1. Paul R says

    I guess this finally answers the age-old question of, How many epaulets can one man wear?

    The answer: at this point, too many.

  2. Tralfaz says

    La Brandon is the Diana Ross of today. He is slowly pushing the other members of the group away and treating them like shit.

    The bitch a class A diva!!

  3. Dignan says

    @Paul R: LOL! I thought the age-old question was – “If an epaulet falls in the forest, does anyone hear Brandon Flowers?”

  4. Phil in SD says

    LOL. Love the disco boots. But the bird remains on his shoulders, not so much.

  5. paul c says

    @Tralfaz – where do you get your information from? Because that’s not what I’m told by someone I know who is an immediate family member of one the supposed shitees. Hopefully you’re being facetious.

  6. James says

    Man, the Killers are great, but lately their videos are, bad. What’s with the do-it-yourself editing and the random details? Guys, get your act together. You’re not charismatic enough either individually nor as a group to carry this off.

  7. booka says

    It remains a difficult chore to lead the way, and not follow. When you have a bigger picture in your head, then the details (epaulets, glitter, etc..)will always be taken out of context, by those that don’t share that bigger picture. Let Brandon wear a friggin lampshade, if he wants, he IS leading, and doing it quite well.

  8. Turtle says

    I know Andy loves the Killers, but I’ve posted before about how Brandon Flowers is a Mormon and gets cranky when asked about whether he supported Prop. 8. I hear he’s a Mormon and that he refuses to discuss the issue and I automatically think: bigot.

    I hope I’m wrong. Hate to sound like a broken record here, but it’s pretty clear I’m in the minority anyway.

  9. Tralfaz says

    Yes Paul I was kiddin.

    Or was I just pre-mature in my thoughts ????


  10. peterparker says

    I have those boots, only mine have not been accessorized with silver metal at the toe (which looks ridiculous in my opinion). They are made by Timberland and they made my feet hurt so bad I had to stop wearing them.

  11. Paul Bernasconi says

    Does that dude own any other clothes? He’s worn the same outfit since the Brit awards.

  12. AG says

    Turtle, I’ve heard people speak about that before, but there’s a lot of sexual ambiguity in the Killers’ songs, so I’m highly doubting the man’s a bigot. I might be wrong, but given some of the things I’ve read and heard? I have my doubts he’s anything but careful about what he says.

    He’s been very vocal about how entertainers shouldn’t be political mouthpieces. Ever thought that’s why he keeps mum on the subject?

  13. hakangreen0622 says

    Oh, I can’t believe it. I just found this guy on a celebrity dating club I don’t think it is himself who created the account there.

  14. zinc alloy says

    I do not understand the symbolism in this video as I am home-schooled. I’m just glad they’ve exited their “Americana” period; hence, the drummer no longer resembles the lead character from ‘My Name Is Earl’.

  15. Paul R says

    Brandon is far from being a devout Mormon. I’m not crazy about the Mormon church by ANY stretch, but consider all the people who call themselves Catholic, then count out the ones who follow that church’s doctrine and dogma on every issue. It’s a short list. Many people simply fall back on their family’s religion for comfort and convenience; it’s easier that way.

    The Killers used to play in drag bars and Brandon idolizes Bowie. He wants to be a superstar and is following an approach of flirtatious sexuality and odd outfits used by rock stars for decades. For better or worse, gay rights probably don’t matter to him much one way or the other. He’s an opportunist, but he also makes good music. Simple, really, sort of like him: he seems like a lost little boy who just really wants to be liked.

    The most (perhaps only) striking thing about this video is how poorly he lip syncs. It’s so rotten that it must be intentional (unless something is messed up with my media software). As for the other bandmates, they’ve said that they’re perfectly happy to let Brandon have the spotlight.

  16. iseelondon says

    Gawd, people on here take themselves waaay to seriously!

    I love the Killers. The video is beautiful, and as an added bonus, Mr Flowers is rather scrumptious. See pictorial evidence above.

  17. mrsbrightside says

    Love the feathers, love the boots. Love the MAN. What a genius. Before you bash him or the band have a listen to their music. They are brilliant.
    The video is beautiful.

  18. d says

    Guys, Brandon has said that he supports gay marriage. I believe he went on to say that he believes everyone should have the same rights. Just because he’s Mormon doesn’t mean you can assume his beliefs like that. So give it a rest already, please.