re doing it wrong”.

    But I also agree that this crap is going to be BAD. How does Jennifer Aniston still get work?

  6. argyle says

    She doesn’t sound icked out at all. Maybe Woody’s character is bi and she’s jealous? 😉

  7. lost my woody says

    as always, woody h’son playing woody h’son. how is it he continues to get work?

  8. wisebear says

    Agree, agree, agree – movie looks awful….jennifer not icked out….would take anything woody wanted to put in me.

  9. tyler says

    Why you hating on Aniston? She doesn’t seem ICKED out at all. Poor rush to judgement, Andy.

  10. jOHN says

    How does Jennifer Aniston keep getting work?
    She’s has not talent what-so-ever!
    How long is she going to use the Telly Savalas connection?
    Please, Jennifer….go away!

  11. rayn says

    Obviously, she wasn’t “icked out” at all, just concerned that he was doing CPR incorrectly. But you got a bunch of people to click on the link (which was your goal all along) even if you had to lie to do so, so congrats I guess.

  12. Scott says

    I don’t think she was icked out by the kiss but I was certainly icked out by the trailer. Yeesh.

  13. paul c says

    Wow, that was so not what Andy claimed it was.

    It wasn’t funny at all, but there was no “icked out” aspect to it either.

    Of all the things to propagandize and lose credibilty over…geez…

  14. dego says

    hmmmm definitely looks like a bad flick.

    Steve Zahn in a lip lock with Woody Harrelson?


    I might have to have some alone time…

  15. Bud says

    Um, this movie is written and directed by Stephen Belber, one of the writers and stars of the original production of “The Laramie Project.”

  16. says

    I agree with the above… She wasn’t icked out, but how about Steve Zahn? Woody’s hot, but I’d take Steve Zahn over him any day. HOT and CUTE!

  17. Attmay says

    Why is a heterosexual actor who only has a career because Nicholas Colasanto died being mentioned on a GAY blog?

    And I totally agree with John about Jen’s “talent”. Kojak’s been dead 15 years, his connections can only go so far (although I think her dad was on some soap operas).

  18. giovanni says

    Agree, she wasn’t icked out. Disagree that it looks like a terrible movie – it actually looks pretty sweet/harmless. (Coogan is super cute)!) Granted it’s not the kind of movie I would pay money to see but should I find myself on an airplane with nothing to read I will probably give it a go. Aniston was actually pretty good in Friends With Money and The Good Girl.

  19. Brian says

    The most offensive thing about this movie is the fact that it looks completely unfunny.

  20. ikahana says

    That looks like complete crap. I was almost dead asleep before it got to the “kiss”. I wasn’t offended, I was bored shitless. I’d rather be offended.

  21. Daws says

    Erm, she wasn’t “icked” by the cpr/kiss. She said it very matter of fact. But yeah, the preview does look dull. I’ve always found Woody Harrelson to be very sexy though. Steve Zahn is a cutie too :)

  22. says

    Jennifer doesn’t get icked out by the “kiss,” but that is clearly what the brain surgeon who put the clip together wanted to imply by using it that way. Scenes like that always get uncomfortable groans and giggles in theaters.

    I agree the clip looks lousy, but Steve Zahn is a terrific actor, besides being damn adorable with his wide-eyed, sweet smile, hairy chest, and “aw, shucks” simplicity. I used to like Woody, but he’s become a bit of a freak show.

    And don’t underestimate Jen. Some of her choices haven’t been the best, but watch her eyes… even given some not-so-great material, she has depth and subtlety that make her, if not a powerhouse, at least completely charming and watchable.

  23. MDC says

    Why so serious??? Looks like a fun flick to giggle with someone special. Lighten up people!!!