PA Christian College Student Suspended over Gay Adult Video

A senior molecular biology major at Christian Grove City College in Pennsylvania was suspended two weeks ago for appearing in a Randy Blue porn video:

Gechter "Gechter (left) began his career
in gay pornography late in his sophomore year, two years ago. During
that time, Gechter successfully kept Vincent DeSalvo a secret from his
life at GCC. No one knew about his off-campus job, not even his
roommate at the Colonial Apartment complex. That ended the night of April 23 when the
first e-mail revealing his online identity was sent out. By the next
morning, at least two-thirds of the student population had received the
e-mail. So did school administration." Gechter was suspended for a year because he “exhibited behavior contrary to the values" of the school. Gechter said the video helped him pay for his tuition.

(via slog, where there's a link to some of the materials)


  1. Brian in Texas says

    That def sucks, but he has plenty of choices of which colleges to attend. As a private institution that does not get state tax money they have that right.

    Now if the constitution was ever amended to include sexual orientation as a protected class, WHICH IT SHOULD BE; then he would a have case.

    If it was a public univ that would be an entirely different case.

  2. Matt says

    I think it sucks that he was expelled but this is not the first time this has happened to a porn star/escort/stripper and won’t be the last. People who enter this venture need to know their are consequences to their actions whether they be perceived right or wrong.

  3. Josh says

    No doubt the snitch was Dr. Throckmorton, the “ex-gay” quack who teaches at Grove City. While “researching” a gay porn video, he recognized one of his students.

  4. says

    “Now if the constitution was ever amended to include sexual orientation as a protected class, WHICH IT SHOULD BE; then he would a have case.”

    I think that would depend on whether they kicked him out for doing a porn video or for doing a gay porn video.

    …and whether they had ever similarly disciplined a female student for any sexual “transgressions”.

    Whether he was justly or unjustly expelled, I don’t think I would want to go back to the same school anytime soon after most of the student body found out about this. Christians aren’t exactly a shining beacon of acceptance and tolerance.

  5. Strepsi says

    Something is fishy: Who found the porn? Why did they need to email 2/3 of the school? There is someone EXTREMELY SLEAZY AND UN-CHRISTIAN at the college… and it ain’t Gechter!

  6. Garland says

    He should sue the school. It is insane to me the way people think about college in this country. It is a SERVICE. He has paid a significant amount of money for a service that they are denying him.

    To the people who recommend he transfer: He is a senior Molec. Bio major. Most of the courses in his major classification WILL NOT TRANSFER. He is looking at two more years at least of college if he does that.

    Not to mention, they suspended him before the end of the semester, so he probably will get Incompletes for the whole semester. MORE MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN.

  7. Brian in Texas says

    They would expel for either str8 or gay porn. Religiously affiliated universities don’t even allow men and women to cohabitate in the same dorms. They have very restrictive visiting hours. I went to one of these univ.

  8. Anthony in Nashville says

    I predict he’s going to emerge from this “scandal” in a more advantageous position. No need to feel sorry for him.

  9. GCC Student says

    The school did not discriminate against Gechter in any way based on his sexual orientation. He can sue all he wants, he WILL lose. He participated in public sexual acts. The rulebook passed out by the school every year prohibits premarital sex of any kind. Similar consequences are handed out on campus regularly, including a very recent indefinite suspension of a heterosexual girl for public intercourse.

    I feel bad for the guy. He only had two weeks left. But he knew the school policies and consciously violated them. Good luck sueing. The last lawsuit Grove City was involved in was against the Federal government and went to the Supreme Court. GCC won.

    And his claim of alienation and fear of homophobes on campus? Well he didn’t really have any friends before all this came out. He’s kind of a big douche. And he certainly isn’t afraid of discrimination on campus. He is trying to play it up for media attention. I’ve seen him in the gym and cafeteria pretty much every day.

  10. Esther Blodgett says

    I read an interesting phrase in the extended article. The college has “indefinitely suspended him for one year”.

