1. jimmyboyo says

    “….god hates scallops…”


    I saw this last night and it still makes me laugh


  2. StatUnitense says

    I’m leaving my bf, my job, my family, our six dogs and the life that I know, and I’m eloping with Jon Stewart. I love him!

    ROFLMAO !!!

  3. john says

    It’s great when hypocrisy is exposed…..Whats the Deal with African American church leaders? wasn’t Interracial marriage considered immoral and not to mention illegal just a few short years ago….dress it up however you want to but bigotry is bigotry………

  4. Thom says

    ..okay, it’s official. I would marry Jon Stewart, even though I am a straight guy.
    Oh, it would be an “open” marriage and he could continue his straight pursuits but I would always be there for him….hey, you can love someone of the same sex and not be gay, right? Sure you can. Sure. I mean it;s not like I am gay or anything….right?.

  5. CJ says

    Jon is a tireless ally for the gay community. He is always a reality check for the stupidity and bigotry that is incessantly directed towards the community. How do we express our thanks to him and ensure that he sees how his efforts at advocacy impact the lives of so many?

  6. says

    Yes, Thom, you could set cuddle dates for your warm fuzzies with John. Then go back to your straight bed for all the drama.

  7. Scott Wagendorf says

    You know what makes Jon Stewart so damn smart? And lovable? It’s not that he “supports” our cause. It’s that he supports common sense and rational thinking above all else.