1. says

    I still think that Jake used a prostheis around his midsection. I think he bulked up, but not that much in the midsection for his skinny frame. When relaxed, that ripple effect (ie. 6-pack) would not be that prevalent.

  2. Denis says

    There is something very unnatural looking about his midriff… It could be prosthetic, considering his bellybutton looks totally different than the one shown in the previous post.

  3. Contrarian says

    He has the look of those old Roman breastplates which molded a false set of muscles over the chest and abdomen, albeit in metal. If it’s real, it’s clearly “better living through chemistry” as a certain Fortune 500 company once boasted in its advertising.

  4. Peter Parker says

    Either he used a prosthetic or he did juice. I mean, who would admit to that? They could even plead ignorance.

    Something isn’t quite right there besides the fact that there’s a white guy from Los Angeles playing the “Prince of Persia.”

  5. Morten G says

    He’s laughing. You flex when you’re laughing. Flex when you cum for that matter but I don’t think that’s what’s happening in the pic. I have no clue why he’s oiled up though.

    And to the queens yelling ‘roids': If you look at the pics on just Jared you’ll notice that his arms aren’t that big and there’s no moobs. His trunk is rather big which fits with steroids but it also fits with lots of core strengthening compound exercises, like squat and deadlifts. Check for the kind of exercises I’m talking about. And talking about trunk, Gyllenhaal has a really nice package in that costume. Good with a distraction from the gross red beard.

  6. DanJoaquinOz says

    Jake’s body looks great and he definitely did lots of work and took steroids to get it. Definitely. I’ve shown this pic to bodybuilders and personal trainers and they’re unanimous: Definitely, without question, steroids. I’ve got no problem with that and I can understand why he’s unwilling to be honest about it, but anyone who thinks they can quickly acheive that distinctly shredded, bulked-up look without steroids is deluding themselves.

  7. sam says

    Sorry, but I don’t think Jake was using ‘roids at all. If you have paid attention to him you would know that he has bulked up before in Jarhead and seems to be very into exercise. Good for him. Sexy and talented..I like.

  8. Bill says

    You guys have no idea how muscular a man can get without drugs. Go look at bodybuilders from the 1890s to the 1920s and see how massive they were and this is way before drugs, proper nutrition and good workout regimes were created. Jake could easily add 60 more pounds of muscle naturally.

  9. David B. 2 says

    why it is Steve Kmetko who is living in Chicago and looking mighty fine! We met a few years ago in Los Angeles after he left E! and it is good to know that he is still interviewing power hollywood types — only now in Chi-town. More power to you, Steve.

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