Alan Ball on Ryan Kwanten: ‘Won’t Keep His Clothes on for Too Long’


True Blood creator Alan Ball answers a few questions (and offers a few spoilers) about the upcoming series, and meditates a bit on Ryan Kwanten's sexy character Jason Stackhouse:

"Jason is very much the hot guy in town who is a total womanizer, I think once we started to flesh him out, no pun intended, he is sexually compulsive, but he’s been a scared little boy who has been abandoned by everyone who he’s ever loved, getting him involved in an addiction story line, also having him fall in love. He mostly high out of his mind the whole time and also losing the woman he loved. In the second season I think he is very much aware of a deep hole he has in his soul, as many people do, he latches onto religion and becomes part of an organization makes him feel good, special, like he’s good at something and gifted at something and that really means a lot to him, but of course as time goes on, he realizes that the organization he’s involved with have anything to do with the fundamental message of Jesus. Lets just say Jason cant keep his clothes on for too long."

More shots here (via boy culture).



  1. FizziekruntNT says

    Kwanten is hot enough, I’ll agree, but it’s Sam Trammell that gives me wet spots in the boxers. Go dog boy! WOOF!

  2. Terry says

    Points to ponder…

    It says on IMDb that he’s 5’10”. Does anyone believe this?

    The underwear scene when he dances in a mask … were his underwear stuffed? Otherwise, he has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.

    What kind of a last name is Kwanten? Is he part-Asian?

    Have to say I admire his commitment to having a body fat level of 1%, but I’m not so sure it’s for me. (Although he does have a perfect ass…)

  3. dc8stretch says

    WTF Andy- Why are you posting about Ryan Kwanten and have a complete embargo on anything about the Dustin Lance Black bareback sex photos- even is posting his apology. Is Towleorad ‘less gay news’ these days?

  4. Gobear says

    why posting about Ryan Kwanten and not Dustin Lance Black? My hypothesis is internalized homophobia–like TV sitcoms, gay blogs think the idea of gay people is fine, but find the reality of same-sex. . er. . sex to be icky.

    Ryan Kwanten is indeed fine, but I don’t lust after straight boys. I would like to know his nutrition and workout tips though.

  5. alan says

    Exactly GoBear.

    This site is so hypocritical to post “titillating” pictures of any given straight actor or soccer star…
    …but there’s been no discussion about the FIRST gay-celeb sex tape scandal, namely Dustin Lance Black.

    Whether Towleroad likes it or not, it is gay news.

    I don’t think it’s internalized homophobia; more likely the site is afraid to piss off a certain out Howdy-Doody-looking producer.

    Whatever the reason, it’s bizarre that there’s been no mention of it.

  6. Xoph says

    I don’t understand. How is a few pictures of a screenwriter having unprotected sex with his boyfriend (at the time) news that needs to be reported everywhere, especially here? I’m proud that Andy is respecting Dustin Lance Black’s privacy on this. DLB is not an actor but rather a screenwriter who was rewarded for his accomplishments. Someone decided to be vindictive and release those pictures to Perez Hilton – that is not news or a sex scandal, it’s just evil. What is Andy going to say that hasn’t already been said?

    Are you also upset that Andy is not talking about Speidi? According to some people that’s news.

  7. says

    I think Perez Hilton jumped the shark with the DLB pics. It was ok, to post them with the spots over the bits, but, just mean to post them in flagrante delicto. I think he’s starting to think he can do anything since the Miss USA thing. He actually has given the right a new heroine and with these pics just got on a train to destroy a guy who , as far as I know, did nothing to him.

    Hey P! You might want to watch “Sweet Smell of Success”.

  8. says

    As a Gay Aussie,I am alarmed that Hollywood continues to snap up all our hot blokes. Stop it, Hollywood! You’re ruining our gene pool! Soon there’ll be no Kwantens, Jackmans, Banas or Whannells left and we’ll all start looking like wombats!

  9. cd says

    judging from a recent trip to Brisbane, i’d say you’re too late, mate. Wombat city.