1. woodroad34 says

    That was a better comment than Gene Simmons’ response today on the local Fox station. He said he liked Adam, but felt it wasn’t necessary for Adam to disclose his “sexual preference”–not that there’s anything wrong with that; whatever he does in private, yada yada. You know, Gene Simmons of KISS: dressing up like an evil clown and sticking his abnormal tongue in a reporter’s ear — that Gene Simmons, poster child of moral turpitude with a reality show of what he does in private–not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. says

    If David himself is gay, the barriers to his coming out are about as steep as they get, what with having a Mormon upbringing and a deeply homophobic father who is also part of his management team (for the time being). I’m not sure David himself even knows what his own situation is, my suspicion is that he has sublimated the entire issue.

    In other news, he just released a studio single of his cover of Vanessa Carlton’s 1,000 Miles, and Perez is showering love on it today: (that’s David on piano, too).

  3. David says

    He seems a great kid with a good heart. Hopefully he will be able to escape the clutches of that creepy father and the Mormons. I hope he really has a great career.

  4. Brad says

    David answered those gossipy quesitons with poise and class. This was taped in Washington, D.C. at the Children Uniting Nation’s (CUN) gala where David performed. He was there for a good cause and yet he still had to put up with silly entertainment reporters trying to get a soundbite out of him that they could slap onto their Adam Lambert is gay (shocking!)Access Hollywood tv segments. David is a talented, charming guy and that’s refreshing in the entertainment world. Plus his album is good too, I heart him!

  5. Serry says

    The interviewer missed the obvious and sad fact that David himself is closeted. In the Mormon church David has been taught that people can be born gay, but it is sinful to act on it. David needs to dump the homophobic dad, who travels elsewhere with him and has a spouse and four other kids at home, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Although Jeff told fans that he accompanied David to the UK because they needed another technie, I know first-hand that Jeff went on David’s UK tour because he heard that one or more of the McFly guys were gay.

  6. Tralfaz says

    “Archie” is such a cool young man. David Cook always seem to take him under his wing last season and protect him from the evil La Seacrest.

    Rumor has it that La Seacrest used walk around with a bucket of KCF and stare at David A and lick his lips and purr “I just looooooove chicken”.

    On another note:

    I see La Nelson still has a crow bar up his today.

  7. Gregoire says

    I wasn’t out David’s age, and I didn’t have a public persona, a Mormon upbringing or a controlling father for manager. Give the kid a break. I think he’s a fantastic role model otherwise, far better than the Spencer and Heidis of the world.

  8. hadassah weinreb says

    Does anyone not think that the xian right is trying to infect the pop music scene w lil bible-based musical drones? Now I know all you prissy self-haters will get all lathered up & start defending the Bank of Mormon’s biggest bankroller from the Killers…… flame away boys….

  9. Serry says

    Yes; also heard it from multiple other sources. It’s a sad situation. Hopefully with more life experience David will break out of it.

  10. gloria says

    It’s their choice he says? Yeah right! Adam came out right after the competition and Clay was yanked out. No one leaves these guys alone to make the choice themselves. If this little one is gay, if he makes a big enough name for himself, he’d better get ready! I think it’s awful that people can’t have their privacy. Clay’s fans should be ashamed of themselves if they can’t understand that he wasn’t ready himself. That poor guy got the whipping of his life!

  11. me says

    Is there anyone left on earth who didn’t assume Adam was gay? Really?

    I’ll be honest, David is as cute as a button, and I can see why anyone would love him, but I think some of you are very misguided.

    Yes, as a religious person, David believes that it is a sin to act out gayness. If he was really gay, he would be deeply conflicted, which he is not. He is the happiest person I have ever seen.

    Also, don’t believe everything the media has said about his Dad. David has said over and over that it wasn’t true. Does he look like a person who has been abused and controled? NO!

    He is also the most loving and nonjudgemental person I have ever seen. We could all learn from him.

  12. me says

    One more thing. You guys who call the Mormon church bigoted don’t understand it. The whole prop 8 thing was not about hating gays. It was about feeling that marriage should be between a man and a woman. If you looked around during that time, you would notice the bigoted comments weren’t coming from the church. I am sure I am wasting my words here.

  13. nina says

    I think with Adam, his coming out was like…okay, tell me something I didn’t know. Adam is so sexy it does matter that he’s gay. Male or female it wasn’t like most of us would have had a shot at him anyway. As for Archie, if he is gay, it may be harder for him to come out because of his conservative religious background, his dad, and his career based on this “wholesome” image that may keep him in the closet for a long while. I’m confident that when he is ready he will be able to reveal who he is. I just hope that America will let him be happy and live openly.

  14. vegetarian against the klan says

    i’ve read three stories today. each one had a comment from “Nelson”

    i’ve determined Nelson is a dick. he’s the guy at a party you see and walk away from. he’s the guy with the phone number that pops up on your cell and you decide to let it go to voicemail. he sends the email you wonder if you should ever open.

    he’s cranky today and has time on his hands, so he’s responding to many stories. i wish him well. he needs all the good wishes he can get. Nelson, you don’t have to be a dick. make a different choice.

