Gay Penguins Hatch, Adopt Chick in Germany


If you've been reading the site since 2005 you may remember that the Bremerhaven Zoo in Germany had three pairs of gay penguins it tried to make straight by importing females from Sweden. It didn't work.

Penguins One of those pairs recently took foster care of an egg for 35 days, and hatched it:

"The world-famous gay penguins ‘Z’ and ‘Vielpunkt’ have now become proud parents after hatching the egg and adopting the baby chick.

Vet Joachim Schöne said: 'Another couple threw the egg out of their batch. We picked it up and put it in the nest of the gay penguins. On April 25 the chick was born and is now being watched by one of its new dads around the clock.'

It is still unclear whether the chick is male of female – Schöne added that it will only become clear when the feathers are looked at in a lab.

The baby penguin cannot even eat by itself yet. 'The fathers are feeding their young one with fish mash at the moment,' the vet said."


  1. Bosie says

    Oh Gosh …this is a beautiful post….and a beautiful story. NOW they can’t say that our love isn’t true when it transcends EVERYTHING….Our love is stronger than anythign else out there. BRAVO FOR THE PENGUINS & CONGRATULATIONS Dads!!!~

  2. woodroad34 says

    I think this is great. It shows how naturally two males just take to raising kids, equally sharing in the feeding and nesting duties. No drama. Oh wait! I just forgot — it’s the end of the Penguin world as we know it!! OH..MY..G*ack*!

  3. Just curious says

    I haven’t been following this story and I don’t mean anything wrong however I got questions. Have these penguins actually had male on male sex penguin style? OR is it just two males that prefer the company of each other?

  4. Brian in Texas says

    That is so awesome! : ) Where was this couple at in March of the Penguins??

  5. says

    Oh that is so sweet. Many religious zealots constantly use the “homosexuality is unnatural” card. Well let’s see what they’ll say now :)

  6. Dorla P says

    “Many religious zealots constantly use the “homosexuality is unnatural” card. Well let’s see what they’ll say now :)”

    Well I guess if it happens in nature then that means it’s natural and should be imitated by humans.

    So you won’t mind then if someone comes and kills your young to prevent competition for resources as lionesses do. It’s ‘natural’ after all.

    There are hundreds of examples of things that animals do naturally that wouldn’t work in human life.

    Nature doesn’t add to or take anything away from moral arguments that humans face.