1. says

    Jeez, let the kid come out with one album before you condemn his entire freaking career. LOL.

    I’m sorry, I know nothing about Gene Simmons or Kiss (other than Gene Simmons was in Kiss)… don’t even know their music… but that whole remark comes across as homophobic. I hope he was just having a bad interview. Perhaps he should just follow the Golden Rule? Works for me.

  2. Jordan says

    The irony of him saying “Be quiet about what it is you do indoors and go out there and sing” while he’s the one airing his “Family Jewels” across television sets around the globe and not wanting to record music until the fans stop file sharing.

    Times seem to be quite different now than how Gene sees them. I think Adam may be setting a new standard for not compromising who you are, and is a breath of fresh air. We may never have the likes of the Beatles or Michael Jackson again, but I’m pretty sure Adam’s going to do just fine!

  3. says

    These comments from the man who can’t shut up about how many women he has slept with? Who turns practically any interview with a woman into something sleazy and embarrassing?

    Does he really think HE is the arbiter of American taste in the 21st century? Puh-Leeze.

  4. Bill says

    My advice to Gene: drop dead. This guy is so pathetic, he has to protect his “masculinity” by tearing down Adam because he’s gay. Heterosexual male identity is the most fragile thing known.

    Adam is amazing. I can’t wait until his album comes out.

  5. Jay says

    I’d rather someone ruin their career being true to themself rather than “succeed” by hiding. That said, I think the number of votes that got Adam that far on AI proves the mentalitity in Wisconsin and everywhere else is shifting.

  6. says

    What is he talking about? The “masses” actually live in large, liberal, cities … that is Adam’s base to begin with. The American population does not live in Wisconsin and Nebraska (both of which are heading in the liberal direction, anyway)

  7. Leslie says

    I hate to say it, but he’s totally right! I know that it’s hard for people on the west coast to hear, but mid-america does not want to hear anything homosexual. It’s just a fact. But, it’s kind of an oxymoron for him to be talking about, Adam not talking about his sexuality. The difference is, Gene has already made a name for himself. So, he’s already made his money. Adam hasn’t.

  8. alguien says

    uh, gene? the 70s ended about 30 years ago and people’s attitudes have changed somewhat since you were a star. it really is possible in 2009 to be openly gay and have a successful music career.

  9. Gregoire says

    I don’t think he’s killed his career. He’s just destroyed a potential life of superstardom trapped forever in the closet. His career might be smaller, but most likely more rewarding.

  10. busytimmy says

    Leslie, that is a moronic comment. Your blanket statement about mid america is ridiculous. Ever hear of Iowa? They are actually ahead of CA and NY in the equal rights department. I am surprised to hear Gene talk this way, he has always struck me as intelligent, if perhaps often crass. Adam is talking about his sexuality now because everyone else was during Idol. I’m sure he is as ready as anyone to start letting his music and voice speak for itself. Give this extremely talented young man some space and love!

  11. Jon says

    Simmons is an idiot. The subject of Lambert’s sexuality was the buzz from the moment he entered the competition. And he DID keep quiet about it through the entire show, in spite of people asking left and right! It was ONLY after Cara and others ‘outed’ him in interviews that he finally answered the question of “the masses” saying, “Yes, I’m gay.”

    Simmons needs to put a sock in it and take his own advice.

  12. Bobby says

    Sounds jealous to me. He’s disgusting and I’ve never been a fan of Gene Simmons, Kiss was alright as a group.

    Maybe he’s pissed because Adam has real talent and Gene had to rely on make-up to get anywhere.

  13. Jeff says

    Can we please stop talking about the mid-west as though it’s this monolithic, all-powerful kingdom of retarded child-tyrants? Where is it written that just because you live in Nebraska you a) aren’t gay, and b) are incapable of evolving consciousness? Sure there are cultural differences but people in “middle-america” are individual, scentient beings, so let’s drop this popular mythology and start focusing on the best aspects of people, not the worst.

  14. says

    I live in Wisconsin. Born and raised. I’ve never been to either coast in my life. Midwestern boy through and through.

    I’m getting irritated with people speaking for middle America. “Mid America doesn’t want to hear about anything homosexual”. Not only is this horse shit, even if it were true, too fucking bad. You don’t have a right to not be offended.

    I think it’s great that he came out, and I know it means a lot to many, many people, particularly young people, and especially those living in the Midwest and other places where information and role models are more scarce. And I highly doubt it will hurt his career. It’s not like he was attempting to break into Christian rock or some shit anyway.

    On the other hand, all these aging straight rockers are full of shit if they are going to claim sexuality should have nothing to do with performing. The entire rock star archetype is all about getting laid and fucking groupies for christ’s sake. It makes up over 90 percent of their image!

