1. elg says

    I guess because I’ve had so many bad experiences with straight people, I sometimes wish that all straight people (including most of my own relatives) would die. I hate straight people sometimes. I think this guy is trying to deal with an unpleasant situation in a humourous way. Give him a break!

  2. echovic says

    i hate that you call the post ‘the gayest thing i’ve seen all week’ – you used gay to mean bad, i think… maybe its early morning sensitivity…

  3. John says

    It wasn’t that funny, but not for the reason Andy listed. Come on Towle, straight people deserve to be taken down a notch or five.

  4. Derrick from Philly says


    sometimes I feel the same way–like today. But then I remember all the gay folks I can’t stand. I like dolphins though, if I could meet one….they’re mainly “top only” I’m told.

  5. says

    or maybe carson just means to say that us gay folk have to stick together. sure, maybe the commercial was a bit over the top (and poorly produced), but it makes an interesting point that assimilation can be BORING for a certain segment of the queer population. sure, gay men and lesbians come in all forms, and some blend quite well into mainstream hetero culture, but for those of us who don’t, or won’t, we need to become a strong independent force.
    viva la revolution.

  6. Eric says

    I agree with Hunter.

    As we become “assimilated,” we are losing our gay community, which is a shame, since the mainstream still doesn’t even really like us all that much. And then it makes things harder for gay youth who have fewer and fewer places to turn when they are kicked out of their homes. Our community is very important, and we should strive to maintain it and keep it strong.

    If we don’t seek to do that, then we can’t be surprised when our ghettos are gentrified, our bookstores close, or our community organizations go bankrupt and close.

    The gay community is dying, and I think that is rather unfortunate.

  7. NorthoftheBorder says

    the gay world is just as diverse as the straight one. thankfully we’re not all prada wearing mannequins with primed eyebrows. i think carson is actually promoting a reverse stereotype in that commercial and its not at all funny, nor representative of everyone in the gay community. culture transcends sexuality in my opinion.

  8. Paul R says

    I often find gay people harder to talk to than straight people, so it’s silly to claim that one group is super and the other one sucks. In urban, liberal, well-educated areas it’s often hard to tell the straights from the gays.

  9. Miaulement says

    I’d rather have a tooth pulled than to spend five minutes talking to that two-dimensional excuse for a personality. Not one straight person I know is like that. What he is implying to be gay-friendly/acceptable topics of interest is as shallow as gay males who hate females, stand-up comics who focus on the lowest common denominators of the differences between men and women/married life or black people who generalize white people. Having no interest in living in an all-gay world does not mean trying to assimilate into the bourgeois/norm. A ‘funnier’ concept would have been to show all the straight people who think that because you’re gay that you’re into all the same shallow-ass shit like top 40 radio, fashion/designers, reality show celebrities and making shitty remarks about people for their clothing or decorating… because of people like this meeskite being marketed as What Gay Is.

  10. AngelaChanning says

    Meh, the video neither offends me or makes me laugh. What is funny is how a lame video has gotten some folks’ depends in a wad. :-)