    In my mind one can either be “suspended for one year”, or one can be “suspended indefinitely’, but not both. This is a college?

    He will not be let back in. Lawsuits or no, they won’t let him back to finish. I wonder how much he knows about other sexual beings on campus whether gay or straight or both?

    Also as asked in previous posts, the question does beg, who discovered him on Randy Blue and under what circumstance?

  11. dc8stretch says

    Some of the best t-rooms in Pennsylvania are at the Grove City Outlet Mall of I-79.

    Lots of cocksucking Christian students with wide stances.

  12. Glenn says

    Sorry, GCC Student, but your school lost before the Supreme Court in that 1984 case. I hope GCC isn’t telling you otherwise, that would be a little disturbing.

  13. Bri says

    The big question is: who discovered him on RandyBlue? Seems clear like it was another “Christian” student at the school. Or perhaps a professor. OMG, are there Christians at a Christian school jacking off to Christian gay porn? I’m schocked — shocked!

  14. Craig says

    The suspended for a year indefinitely is likely so they can hold his college transcript hostage for a year. And I have heard cases of colleges doing this. If he wanted to transfer, GCC would have to provide a transcript to the new school, but they can withhold it if he is “suspended.” Basically they can screwed with his life for a year and prevent him from finishing school somewhere else “indefinitely.”

  15. Craig says

    Oh, and GCC Student, Glenn is correct that GCC lost that case before the US Supreme Court. In fact for the bulk of the opinion, the college lost 9-0 with one section of the opinion having three justices only partially agree with the majority. Read the case for yourself: Grove City College v. Bell, 465 U.S. 555 (1984).

  16. gaytheist says

    I wonder how he was managing to get a molecular biology degree there in the first place. A lot of science would have to be left out and ignored to conform to religious teachings. Religion and science usually don’t mix.

  17. wetcnt says

    “It is a SERVICE. He has paid a significant amount of money for a service that they are denying him.”

    Sorry Garland, he won’t have a case if he tries to sue. The school has clearly stated guidelines for attendance and he violated these guidelines. I attended one of these Christian schools and over the years several students were expelled for drinking, pre-marital sex, and even dancing. It’s buyer beware in these situations.

  18. GCC Student says

    I can shed some light on the indefinite suspension thing. He is suspended for one year, and he has to prove at the end of that year that he is no longer involved in the pornography industry to be readmitted. His transcripts are not available because the appeals process he initiated has frozen all documents.

    Also, GCC was ruled against only in reference to the financial aid department. Grove City’s principle in the case was upheld that only those programs receiving Federal funding are subject to Title IX, even if other programs are discriminatory. Discrimination, by the way, was never proven in the case.

  19. GCC Student says

    Also, I believe the first discovery of Gechter’s secret came from comments left on a fairly famous video he has on youtube. The video has over 1 million views. I doubt anyone stumbled upon the site by accident on campus. The proxy here is pretty intense.

  20. Craig says

    GCC Student, Rose colored glasses. They claimed they weren’t getting federal funding…but the Court found otherwise. They claimed they didn’t have to file an Assurance of Compliance to the provisions of Title IX for programs indirectly receiving federal funds…but the Court found otherwise. They claimed their First Amendment rights were being violated by Congress putting conditions on the receipt of federal funds…and the Court found otherwise. The only place the appeals court was wrong (and only partially so) was application of the regulatory provisions on the entire institution. The Court found “the legislative history contains isolated suggestions that entire institutions are subject to the nondiscrimination provision whenever one of their programs receives federal assistance, we cannot accept the Court of Appeals’ conclusion that in the circumstances present here Grove City itself is a ‘program or activity’ that may be regulated in its entirety.” In other words, one this particular fact pattern, the entire school wasn’t subject to the regulations, but that under other fact patterns it may. See for example the recent case of Congress threatening to remove all federal funding for all of Harvard University over the fact that Harvard School of Law refused to allow military recruiters to pursue its students on campus. GCC wasn’t vindicated in the decision, it was smacked down. If you’ve been taught otherwise, you’ve been lied to.

