UK host Jonathan Ross Under Fire for Homophobic Remark

Radio 2 host Jonathan Ross has been criticized for remarks he made during a show on Saturday when he made jokes about prizes in a Miley Cyrus 'Hannah Montana' contest.

Ross Said Ross: "If your son asks for a Hannah Montana MP3 player, you might want to
already think about putting him down for adoption before he brings his,
erm, partner home."

The Press Association reports: "A spokeswoman for Ofcom was unable to say how many people had
complained but said: 'We have had complaints. We are assessing those
complaints against the broadcasting code.' … A BBC spokeswoman said: 'The BBC has received four complaints about
Jonathan's comments on Saturday's show. However, these off-the-cuff
remarks were made purely in jest and were not intended to be offensive.
Jonathan is not homophobic in any sense and never meant for his
comments to be taken seriously.'"


  1. Richard W says

    I live in the Uk and Ross may be many things, but one thing he is not and never has been as far as i can see is a homophobe. On the contrary, he has help gay go mainstream on uk TV, interviewing gay celebs when others wouldn’t and treating them no differently as he would herto celebs. This is a non-story but the tabloid trash over here!

  2. dekko says

    This seems odd… I’m a big fan of Jonathan Ross’s documentaries (The Incredibly Strange Film Show and In Search of Steve Ditko, among others) so I’m a little disappointed in this comment.

    I’m not really sure what to make of this. It’s not like he was making these comments at a celebrity roast where the intent was to be as offensive as possible, which I could see.

  3. Joe M says

    Actually, it is a story. Past behavior notwithstanding, the comments he made “in jest” – put your son up for adoption before he brings his partner home – is really kinda sorta mean-spirited, dontcha think? Juvenile. And really, I am tired of anyone, gay or straight, rolling their eyes because gay people are offended when this shit rears it’s ugly head.

  4. terry says

    Anything that’s popular with young women is always ridiculed by men as “gay.” That said, it was an unusual remark which I’m sure wasn’t meant to be the way it sounded but it sure came off as mean.

  5. Cash says

    That’s hilarious. As a gay guy who postponed coming out because I feared the consequences, and subsequently had all my fears confirmed when my parents disappeared entirely from my life, I’m just cracking up. Far too many people think that abandoning their gay kids is a reasonable option. I’m not offended, as much as I am stung. He only said what a lot of people think. Though I’m all grown up and quite happy, truth is I’m pretty much alone in the world, and often feel like an orphan, though my parents are alive and well.

  6. Richard W says

    Not rolling my eyes.I just know that British tabloid press will stir this up as a follow on story about a prank phonecall ross made last year (not related to any LGBT issue) and will now sense another potential feeding frenzy – to put in context ross regularily has several million listeners to his show on a sat – 4 people complained. that’s why this is a non story

  7. Jay says

    that is some offensive bullshit he said,he should not have said it PERIOD.And I totally agree with Joe M’s comment.Smarten up people.

    Shit like this aint funny.The only people who would think of it as funny are those with the IQ of 6 and Im being very generous here.

    My parents are still in my life and are proud of me regardless of me being gay.That is NOT an issue to her.She has hung out with gays for many years and that is probably why the fact that Im gay means diddly shit to her.Im still her son and that aint gonna change.Its a done deal.

  8. paul c says

    I think kids with speech impediments and bad hair are the ones that any normal person would want to put up for adoption.

    Too bad no one else would take them.

  9. Marc says

    Not meant to be offensive?
    But IT IS!
    People called to complain and are told he didn’t mean to be offensive???????/


  10. Bruno says

    I could maybe see his joke being an indictment of homophobic parents instead of the gay kids, but it shouldn’t be something he ever put out there for scrutiny in the first place. He should apologize and everyone should move on.

  11. mike says

    Too bad people have lost their sense of humour. C’mon, ease up people! This was funny and anybody who was offended needs to get some new meds.

  12. Dave says

    God. At this rate you’re going to force all to sit in a room eating museli with the lights off to make sure no one is EVER OFFENDED BY ANYTHING AGAIN.

  13. Matt says

    this might be funny if there weren’t so many queer kids killing themselves because they feel so isolated and alone.

    Yes, I do have a sense of humor. Just because someone made a lame attempt at a joke doesn’t make it funny.

  14. Ray says

    It’s so sad to see all the self-hating gay assholes apologize for this moron. WAKE UP, assholes. It’s NEVER funny when the straights make fun of the gays. Stand up and put up a fight. NOT FUNNY when they trample on your rights. NOT FUNNY when the majority makes decisions for you> NOT FUNNY when teens commit suicide because of bullying in high school NOT FUNNY when gays are treated as second class citizens. NEVER WAS FUNNY. NEVER WILL BE. Don’t apologize for the snide homophobes

  15. says

    Wasn’t he one of the two (Russell Brand the other), who made disparaging remarks to former Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs (Manuel) about his granddaughter and was reprimanded by the BBC?

  16. Brandon says

    Ok, this guy isn’t funny. But we should really be picking our battles here. I personally have “cause fatigue.” I simply don’t have the strength or energy to be offended by every negative thing said about gays. I don’t take the time to be offended by negative things that the gays say about blacks, either. I’d be really conflicted then.

    I just don’t want gay-approved humor to be the only thing I’m allowed to laugh at. And I reject the notion that because I find something funny that I am self-loathing (even though I don’t think this particular joke is funny). In fact, I pick and choose my opinions on issues like these on an individual basis instead of going from zero to irrationally overheated in an instant.

  17. StipeFan says

    Only 4 people complained? CHEESUS, I can make 4 calls myself!!! I’m furious and sickened at the implication that all gays like or care about Miley Cyrus.

  18. Morten G says

    English isn’t my native language (but to be honest a lot of native speaker suck at it) but if I wanted someone to adopt my kid I would put him *UP* for adoption. And if I wanted a kid I would put my name or myself *DOWN* for adoption.
    That makes it a joke about the length of time for processing of adoption applications… And that tween/teen boys who are really into Hannah Montana and not afraid of showing it with a Hannah Montana ipod are going to grow up gay. Which is probably true.

    That said I think everybody are idiots. If I’m wrong about how up and down is used in connection with adoption then I think I’m an idiot.

  19. Bob says

    Jonathan Ross is crude and ribald and his remarks are often close to the knuckle in many respects. He can be very funny. He can also be off key. He is great friends with his house band “Four poofs and a piano” The affection Ross and the band have for each other is evident. Someone in the feed mentions picking your battles. Don’t attack Ross, the remarks will have been shot out and meant to poke fun at the perpetrators of the sort of actions described (And indeed Miss Cyrus). BTW, he flirts with EVERYONE who comes on the show and is content with his own sexuality. I wish the comments above conveyed the same level of ease…..

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