1. Welah says

    Am I the only one who can’t stop reading the caption: “Adam Lambert topped Kris Allen in the grand finale…”

    How did I miss *that*!?
    Lordy, my imagination is going to be working that one all day…

  2. joe says

    Get off the gay wagon, Kris was awsome and just as talented in his own way. Quit beating the he didn’t win cause he was gay drum. I am sure Adam, with his integrity, does not want this to be about sexuality a take anything away from Kris. As a gay man myself I loved Adam but in reality kris seems more marketable music wise as the votes showed. Hey I voted for Kris!

  3. Jeffrey says

    I must say, Andy. It’s disappoint to see you join the sour grapes brigade over Kris’s win last night. Kris got this win fair and square with an unprecedented lack of support from the idol judges and producers. I think there was just simply alot of people that were starting to resent being told week after week who was supposed to be the winner, especially when so many people did not get Adam’s appeal. I just never found him pleasant to listen to. I hope that those with sour grapes can move on and not dwell on it and celebrate the acheivements of both of the finalists.

  4. Miller says

    Joe: It has nothing to do with marketability or being gay (or at least very little). It has to do with who was the more conventionally attractive guy to tween girls. Adam was clearly the stronger singer and performer of the two. TV analysts have said over and over that Adam was bringing in the viewers. Sales on iTunes were dominated by him. The judges praised his talent, not pimped, praised…and rightly so. Adam has the stronger voice and the better stage presence.

    This is all about 15yo girls and the new unlimited calling/texting process.

    A year from now Adam will still be on the radio and in magazines. Kris will be performing at county fairs.

  5. Miller says

    Jeff: He didn’t get it fair and square. Kris did not cheat, but the voting system was stacked in the favor of a demographic – tween girls. Hell, 39 million votes came from Arkansas alone.

    And the idea that people didn’t get Adam’s appeal is total bullshit. He brought the viewers in. He had the sales on iTunes. He dominated the press each week after each performance. It’s the anti-Adam crowd that characterizes the judge praise as “pimping”…it wasn’t…it was clear and honest praise for a talented guy. He deserved to win. He energized the show.

  6. Gustav says

    Sometimes Adam’s screeching was off putting. A softer, middle of the road, nicer guy won over Middle America. Big surprise! And today, making a HUGE social and political statement, lots of Americans will eat at MacDonald’s.

  7. GENE says

    Ryan says there were nearly 100 million votes, and AT&T says about 38 million votes came from Kris’s home-state Arkansas. So about 1/3 of the total votes came from ONE STATE. One state made Kris a winner. I believe Adam actually has more fans than Kris. In fact, Adam’s “Mad World” is #4 on the iTunes download chart, selling better than Kris’ “Hertless” right now.

  8. alex in boston says

    In the end Adam will do better as the winner – Kris Allan – is now under contract to do what his corporate handlers from AI and Simon Cowell instruct him to do! Adam on the other hand can direct his own future and yes as we have seen those that have come in 2nd have traditionally fared better!

  9. Wes says

    I think a lot of people who like the contestants don’t actually bother to vote.

    My boyfriend and I liked both Adam and Kris, but were rooting for Adam. We didn’t vote though. I mean, we don’t care that much.

    Last night’s episode was the first I actually watched, apart from youtube videos.

  10. paul c says

    @Bill S – yes, because gays are a superior race from another land. Dumbass, gays SHAPE that crap culture you deride to boost your hypocrite’s ego.

  11. PhDude says

    Adam Should Have Won! Kris won because of the K K K Kristian “hate vote”. America proves again what a bigoted homophobic nation this is.

  12. paul c says

    The voting is done by only a certain segment of viewers…the active viewers. They’re in the minority. The average age of the AI demos this season, last I read, was somewhere around 40.

    Now when the contestants go home, who actually shows up to see them? 11 – 13 year olds. Those are the same viwers who take the time to vote. Obsessively. I’ve watched every season, but I’ve never voted. Let alone texted in votes from the minute voting opens til it shuts down.

    I was kind of siding with Kris anyway just because he was made the underdog with all the ridiculously one-sided Lambert hype. It was over the top and rude.

  13. says

    Kris is sweet and talented, and people–including myself–genuinely responded to his steady, humble presence this season. But, let’s face it, he won cause he’s, in tween girl parlance, dreamy. The doe-eyed cuteness was his ace in the hole, and the fact that he didn’t seem all that aware of it made him all the more endearing.