  21. gccstudent2 says

    Craig’s absolutely right. GCC lost the case but in turn has refused to accept any federal dollars. We are not taught differently here atleast I have not been, its simply that some narrow minded individuals would like to believe that GCC as an institution can do no wrong what so ever. In the Case of Gechter, the I hate to say it but the college has a right to freedom of association. Therefore, they can freely determine who can and can not attend their institution based on their view of what is morally or ethically permissable. Eventhough I think Gechter has ever right to do with his body what ever he whishes the college still has the right to deny him the opportunity to finish his degree. The courts have been pretty consistant in their view of the Right to Freedom of Association. However, I serverly dislike the fact that an institution is allowed to determine what they believe to be moral and ethical sexual behaviors. GCC could suspend have the college for “sexual transgressions” and any right winged closed minded hypocryte student who tells you otherwise is either in denial or just plain oblivious to what actually happens with the student body at the instituion. GCC is a great school with a great academic program but I wish they would stop preaching to the student body. Isn’t one the the central doctrines of the Christian religon forgiveness??? GCC’s board needs to spend sometime looking at itself and ask if they are really living the Christian message they seek to spread!

  22. GCC Student says

    I’ll admit to not knowing the court case very well. I’m not a lawyer and will freely admit misinterpretation of the report I read. I knew the college overcame it by discontinuing Federal funding of all kinds but I didn’t have a full understanding of the specifics of the case.

    I am not, however, close-minded OR right wing. I fail to see hypocrisy in anything I have said on this forum either.

    Gechter is certainly free to do whatever he wants with his body, but Grove City is then free to suspend him. And if John wanted to behave in a way other than that established as morally acceptable by the college, why did he choose one of the most religious and conservative colleges in the nation? I guess this seems too easy, but if you don’t want to be preached to, go to a school without religious affiliations.

  23. Matt says

    1) who studies molecular biology at some podunk PA christian college? What do you study, the interaction of ATP with Jesus?

    2) I think it’s funny that in the interview he says that someone found him by “viewing inappropriate material.” You MADE the material and YOU are calling it inappropriate?

    3) Christian schools are whack and everyone who goes their ought to know that they have morality statements you have to agree with to stay enrolled/get your degree and they are as serious about these as a heart attack. My cousin had to go through a lot of BS because she got pregnant her Sr year (unmarried) and while it sucked it’s not like it came out of left field or anything.

    4) I would totally hit it but I bet he’d cry afterward so it’d all be a wash.

  24. Unrelated Topic says

    Brokeback Mountain was an awful bore fest. I mean, they didn’t talk for like 1/2 an hour, then all of the sudden they’re doing it. I guess if the statement you’re going for is that gays have shallow relationships based on sex, then the movie was fine. Otherwise, boring and underdeveloped.

  25. Blake says

    “who studies molecular biology at some podunk PA christian college? What do you study, the interaction of ATP with Jesus?”

    looooooooolllll awesome, seriously that is exactly what I was thinking too.

  26. Dave says

    So GCC students 1&2, please help a secular (and non-Christian) gay guy to understand. Presumably you are reading this blog because you might be curious about gay people, OR might be gay yourselves. I’m guessing the latter.

    Why are you attending a rigidly doctrinaire school? To please the parents or remain closeted? Financial reasons? Is my liberal disdain warranted? Why not choose a more liberal Christian school, or just go to a secular university and affiliate yourself with the Christian student group or local church?

    Why GCC, why?

  27. Dave says

    To put it another way, we are all wondering why Gechter would choose to attend GCC knowing its rules. He will probably not come forward.

    Why, however are you there?

  28. says

    GCC’s student handbook:
    “Premarital sex, heterosexual or homosexual, or any other such conduct that violates historical Christian standards” is subject to disciplinary action, she noted.

