Dozens Arrested at Gay Rights Demonstration in Moscow

Police break up the gay rights protest while allowing a counter demonstration to go on as planned:

Raw video from Sky News:

Four videos from Gays Without Borders. In the first Peter Tatchell speaks, in the second, Andy Thayer speaks. The other two are foreign news reports:


  1. Chris says

    Although everyone who attended this demonstration was incredibly brave, I just wanted to post to say how glad I am we have someone like Peter Tatchell on our side. He seems to travel all over the world for events like this, has been arrested countless times for it, but he has never given up the fight.

  2. Chris_Yes that one says

    Well, Well, Well…where are all of the “Blacks are the only HOMOPHOBIC people” at now?

    Hardly anyone has posted on this awful situation.

    Oh I forgot they’re only concerned and get upset with “BLACK” Homophobia.


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