1. JDT says

    There’s hope for this world after all.

    Hoping to see the Westboro Baptist Church picket Mr. Sessions.

  2. Rafael says

    Please, Jeff Sessions is only trying to enhance his already sunk image. There is something disturbing about the idea of an open minded racist.

  3. Leland Frances says

    First, the immense respect I had for Chuck Wolfe just got flushed away. Obama “hasn’t shied away from big issues”????? Have you been in a COMA, Mr. Wolfe? Since taking office, Obama HAS and most of them have been GAY “big issues.”

    And, Marys, PLEASE! Are we to believe that the Repugs have been getting drunk on this same gay fantasy that Wolfe and gay pseudo media have beens spreading…that they think the same guy who, since getting elected, has been totally missing in ACTION on even the least controversial of gay progress issues might actually nominate an out gay for the Court?

    They are doing nothing more than baiting him, HOPING that he will so that they can use it to “strengthen their base” even if they couldn’t stop confirmation which, if the legal credentials were good enough, I don’t think they could.

    But the larger point is, Obama’s clearly lost his balls in a hunting-for-mainstream- Amerika-love accident.

    Ironic thing is, he’s too out of touch, surrounded by other power mongers too out of touch like Reichswhisper Rahm Emmanuel, to understand that on most gay issues the country is more progressive than HE now is.

    Excuse me. I’m late for a Nooner er lunch with the out gay Secretary of the Navy Obama appointed.

  4. Micah J. says

    ‘Jefferson Beauregard’ Sessions III isn’t opposed to the first gay Supreme Court Justice? Lol. And that was the most slithery, backhanded endorsement one could ask for.

    I don’t think his opinion should effect Obama’s decision in any way, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Sessions would do everything within his power (however little it may be) to stop either of those candidates from reaching the highest bench. Unless of course they were self-hating rightwingers akin to Uncle Clarence Thomas.

  5. DCposter says

    Leland, Obama hasn’t engaged deeply on gay issues. That’s correct. But Wolfe is saying generally he has acted pretty boldly since taking office on issues that matter to all Americans. So he shouldn’t shy away from this either.

    And Leland, calm down a little bit.

  6. Disgusted American says

    Is it me or does asshole Sessions look like Brother-Boy from “SORDID LIVES”???

  7. Leland Frances says

    DCPOSTER, the point is that Wolfe should be addressing those issues which Obama DID explicitly make promises on for which there are already tools: bills to repeal DADT, enact hate crimes and job protection, etc.

    Not this hallucination. Whose side is he working on? Ours or the White House “Keep the Gays Distracted Team”?

  8. DCposter says

    Leland, Congress passes laws. Presidents appoint Supreme Court justices, which is what Wolfe was apparently invited on MSNBC to discuss.

  9. Ken P. says

    We already have at least one gay justice who’s retiring. A lesbian would replace a gay man. Big deal. Even Ellen has a talk show.