    Well then, I betcha there are TONS of students in need of discipline as well as a whole slew of naughty professors and adjuncts!

    I wouldn’t choose to study at a bigoted, backwards, school like GCC. He’ll be better off transferring to a liberal arts public university where people live in the 21st century!

  29. GCC Student says

    to Dave, and the rest of you for that matter

    My reading of this blog actually has nothing to do with my sexual orientation and everything to do with google searching a story that recently blew up on campus. I am not curious or closeted at this time, I happen to be heterosexual who was a little bored and in the midst of a national news story. I actually had never heard of this blog before reading this story.

    I chose GCC for the same reason most students here do, and the reason Gechter did. Now I am going to say something that none of you will believe and you will all dispute. GCC is an affordable, private institution with a set of values that are congruent with those by which I try to live my life. Aside from this, GCC is an institution of VERY high academic regard (look it up on Princeton Review or another objective college rating service). Unlike the assumptions most of you have made here, the college is NOT some podunk little Bible college in the middle of nowhere. It is a highly respected, highly selective academic institution which produces highly successful graduates. I’m not trying to sell you any bullshit. This is an established school that rates very high academically. Go ahead and make some more assumptions about it and say that we live in the 17th century just because we have moral standards and because we have religious affiliation. Minimal research will show you that those moral standards and religious affiliation have not damaged the school’s standing . Read the entire article this is clipped from. John himself heralds the schools academic excellence, then says that he stills considers himself a Christian.

    The issue here stands that he was aware of the rules, he broke them, and now is taking responsibility for it. There is no bigotry or discimination from the school here. Some slut and her boyfriend just received identical punishment to this for having sex in a public parking lot. You can disagree with the moral standard, but it is the right of private institutions to have them, just as it is the right of the individual not to attend those institutions and subject themselves to those standards.

    Continue berating the school if you like, but do not do so under the high and mighty assumptions you are using. Realize that these insults and tirades about a school you know nothing about are what they are, hate speech.

    Thank you Dave for having some respect for other people when asking a question.

  30. Larry says

    Gee, what I was waiting for in GCC student’s last message was “I am heterosexual, but I have homosexual friends.” But the “I was doing research for a class” excuse is almost as much fun.

    Hypocrisy. It’s what’s for dinner.

  31. GCC Student says

    Who said “I was doing research for a class?” I said that the school I went to was in the midst of a national news story and I googled it. If you didn’t notice, I go to the school and this story has become a slightly big deal. This is certainly NOT for a class. I don’t know why the people on this site have so much trouble believing that a person is heterosexual. Isn’t sexual freedom and equality what you are after here? Why am I not allowed to be straight?

    I didn’t condemn or try to twist anyone’s words or sexual orientation. Where’s my hypocrisy? I only see yours Larry.

  32. dego says

    GCC student # 1 (its like Dr. Suess in here.. thing1 & thing2):

    You’re right, GCC is a very rigorous and respected school. From folks that have gone there, I know they put academics first, but do not in any way slack on their moral standings. Their focus seems to be to graduate academics WITH a strong “moral grounding” (more on that later).

    Unfortunately, that reality flies in the face of the stereotype of the “christian Colleges” in the USA as organizations more concerned about indoctrination with a side goal of giving their students a degree with which they can earn a living. true or not, that is how many folks think of “christian Colleges”. It does NOT apply to GCC in reality. I know that, you know that.

    I’m a gay guy from Pittsburgh, but so far I haven’t really taken offense at anything you said, and I don’t think you’ve been hypocritical. I think what might have set some folks off was your dogged insisitance that GCC won a court case they clearly lost (they wanted to maintain their rules AND take Federal money. They lost, so they opted to maintain their rules and so, forgo Federal money. which IMHO is to their credit, that is the case example of a lack of hypocrisy). Although the college’s initial attemtp to do so is suspect.