    Such hypocrisy.

  15. Terry says

    Someone posted earlier that Gene Simmons was right. I’m inclined to agree; he may have come across as a bit crass but I believe he means well. I still think he’s a hypocrite for saying that Adam shouldn’t talk about his sexuality because Gene is not saint either.

  16. says

    Actually, Gene has it backwards. By putting his sexuality on the table (after constant pestering by a juvenile, scandal-hungry media), Adam is basically taking sexuality off the table. Nothing to hide, nothing more to talk about. If he loses some homophobic fans, why would he want them in the first place? Better to live one’s life with integrity. When enough people are out, it really becomes, who cares?

    What idiots like Gene fail to note is that heterosexuals never shut about about their “sexual preferences” but their blathering is taken for granted. (Kris and Danny’s wives certainly weren’t kept secret; Gene’s reality show is all about his heterosexuality.) Of course Adam probably finds it amusing to be chastised by a washed-up 60 year asshole who’s been wearing Halloween costumes and sticking out his tongue for the past several decades.

  17. NickC says

    Gene Simmons makes me think of Rahm Emmanuel and others in the Obama administration. Still trapped in the thinking of 15, 20, and more years ago, when coming out could really hurt an entertainment career and pushing for LGBT equal rights could lead to a political impasse.

    These dead-enders don’t want to recognize that society is changing. In Hollywood, a Neil Patrick Harris treats coming out as no big deal, and his career is flourishing. In politics, even a majority of Republicans think gays should be able to serve openly in the military.

    Yes, we still have a long way to go, and some segments of the country are much more resistant than others. But the only way to move forward is if all of us ignore the nay-sayers and continue coming out and speaking up.

  18. Sean Mac says

    Will you people stop bashing Gene? Coming from South Carolina, I can 100% agree with him that there are a lot of people who would rather live in denial (of homosexuality, of international affairs on the taxpayer’s dime, etc) than have the obvious stated aloud.

    Gene is acknowledging Adam is the most brilliantly talented Idol contestant yet. He WANTS the kid to SUCCEED, not be an incredible artist with a *niche* fan base like Mika.

  19. patrick nyc says

    Funny, we use to see Simmons with pretty young boys at Studio 54 in the 80’s all the time. There was much talk about him and Christopher Atkins, of Blue Lagoon fame.

    Either way, the guys is a douche bag, America, including middle of the country, is changing. Iowa was the first state to pass gay marriage. While CA & NY did not.

  20. Bakely says

    The headline got me riled up, but having read the quote in context, I think he’s right. Unless Adam wants to build his image as the Gay Rocker, his sexuality is irrelevant. Sexuality should be irrelevant for ALL of us — that’s an ultimate goal.

    This is a question of marketing now. If Adam wants to be the Gay Rocker, the way that Gene Simmons marketed himself as a Girl-Crazed Rocker, than he should keep on talking about the boys. But if Adam just wants to be a rocker, and leave the sex as a minor personal detail, then it’s time to talk about other things, the way he did during “American Idol.”

  21. elcamino says

    Right, because a man dressed like a clown eaten by scrap metal knows what the kids want to dance to. And God knows he’s built his own career on toning it down.

  22. Simmons is a Talentless Hack says

    Simmons is a talentless hack who’s spent the last twenty years pretending he was a star thirty years ago. He never was anything more than a pop media creation, a novelty act.

    Having never had a successful music career he’s in no position to advise anyone as to how one might be obtained. He’s just angry at Adam Lambert for finding a way to animate that tired old song of his more in three minutes than Simmons ever managed to in three decades of tongue wagging.

  23. Teri63 says

    Leslie: You’re hanging out with the wrong people if you have such a limited view of how Midwesterners think. I live in Illinois and know very few people who would care one way or the other about an entertainer’s sexual preference. The kind of people who would care weren’t the ones voting for him on the show and weren’t going to buy his fresh, edgy tunes, anyway, regardless of his declaration. Those supporting Adam during his run on AI already knew his orientation without his having to say it, and those fans were obviously numerous, as they voted him all the way to the finals. Adam’s fans also understood that Adam had no choice but to verbally state the obvious, as he was being forced to do so by the media, who, for some unexplainable reason, needed things spelled out for them despite the telling photos that had been circulating on the internet for months.

    Anyway, I truly think GS is wrong about Adam’s career being “…done” because, by always being comfortable with and true to himself and one of the most talented young people to emerge in the music industry in many years, he has amassed a huge following of loyal fans all eagerly awaiting the opportunity to support him by purchasing his RCA CD due in the fall. I think GS needs to keep his own mouth shut because he’s just making himself sound out-dated and closed-minded.

