Towleroad Guide to the Tube #486

HARD TO UNDERSTAND: GOP Chair Michael Steele goes with a speech impediment quip on Barney Frank.

LADY GAGA: Takes a ride on her disco stick on Dancing with the Stars finale.

JESSE VENTURA: Tells Elisabeth Hasselbeck how it is on waterboarding.

GLENN BECK: Barbara Walters unloads, Whoopi Goldberg calls him a "lying sack of dog mess".

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  1. Marc says

    Awesome interviews on the view and I don’t usually watch it. Color Hasselbeck and Beck “NAILED”!

  2. RB says

    I would love to debate which person was the most ignorant, Steele or Beck, but clearly Steele wins the title! Beck is hardly stupid even as I disagree with most things he says. However, Steele just continues to show his ignorance and just looks stupid! Agian, two of the MANY reasons I left the republican party.

  3. CJ says

    Glenn Beck was certainly shown the error of his ways on “The View”… no comment on Michael Steele.

  4. JohnInManhattan says

    Whoopi Goldberg is a “lying sack of dog mess”. She’s pissed at facist Mormonite Glenn Beck not because of his hateful comments about minorities (including gays) but because he dared to concoct some lame story re: her, Babba, and… seat reservations on AMTRAK?!? For real.

    Do you watch THE VIEW regularly? Unfortunately, I do. While Goldberg participated in the Prop 8 demo in NYC she consistently drops the ball when discussing “gay marriage” (i.e., marriage equality) and gay rights issues in general on THE VIEW. She’s the first to put wingnut producer, Bill Geddie’s dick in her mouth as she spouts crap about hearing “both sides” of an issue and therefore giving bigotry a false equivalency to well, equality! At least Hasselbeck gets her right wing talking points memo and comes prepared to the table each morning with well crafted lies. Goldberg can’t say anything unless it’s written on a fucking cue card. Don’t believe me? Mike Rogers, the activist who reports on anti-gay closeted politicians is a guest on THE VIEW tomorrow to discuss the film, OUTRAGE. I’ve no doubt that Goldberg will present him with an argument that an individual’s privacy should be respected as she completely avoids the issue of hypocrisy. She’s had lots of practice since she tried to pass off fucking closet case Frank Langella years back. Pathetic.

  5. Bill says

    I only watched the clip because I thought Jesse Ventura was going to waterboard Elizardbreath. Now, that would make for a ratings sweep!

  6. Automotive Enthusiast says

    Whatever!!! Whoopi is the only View host who tells it like it is.While Joy can sometimes make me laugh.

  7. Automotive Enthusiast says

    I must add I like that look “over her glasses” she gives people.

  8. Hamp says

    “I commentate on life.” Why is it that people who can’t even speak the language are hired to speak on television? How far have we sunk from the days on Walter Cronkite and real journalist. Nowadays, we have Elizabeth Haxxlebeck and this idiot. What a tragedy.

  9. Mikey says

    Why does Towleroad feature so many video clips of the View? Its morning TV for stay at home moms – I don’t understand how it is at all relevant to the lives of gay men.

  10. Crash says

    I am glad that Whoopi ripped him a new hole to poop out of. He is such a scum sucking bottom dweller that I can not stand him. I used to watch him when he was on MSNBC, and he was more moderate, now that he has migrated to Fox, he has become just as much of a a$$hole as O’fuctard is.
    Anywhose, I am glad he got a whooping and only hope he got a stomping later on.

  11. Seven says

    Jesse Ventura is the rightest man in America. He tells the truth. And what a great, albeit unanswered, question: Why have we only waterboarded Muslims?

  12. says

    OMG! I can not believe any one woild have an “issue” with Whoopi!

    Yesterday I actually Facebooked a Whoopi quote from The View. Here it is:

    “If you have a problem with Gay Narriage, don’t marry a Gay.”

    What the fuck more do the morons amongst us need to know what side she is on?

    Kiss my hi-yella fat ass.

  13. Cathy says

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  14. Christian says

    Loved the piece with Ventura! Hasselback is so stupid and can’t articulate her arguments when confronted. Ventura’s voice was calm and coherent. Hers was screaming and non-sense.

  15. el polacko says

    barney frank IS often hard to understand and he talks in endless circles.. i don’t get anything anti-gay out of that comment.

    at least ventura and hasselbeck are able to discuss their differing views without resorting to calling each other names.
    the egos on display by the other ‘ladies’ of the view, as they drip with disdain for their guests, is a sight i can happily live without in the future.

    ..and what the heck is this fascination with lady gaga ?? she can’t sing, she can’t dance, and she’s pretentious as all get-out. i know that we are living in bleak times in regards to real talent, but are we really this desperate for new gay icons ? it’s embarrassing.