    I also think your statement: “I am not curious or closeted at this time” may have tripped a BS meter for some of us, as a conditional denial. I myself found it a strange construction. As if you think that someday, you may simply wake up curious and decide to be gay and closetted about it. Perhaps its just a reflection of the common christian falsehood that being gay is a choice. It’s not. The only choice is to be honest or lie.

    Now, I realize that it’s not your issue, but many of us gay folks are assaulted, harangued, denigrated, mis-represented and otherwise attacked on a daily basis in this country by folks wielding the title of “christian”. If not in person, through the media.

    As a result we’ve learned to be very wary of the smiling face approaching us knowing that they may just be approaching to whack us in the head with their bible. As everyone says, a good offense is the best defense, so some of us have become very astute at detecting equivocal denials and then going for the attack.

    Sadly, this defense mechanism bleeds over and taints our views of (IMHO) the majority of true Christians, that don’t hate, don’t judge, and don’t try to tell others how to live their lives.. So the quiet benign majority get tarred with the brush built because of the aggressive, outspoken, bully minority. That might explain some of the reactions you’ve gotten here. it might not.

    For the record, I think GCC is within its rights to suspend and or expel Gechter. He knew the rules, he broke them.. he was playing russian roulette and almost made it. If the rule had been drinking alcohol and he had a Youtube video doing shots, and got expelled, no one would know anything about this story..

    It is purely because of the animosity some christians radiate for Gays (which we then return in kind) that this is newsworthy. Folks know it is a grudge match and that always sells copy.

    All that being said, the places where you came closest to being a “bad guy” were:

    1) your use of the word slut to describe the girl being susspended for sexual activity. A (foolish?), decision made by a girl in passion with her boyfriend, does not make her a slut. does it violate the rules? yes, so be it. but its not like whe was turning tricks at the mall. watch your condemnation and judgement there. You’ll screw up someday too.

    2) your use of the phrase “because we have moral standards” in the same paragraph in which you chide folks for making assumptions. I’m sorry, but it seems christians feel they own the concept of morality. You do not. Do not assume yourself, that because my philosophies and worldviews do not come from the same books and teachings as yours, that I or others do not have moral standings of our own. Some of mine might exceed your own.

  33. Bakely says

    The kid almost certainly agreed to (and probably signed) a code of conduct when he enrolled. I don’t really feel sorry for him. He agreed to the rules and he broke them. And looked hot doing it.

    It’s not like firing a public school football coach for being in porn. That’s a blindside, and although that is also rooted in homophobia, this Randy Blue kid had agreed to abide by a certain set of rules. Basic contract.

  34. GCC Student says


    You’re right about the “curious or cloested at this time” thing. It does sound fishy that way. I meant to write something more along the lines of, “I am not curious or closeted at this time, nor have I ever been.” Awkward phrasology or not, I still don’t see any reason for my sexuality to be questioned or ridiculed.

    I admitted that I was wrong about the court case once I realized it. I made a mistake, was corrected, and admitted to it. That also seems to me to be rather the opposite of hypocrisy.

    I probably shouldn’t have used the word “slut” either, but as it stands, I know the girl and she kind of is. There is more behind that insult that I could go into, but I won’t.

    On the moral standards issue, I was in no way trying to degrade or judge your standards of morality, just noting that the people on the site seem to think that having an established code of ethics is a bad thing.

    Thank you for acknowledging the fact that I have really attempted to be fair and honest instead of blindly attacking me on the basis of my religion and the fact that I know how the law works in this situation. The reason I originally posted on this website was because I was offended by the unfounded and uninformed attacks on my religion and my school. Then after trying to explain the school’s legal right, and trying to explain that there is actually no discrimination, I was personally attacked. I still can’t say that I understand why a group whose main issue is that they feel discriminated against entertains such a strong prejudice and bigotry. Some Christians are way over the line and think its their job to deliver gays to Hell, but if you treat all Christians as if they were ignorant, stupid, backwards, hillbilly garbage, how are you any different from that which you are fighting against?

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