1. David in Houston says

    That discussion starts at 6:40. Diego is very cute, and it’s cool how the conversation is so casual. I can only imagine how different it would have been had they appeared on David Letterman. “You kissed a man, OMG!!!”

  2. Rikard says

    I tuned in as the conversation was underway last night and could not believe how funny they were. I love Jimmy and want his show to do well. It gives me hope that the kids will eventually replace that ass hat Leno for good.

  3. ZAHL says

    Diego Luna came off as an ignorant teenaged homophobe on the audio commentary for the Y Tu Mama Tambien DVD, I guess with all this professional man-kissing he’s been doing his attitudes have mellowed.

    Also, if there was a barometer for men I wish I could kiss, Gael Garcia Bernal would be at the very top, hot end while Sean Penn and his unpleasant face would be way…way…way at the bottom.

  4. ED2 says

    I still can’t understand the J. Franco fetish. He’s a terrible actor and the exact opposite of versatile. If it’s his looks that people are blinded by then just keep him in print. He was the worst part of “Milk”, without a doubt.

    Diego Luna, on the other hand, was luminous and I would say outshone Sean Penn who’s already proven to be predisposed to histrionics.

    btw- Fallon needs to lay off the coke before showtime.

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