    But Adam was the diva of the season, and divas have their supporters and their detractors. He may have been too out there (in various ways) to win, but imagine this season without him–zzzzzzzz. They’ll be lucky to find someone half as charismatic next time around.

    Bill S.–Get over yourself. We “follow” AI because cheesy spectacles can be a blast to watch. Those who don’t get the fun (much like I don’t get the Super Bowl) can sit quietly in their high culture bubble.

  14. Drew K says

    Not hugely disappointed, and had it gone the other way I wouldn’t have been disappointed either. They both deserved to be there. Chris had the broader appeal and Adam had a more controlled voice. What I liked about both of them was that they were totally gracious and supporting of each other. As for Kris, I’d buy his music. He had some great arrangements of familiar songs. Adam made many familiar songs unfamiliar and gave them an edge. He has stage presence and is a true “entertainer”. Adam will definitely have a better future, but it doesn’t suck to be Kris either.

  15. Tucker says

    I’m a gay man, and I voted for Kris. Adam is an amazing singer, but I felt like Kris connected to his song choices with more emotion than Adam. It had nothing to do with sexuality. Just because crazy, ultra-conservatives turn the end result of winning or losing into one’s sexuality, does it mean that we have to, as well?

  16. jimmyboyo says

    All of you are sooooo wrong

    AI winners have very little to do with talent but rather has to do with who can set up the largest phone bank set ups to multi dial/ vote each week.

    Hell, the biggest exposure to the fraud that is AI was when Jordan Sparks dad was busted buy the news/exposed paying out huge sums of money to rent warehouse space, telephones, and pay people to constantly dial and vote

    come on now people

    It was also exposed in the past that Scientology set up phone bank ops to vote that sciti cult chick up in the polls

    It is never about talent.

    Adam’s loosing had nothing to do with his being gay nor his talent level but rather his family and friends just did not have the cash to set up a phone bank op like the other kids family and church folk did

  17. peterparker says

    For the life of me I cannot understand the appeal of this show It is pre-packaged, cheap, tasteless crap, not unlike MacDonalds (as another poster has pointed out).

  18. K says

    I had the same thought as you, Crispy. I was sort of hoping that Adam didn’t win! All I could think while Kris was “debuting” his new single was, “Jeez, I’m so relieved Adam won’t have to be associated with this piece of dreck and have to sing it live for every morning/late night talk show – including tonight on Leno, probably.”. *shudder* I got the impression from watching Kris that he will really, genuinely, honestly enjoy performing that song, and that makes me really happy for him. I think he’s a sweetie pie. I think Adam got exactly the outcome that will benefit him the most. And I think all 13 are excited to go on tour together.

  19. anon says

    The problem is that the winners go from extraordinary to ordinary in the blink of an eye, particularly when paired up with industry veterans. In the end, it’s about the music. Now they have to go out and “invent” a reason for people to listen to these guys over-and-over again to sell records. Meanwhile, Fleet Foxes “gives” people a reason to buy their act.

    I know more than a few 50-year-old claymates that voted obsessively. It’s not just young girls.

  20. Ian Jehle says

    I’ve never watched the show, so I have nothing to say about the singing merits of the two finalists. What made reading about this year’s competition so compelling for me was the idea that a gay man, specifically a man that people identify as gay, could break into a part of American culture that previously had been off-limits to gay people.

    I recently heard a story that Nichelle Nichols wanted to leave the original Star Trek series after the first season. She decided to stay after Martin Luther King contacted her and convinced her how important it was that America see a black woman who was not a maid. Not only was Lt. Uhura not a maid – she was the first African American sex symbol that millions of Americans had ever seen.

    For many gay people I think this competition is about more than who is the better singer – it’s about seeing one of our own become something that until now we were never allowed to be – whether that’s a senator, a four star general, a professional quarterback or a pop star.

  21. Raoel Doelahasori says

    America got it totally wrong this time, sending Danny Gokey away and later on making Adam Lambert the runner-up,
    For me Danny or Adam deserves the top prize,

    Lots of love from Suriname, south America

  22. Eric says

    Can we drop the whole “Adam lost because of homophobia” thing?

    If homophobia had anything to do with the show, Adam wouldn’t have made it to the finale.

    Let’s not throw out the gay card.

