Antonio Banderas: No Pardon for Kissing a Man on the Mouth


PopWrap interviews Antonio Banderas about his career. Banderas recalls that when he was in Law of Desire, kissing a man was more frowned upon than killing one. Likely still true today.

Banderas2 Said Banderas: "Everything changes as you get older — your mind, your body, the way
you view the world. For example the scenes I did with [director Pedro]
Almodovar in the 80's were very tough to play at the time it was not
common for actors to play gay. Many actors thought that if you played
those scenes, everybody would identify you with that role…I felt very early on in my professional life that where there were
limits, there shouldn't have been limits. I remember in 'Law of
Desire,' where I played a homosexual, that people were more upset that
I kissed a man on the mouth than I killed a man. It's interesting to
see how people can pardon you for murdering a man, but they can't
pardon you for kissing one. It's a very interesting approach to
morality in our days, so you see there is an incredible amount of
hypocritical judgment over those things."