1. Jay says

    Why? Why? Why? Why do allow such lower standards for LGBT artists? This is crap. Everything she has ever sung is crap. It has no artistic or culturual merit or value. Cazwell only has a touch more substance than she does (barely). I’m all about supporting the community but SURELY there are more talented and relevant LGBT individuals out there, right? I’m not opposed to pop. I like Lady GaGa; I like Britney (sometimes). But how does anything Amanda Lepore has ever put out hold up to any of this? It’s crap. Plain and simple. It’s not even FUN crap. It’s just crap. It’s not catchy crap. It’s just forgettable crap. Come on, guys; we’re better than this. Let’s uphold and promote a tranny with substance beneath the extremely altered surface rather than this trainwreck tranny. I honestly don’t see what’s so ‘fabulous’ about it all.

  2. Ed says

    New York is turning your brain to cotton candy if you still think this walking freak show deserves any attention. Why not start a daily “How Many Gays Shit Their Pants Yesterday” feature?

    Get out while you still can.

  3. JeffRob says

    Oh. I was expecting to at least hear Cazwell’s voice. Also, pronouncing cotton “codden” repeatedly makes me want to rip my eardrums out.

    I mean, yeah musically it’s crap but you gotta just let it be what it is. Ms. Lepore obviously had a blast making it, so either have a blast watching it or don’t. I’m sure she’d relish the chance to tell you how much she doesn’t care what you think.

    It’s basically soft porn for m-to-f fetishists.

  4. says

    I agree. I have had the unfortunate non-please of meeting Amanda Lepore on more than one occasion, and it is a loathsome, self-obsessed creature. Why people fawn over its ‘fabulosity’ when the only thing going through its mind is how much more foreign material it can stand to pack into is bulbous fish lips or if it can get away with a tinier sparkle thong with matching pasties at the next Absolut party is beyond me. It is a vapid, talentless thing concerned only with its self-promotion. There are surely better examples in the gay community than Amanda fucking Lepore.

    “Ooh, blonde hair and pink and cotton candy and sparkles! How FIERCE!!!!@?#!#!@##” Gay men are so embarassing sometimes.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Interesting. Transsexual women who’ve had the surgery, but have no desire to enter the hetero or straight world. They maintain their “drag” origins and connections…and remain part of the gay world.

    I’ve been slightly crucified every time I’ve said this, but I’m a tough, thick-skinned bitch now (on the Internet, I mean): the gay and trans worlds cannot never be totally separate. For some of you who’ve never socialized with or around transfolk it seems possible, but it aint.

    Oh, as for Ms Lepore…well, she’s got ball…I mean, hutzpa!

  6. Jesse says

    I’ve met them in person, and they’re both extremely sweet, like cotton candy, lol.
    Amanda’s music may not be chart topping,
    but enjoyable, to me, all the same.
    As for Cazwell, well, I adore him and his music.
    Now that he finished Lepore’s album,
    hopefully he’ll have his own new stuff out soon.

    In related news, Sam Sparro is in LA working on his new album, Groove Armada’s new cd is out soon, and Calvin Harris put out a new single on his myspace.

  7. Jeffrey says

    This is just meant to be FUN! It’s not high art. You are judging way too hard. Geez dude RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. CitizenGeek says

    The song is actually growing on me. It’s trashy, vapid and all that, but that’s probably part of it’s appeal. The video is pretty cool too.

  9. lodenmuse says

    Amanda’s vocal range is about as wide as a clothes-pin, but the concept of this video is actually quite cute. Kinda like letting my mother be a stand-in in a Björk video.

  10. Jay says


    I enjoy pop. It’s not like I expect her to sing Un Bel Di Vedremo at The Met. Like I said, I enjoy lots of silly pop music, but the fact that we (gay men) buy into her ‘fabulosity’ is bothersome because she lacks any substance whatsoever.

    I’m all for camp performance, but excuse me for preferring artists with substance over self-indulgent crap. I like Rupaul, who understands that his camp performance is a commentary on patriarchal society. I like Lady GaGa, who understands that our society’s obsession with materialism is ridiculous and has produced an image mocking it. I could go on and on and on.

    I’m not saying everything has to be intellectualized to no end, but I think rather than commenting on it, an ‘artist’ (and I use that term VERY loosely with Ms. Lepore and have to hold back barfing while doing so) like Amanda Lepore actually EMBODIES the collective dysfunction rampant in our society and especially our community.

    I love camp performance, but whether high or low, it’s supposed to allow us escape from and possibly comment on the oppression inflicted on us in a patriarchal society. This doesn’t do that. This is self-indulgent crap, and applauding it and supporting it does nothing for us as individuals, our community, society in general, art itself, or even Amanda Lepore herself (because if we were honest, we’d actually force her to raise the bar for all of the above).

    I’m actually not a harsh judge at all. I have Lady GaGa and Britney Spears on my morning playlist for getting ready for work. I can appreciate all forms of music. (Meanwhile, when Britney Spears has more substance than someone, it’s a sad day. . .and she has TONS more than Amanda Lepore.)

    When music is crap, it’s crap. When someone is delusional, I’m not going to mourish their delusions and fuel added delusions in their spaced-out brains.

  11. velo says

    Its crap. I agree. Tuneless. Sad because everyone gave it the college try as it were — but its so marginal its pit-i-ful. Good production. She can’t sing and can’t even FAKE it.

  12. j_love says

    Listen, the lady’s just trying to make a buck and sing a song – a’right. Jump off her hump a’ready. There ain’t nothin; wrong wit this. If anyone ouhta be kicked outta the club—it’s you Jay — your hate is showing lady. Srsly.

  13. minty says

    Catchy melody, but her voice just sinks it like a stone. I would probably like it if Miss Kittin or someone else with an expressive voice gave it a go…

  14. shaundinet says

    Don’t get it twisted!

    I LUUUUV this SONG. Amanda Lepore is amazing. Y’all need to lighten up and open your minds.

    Also this video is aesthetically amazing. A+

  15. says

    LADY GAGA IS CRAP! Amanda is pretty fabulous! And she is nice, to boot. Evertime I have seen her, she is gracious and fun.

    OF COURSE this music isn’t going to win any Gammies. But it’s fun. Pure and simple.

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