  23. David B. 2 says

    American Idol once again proves as did the Prop 8 vote here in California that voting and democracy without the filters and checks built into our national elections is pretty fucked up. Mostly people are sheep and really love pap. Anything out of the ordinary, artistic or new frightens them and they like what they know – case in point — country music — while popular music continues to evolve albeit slowly over the recent years, country music has stayed basically the same sine the 1960’s at least.
    These are the people who love corn flakes for breakfast everyday! Me, personally, I am a raisin girl!

  24. razz says

    journalists do that..they write two stories just in case the other won, so they could immediately post it fresh, as soon as the winner announced.

    nothing new. same goes for other competitions, such as olympics…etc.

  25. says

    I think we all thought that Adam would rightfully win. However we see that this competition is not about the American Idol but rather about the audience and voters, and in this case a possible indication of a conservative middle America. This said, true victory comes through album sales.

  26. says

    OK, let’s look at what odds were against Adam from winning:

    1. Last year Simon picked David Archuleta, this year Adam Lambert.

    2. Adam Lambert: over-exposed in publicity, his being possibly gay was made an issue by tabloid, news organizations, bloggers and pictures all over the internet of him kissing another man.

    3. Christian vote: Although it didn’t help David Archuleta last year, there wasn’t a question about David Cooks sexuality, so there wouldn’t be such a division. Cook possibly also had the sympathy vote due to his brothers illness. Also, the location of where the two David’s lived as you will note below (Archuleta from Utah).

    4. AI is more popular in rural areas and the south, than in big cities, midwest, east/west coast. Most of the winners have been from southern states and all from “red” states (Adam is from California):

    Season 1: Clarkson – Texas
    Season 2: Studdard – (Germany) raised in Alabama
    Season 3: Barrino – North Carolina
    Season 4: Underwood – Oklahoma
    Season 5: Hicks – Alabama
    Season 6: Sparks – Arizona
    Season 7: Cook – Texas/Missouri/Oklahoma
    Season 8: Allen – Arkansas

    On the positive side, Adam will not be subjected to an extended contract, therefore he will be able to do his own thing. He is seasoned, and now that he is known, he will have the world at his feet. Out of all the winners, as far as I know, only two have become EXTREMELY successful: Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

    I don’t want to take away from Kris Allen, he is talented, but I do think that Adams implied sexuality and appearance worked against him in the final week(s) considering the odds above. Clean cut all-american boy wins.

  27. says

    I just had an epiphany. Noting that all the winners have come from conservative states and that FOX (at least there new corps) is synonymous with Republican’s/Conservatism, makes you wonder if AI was on NBC, CBS, or ABC if the outcome would be different. Again, not to take anything away from Kris Allen, who I do believe is very talented, but if the show was on another network, would the results have been the same?

    I am not say FOX fixes the competition, just that its network has a strong conservative base.

  28. sigh says

    I find it interesting that many people on other sites described these pics as gross, and that they should warn people before putting up a pic like that (when it clearly says Adam kissing pics in the headline, yet they still clicked the link), they described the pics as revolting and vomit enducing and some even called him a sick q_e_r and a screeching f_gg_t, and that they wouldnt be rooting for him anymore because they should have warned him that he was gay, before they came a fan. Lmao as if they didnt already know he was gay… They accused him of false advertising and “shoving homosexuality down peoples throats.” They also said he is a terrible role model and shouldnt be proud of being a “b_tt pirate or f_dge packer.” They said he says no morals and no self respect for himself. Referring to him as a pervert and transvestite. My jaw dropped when I read those things. Poor Adam, he never had a chance in Hell. Those pics really brought out the selectively homophobic hypocrisy of many viewers.

    How come it’s not considered shoving it down peoples throat when two girls do it? Katy Perry was nominated for a Kids Choice award for Christ’s sake and nobody cared. Why isnt Katy Perry getting the same insults and negative backlash that Adam is? Britney, Madonna, and Christina Aguilera kissed at the MTV Awards no one made a fuss.

    Women kissing and groping in public, never catches complaints. “Liberal” media often shows “hot lesbians” and bisexual female characters and explicit kissing or sex scenes between women. And rarely have they been accused of “shoving a gay agenda” down people’s throats, but when its two men in rare occassion all hell breaks loose.

    I find the hypocrisy and the condemnation of this man simply astounding. Not to mentiopn the fact that the same people that condemn him are those who probably have avid amounts of lesbian porno on their computers and probably aren’t offened if their daughters start mimmicking TATU or singing “I kissed a girl.” Heck they’d probably even encourage it.

    Accepting one form of homosexuality, but condemning another is impeding on gay rights

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