1. gregorybrown says

    The sad thing is, there are folk who’ll take this drivel seriously. I’ll bet Joe the Plumber only ever uses French’s Yellow Mustard on HIS burgers–but does he prefer burnt beef or raw?

  2. paul c says

    Didn’t they eat hamburgers in Nazi Germany also? How could he miss that angle?

    I have more of an issue with reporters taking freebies from the President they’re supposed to be covering in an unbiased way.

  3. Daya says

    Hmmm … That sounds like something I would expect to hear on The Colbert Report!
    Maybe Hannity doesn’t understand that Colbert is a spoof on him?

  4. patrick nyc says

    Jon Stewart had a great bit on the ‘live breaking news’ coverage last night. Anyone who does not get it, that the vast majority of people in this world are idiots, is an idiot.

  5. mcsaint says

    I wonder if Hannity realizes that Grey Poupon is an American product made by Kraft foods. In our current economy should we really be attacking US companies?

    Then again, this is the same network that considers Hawaii “foreign”.

  6. CitizenGeek says

    Hah, that really does seem like something from Colbert. Fox Noise is practically a satire of itself by this stage. It’s just a pity O’Reilly, Hannity and Beck aren’t in on the joke.

  7. mike says

    I think we ought to get a “Poupon Protest” going and each of us send a jar of Grey Poupon to Hannity with a note “Made in the U.S.A.” The guy is a sick dick. A well-paid sick dick but a sick dick nevertheless. It’s amazing that Fox”News” continues to grow in audience.

  8. says

    Mr. President…you like fancy mustard? Why do you hate America?

    Look up ‘hack, wanna-be journalist’ in the dictionary, whose picture do you see? Sean Hannity.

    He gets paid way too much money and has way too much free time.

    Knuckle-dragging, mouth breathers need a forum…and they’ve found it on FOX.

  9. jimmyboyo says

    Patrick NYC

    I fell on the floor last night laughing when Jon Stewart did the impression of Biden ordering his hamburger

    Anyway; this is just a distraction for Hannity to bury his supposed promise to get waterboarded for charity (which he hasn’t done yet)

  10. DONOVAN says

    Here we go with the anti-French bullshit again. Clearly, someone speaking French is a reason NOT to vote for them. Our top diplomat and international voice speaking foreign languages??? That’s just INSANE AND DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!

    Man, conservatives just HATE France for being an example of a country that is so much better off than ours because of a lack of well, conservatives like them.

  11. Bob West says

    Re: Grey Poupon is the largest selling Dijon mustard in the U.S. The brand of Dijon-style mustard was originally owned and marketed in the U.S. by the Heublein Company and now owned and manufactured by Kraft Foods.

  12. Nicole A. says

    I clearly did not get enough sleep last night because I’m laughing so hard at this “news” story and your comments that my stomache actually hurts. Thank you! I needed that.

    I like the idea of sending him jars of the mustard at the Fox studios with a “Made in the USA” sticker. Is there a mustard equivalent of tea bagging (the stupid right wing meaning).

    And about his waterboarding promise: I’m willing to charge $1,000 I don’t have to my 24% interest rate credit card to the chartiy of his choice if he last 13 seconds. Any other takers?

  13. says

    Wow, well…you know he would’ve been vilified if he’d ordered FRENCH’S mustard! “ZOMG, the French are cowards, ha ha ha, we can’t eat it unless it’s called Freedom’s Mustard!!!”

    And, uh…the only thing differentiating different types of mustard is the type of mustard seed used. One is not intrinsically “snootier” than the other, dumbasses.

    (And quite frankly, if you think ordering Dijon mustard makes someone elitist or klassy, you are probably eating Alpo in your doublewide in some LA swamp. Good God. That’s like the people who claim that having an education is ‘elitist.’ OMG, knowing things is such a luxury!!! Ugh.)

  14. Andrew K says

    Hannity is at this point about on the level of the inbred religious turds over in Wichita, KS.

    Beyond contempt, and really, just a loud and endlessly playing broken record.

    When I listen to him – which is not often – all i hear are fart noises…is that what he sounds like to all of y’all?

  15. James says

    Good thing this restaurant didn’t serve French fries. They’re my favorite! I guess Sean Hannity doesn’t want me to eat them though…

  16. JT says

    BTW : But Andy Towle has to stop his obsessive envy of wealthy NYC Catholics. Just because Hannity can own a house in Long Island and a Manhattan townhouse is no reason to even cover this mustard story.

  17. Bush Cheney 2012 says

    Obama Binladen is obviously a Muslim communist who supports Islamofacists. This is obvious cause only Muslims use Dijon mustard.

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