Spooky Spacey Art Installation to Open in London


Victorian former train tunnels below London are the setting for a new performance art exhibition, produced by Old Vic Theatre artistic director Kevin Spacey:

"In association with experimental theatre company Punchdrunk, he has
assembled a crew of performers and big-name urban artists from Antony
Micallef to Slinkachu, to create a creepy underground world in the vein
of 1920s sci-fi movie Metropolis…Street artist Slinkachu has created his tiny models of people in hidden
nooks, while Micallef has created a gilded statue of two fighting
angels. Elsewhere there is a paper forest, crawling with paper moths, spooky
dummies of masked workers by artist Mark Jenkins, and bizarre still
scenes, including a woman slumped over a melting table, by Polly Morgan."

The installation is scheduled to open Friday night.


  1. joe c says

    Why a Kevin Spacey story here on a gay site? Gosh and golly, this must be some kind of mistake.

  2. says

    As long as Kevin Spacey is in London, running the Old Vic and setting up installations like that, he can’t be infecting movie screens with his pathetic one-note performances.

    Keep it up, Kevin!