1. noteasilyoffended says

    What I think would be helpful would be to “export” the religious right and people like Sprigg. How about we give them Alaska and they can all live a religious life there with Sarah Palin as their goddess? Maybe that social experiment will show them the hypocrisy in their beliefs and daily life, that most pedophiles are heterosexual men and that living life in the past and with judgment is not all it’s cracked up to be. Call me crazy, but I’m only half kidding about this. The religious right and those who identify as Republicans are about 21=28% of the country. That’s three to one bigots. Shut up or leave. You’re outnumbered.

  2. Leland Frances says

    Thought Joe did better than he usually does but given how virtually scripted what the Antigay Industry has been saying for years is, he should have been prepared with more exact, forceful reponses, including using a few simple, but loud enough to drown out the other guy, “LIES!” “NONSENSE!” “NOT THE POINT!” “A MARTYR FOR BIGOTRY???!” rather than trying to interrupt him with “reasonable” full sentences that would have worked better.

    THEY stay on message and so should we: YOU ARE UNAMERICAN BIGOTS!

    And before some Pollyanna prances in with how we don’t need to worry because the marriage equality train has left the station, sure, but it’s got 45 states and multiple US territories still to travel so let’s not declare the war won yet, which is why Joe and we have to stop being Mr. Nice Gay.

    And his reverting at the end to Obama’s purring pocket Neville Chamberlain is indefensible and insufferable.

  3. says

    I’m no constitutional scholar, but I’m pretty sure that the only thing the US Constitution has to say about marriage is that one state’s marriage contract should be valid in any other state (take that! DoMA).

  4. Christopher says

    Why does the HRC never mention divorce? There must have been a policy decision made not to go there, but it is the most forceful argument we have to combat the false claim that gay marriage poses a threat to children’s “right” to be raised by their biological parents in a long-term committed relationship. Divorce is a FAR bigger threat to these children and BONUS! it’s even forbidden by the bible. We need to call these bigots’ bluff by throwing this in their faces every time we can. Heterosexual divorce most clearly fits the description of a threat to children as defined by the religious right. More children are “threatened” by divorce than gay marriage. Why don’t the wingnuts want to ban that? We have to force this issue because once heteros see that this knife cuts both ways, and one of their precious non-biblical rights could be taken away, they will think differently about ours.

  5. Bruno says

    Joe is like REALLY too nice. How he can sit there with these assholes while they spew their garbage…I guess I’d trust him to land the plane in a crisis, but I’m not sure about properly radioing in the message for help.

  6. says

    David almost HANDED to Joe an invitation to describe some of the real life suffering that happens to LGBTQ families and individuals on a daily basis. And we got ZIP from Joe.

    For the life of me I cannot understand why there is not ONE PERSON “representing us” who brings up what happens to Queers when equal protection is not in place. You would think that a parent having his child taken away his partner dies, or people losing their homes or their partners (deported), or people losing entire estates and experiencing total financial ruin would be worth mentioning. Are we afraid to be ANGRY or show how we are hurt by legal exclusion?

  7. Zeke says

    I’m sorry but if Joe Solomonese is the best the gay community can do for a spokesman then we are is some seriously deep shit.

    I’ve never seen a paid, professional spokesman be given so many opportunities to knock one out of the park yet swing and miss by a mile.

    Could we PLEASE find someone who is more intelligent, articulate and quick on his/her feet to speak on our behalf?

    He had about ten opportunities to point out that the issues and threats to marriage and the family that his counterpart kept throwing out were problems almost EXCLUSIVELY brought about by STRAIGHT people. Children not being raised by their biological mother and father? 99% due to straight divorces; straight pregnancies out of wedlock and general straight irresponsibility. Don’t DARE blame gay people for a problem that has been caused almost exclusively by straight people.

    Additionally, those kids in orphanages and foster homes aren’t the products of gay couplings. They are exclusively the product of straight couplings. However, when gay people try to step in and pick up the pieces that straight people caused, we are treated like villains and criminals.

    Joe Solomonese needs to go and be replaced with a younger, more articulate person with some (figurative) balls.

  8. noteasilyoffended says

    ABSOLUTELY, JOE SOLOMONESE NEEDS TO GO! HE IS INARTICULATE, SEEMINGLY ILL-PREPARED FOR DEBATE, AND INEFFECTIVE. I do NOT want this man representing me or my beliefs. This lack of leadership is the PRIMARY reason I DO NOT donate or support HRCF. I feel my money is better spent supporting other LGBTQ organizations.

  9. Disgusted American says

    Dan Savage is USUALLY VERY good with “Come-backs” when confronted with these assholes…PLUS Dan Savage and his partner ARE raising kid(s)..and he knows more personally about In-Equality towards LGBT families!

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