  15. Lucy says

    Archuleta’s a great kid. He humble, honest, hardworking and kind to everyone. He also does a ton of charity work. He’s also a bit immature, awkward, shy and spacey. He describes himself as a dork and a nerd, and as 18 but acting 14. I think many of you are reading him wrong. When asked if he was gay in a Malaysian TV interview he laughed and said people say all kinds of things about him and ticked off a variety of things. He said “My interest is in girls. People will still say weird things about me but no matter what anyone says it doesn’t chage what I think.” Also – the bad press about his dad during Idol was bs without sources. Started on TMZ and got picked up by better and better papers, all without sources. Even AP admitted they printed it without sources. His dad is nice and his mom is fun. But David is the boss of his career.

  16. david a class act. says

    please stop projecting your selfish desires and hopes for archuleta to be gay… i have gained even more respect for him after listening to this articulate, rational and non judgmental response to this idiotic reporters question.. shatters a lot of the outdated and unfounded assumptions about him, and his ability to speak his mind.

    he didn’t duck or dodge the question, but met it face forward. this dude has an awesome talent, and it’s time we all stopped perpetrating these ridiculous rumors and assumptions about his character, his church, his attitudes and his father.. what the hell does any of that have to do with his formidable talent – go listen to his new fan pack to a track called zero gravity – david can throw down on a funky dance track, and musically, there is a lot more where that came from, and that’s all i care about….

    david isn’t afraid to just be himself – an 18 year old young man, sometimes awkward, sometimes extremely mature for his age, sometimes goofy. he may not be everybody’s idea of ”hip”, or ”cool”, but this kid is blazing a new path for those words through his actions. time to give him the respect that is long overdue, and allow him to continue doing his thing musically, without the bitter chattering classes continuing to muck up the waters.

  17. Serry says

    The Malaysian interview…ah, yes. What is David going to do when asked if he’s gay? Come out and say yes? He would be excommunicated and his father and conservative family would flip. As long as he’s in the LDS church, he will never out.

    I actually feel sorry for him, but I am confident that as he gains more life experience and gets more independent from his family and church, he will come out.

  18. Serry says

    Nina, I agree with you 100 percent. I don’t think for a minute that his wholesome image and religious devotion is not a public relations blessing for him to remain closeted.

  19. Tracy says

    This really blows my mind…not the video of course,,David has more class answering those ridiculous questions then any of you on here with all your negative comments. In which you have nooo idea what you are talking about. As for the comment by are funny. Jeff Archuleta is just as kind and classy as his son and btw he didn’t go to the UK with David. David is a big boy he went alone. HA

  20. Robert says

    You people who have been yearning that David is gay and wishing he comes out, y’ll will be disappointed. David is as straight a guy can be. He had an interview in Malaysia or Singapore in April and he was asked bluntly about his sexuality and he answered point blank that “his interests are on girls”. So get ready to be disappointed. And I wish him to be straight!

  21. Jax says

    I must admit that I, too, had wondered if David was gay.

    But I put that to rest after watching his interview with Showbiz Shelly this past winter. If you’re interested, check out the last few minutes of the interview on youtube, starting at 7:00…

    You can’t deny that there was some serious flirting going on, particularly on David’s part. It was enough to convince me.

    Besides, this kid seems so full of love and joy…and there seems to be a genuine serenity about him. I can’t imagine if he was struggling internally with his sexual identify (and at the age of 18, I think he’d have to be addressing it at this point), that his outer persona would seem so uncomplicated and in some ways childlike.

  22. Serry says

    Jeff indeed went to the UK with David, Tracy. He actively took videos and talked to fans at different venues. The depth of homophobia in the David fan community, which partially stems from his Mormon origins, is truly astounding. Some fans try to silence others whose values aren’t right wing. But there are some fans who want David to know that he has supportive GLBT fans who lack past the nonsense and religious bigotry, so when he does come out of the closet, we’ll be there.

    Someone above tried to argue that Prop 8 was not about hating gays because it supported marriage between a man and woman? Your argument is illogical. You actually proved my very point. Hopefully David is out of that church altogether within 10 years.

  23. pat says

    Wow, you really need help. Your hatred toward some specific things really blinds your eyes and mind. We all see same video and read same writings, but the interpretations are totally different?

    David mentioned in an interview in Philippine that people made up rumors related to Amy Davis, his dad and gayness. He said people can say anything they want, but they can’t change who he is. He clearly said his interests are in girls. I don’t know what you want from him even after hearing him saying that.

    If you don’t believe what he said, I think you should leave him and move to someone who satisfies you. Looks like Adam is the perfect idol for you. Dream your dream in Adam and don’t bother David with stupid statements.

  24. Pat says

    check out the last second of this video when David was greeting fans at the tour in Providence RI last summer. He’s super respectful, but when I saw that look–he’s checking her out. He’s straight.

    I guess it’s time to dream about Kris Allen leaving his wife and declaring that he’s gay.

  25. earthlingdave says

    Why don’t we let him be a kid and, IF he is gay, come out on his own terms and at a time he’s ready? I will never understand this bizarre uncharitable homophobia some gays spew.

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