  24. Jacob says

    Who really cares what Gene Simmons thinks? There are plenty of openly gay celebs now, George Michael, Ellen DeGeneres, Jodie Foster, Rosie O’Donnell, and their careers seem to be doing just fine and they are not limited to a niche fan base.

    I remember when folks said Gene killed his career by taking off the make-up in the 80s. KISS took a major nose dive. Now look, all these years later, we are still subjected to Gene.

  25. AdoringAdam says

    Gene’s white face is turning green. And like soneone else said, what is so great about a heterosexual man bragging about all the women he slept with. It makes him look like a person with a real sexual problem.

    Adam is a breath of fresh air. I am from Illinois and we love our boy!!! GO ADAM!!!

  26. Rick says

    For God’s sake; who in the world was going to believe that Adam Lambert is “straight.” His “coming out” was a formality, at most. The same week after that screeching queen Michael Jackson died, do we STILL expect our gay artists to put up some moronic charade in order to fool…who? Lambert should tell that old fart Gene Simmons should get back in his time capsule. Give me out and proud Rob Halford of Judas Priest fame instead.

  27. says

    that is the top of irony. That ugly old manwhore from a 70s novelty act telling anyone to keep their sexuality secret. He’s done everything but put up buildboards about his.

  28. Chadd says

    Will someone please tell Melissa Etheridge, Rob Halford and k.d.lang that their careers are supposed to be over. King Gene has declared it so. Maybe they didn’t get the memo…

  29. Starry says

    Oh Please, get over it, how many sites have to continually give this “old news” a repeat, Simmons should just “shut up” about Adam’s sexuality and his own as well. It’s a new day, and we love Adam, his sexuality doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with it! IT’S ABOUT THE MUSIC, and Adam soars! also, it wasn’t him talking about it, he was never in the closet, the PAP hounded him before and keep puking it up after ~ this story is getting old, old, old, and Adam is fresh and worthy of some respect, get your heads above your pants and see if you can’t come up with something NEW and a little higher vibe.

  30. john says

    i expected there to be a great debate after this piece – i can’t believe how few people agree with what gene said. my OPINION is he’s right – my opinion is based on the recent past – like gene, i hope i’m wrong, but the past has shown us that coming out, in general does more damage than not to those in the entertainment industry. most recently, clay aiken – i was never all that impressed with him, but he had a decent following – had a successful album and a successful tour – where is he now…

  31. g_whiz says

    I agree with Jordan completley here. The guy has a “reality” tv show where he flaunts his lifestyle with his lovely wife. What Simmons is saying is a speaking to very blatant double standards. If you’re gay you’re unmarketable and nobody wants to hear about it…by which he means to say ‘I’ don’t want to hear about it. Its like the argument with gun control, being gay doesn’t kill a career, homophobic douchebags kill a career. Either way its way more important to be upfront and honest than it is to sell a few more copies of an album. Like Hollywood needs more closeted celebrities.

  32. Ben Jackson says

    BAKELY – You are totally right. I work in the music business, in marketing. People who don’t work in entertainment don’t get it. You’re buying a fantasy. You don’t really know Adam Lambert becasue you have bought one of his albums or gone to one of his concerts. He’s being sold to you as a product and they need a label to put on that product, gay or straight. With any actor or musician is the same thing. people want to know what they’re buying. They want to be able to read the label.

    Every star’s personal life is used to sell them as a product. Its a 24 hour, 7 day a week job. If you want to play the game you sell your soul. There are a few rare, very smart people who are real artists and can keep a balance and mystery and not let people into their personal life. But Adam is not one of those people, he’s an open book. He sold his story to Rolling Stone instantly.

  33. sarah says

    ADAM is responding to the media hungry people who that caused this in the first place. ADAM SAID he did not want to come out during IDOL for the fact that that part of his life style would over shadow the real reason were all here his talent as a singer.

    ADAM has not caused any problems as it stands ADAM has more fans that are over 30 so this makes no difference to them.

    HAS Anybody read the Rolling Stone article if not as a fan you should read it to understand more about why he did not come out when the show was on.

    THIS IS BS from GENE. IN KISS there is wildly know that GENE SIMMIONS was and is a huge player. HIS very own sexuality has over shadowed how good KISS was and it was GENES own fault for doing so and admitting it to the public and fans.

    GENE is a washed up has been and is jealous of ADAM and his budding music stardom.

  34. Paul says

    Well, i am on the fence on what Gene Simmnons said. I think that Gene is not homophobic because he does have a gay personal assistant. I also think calling him washed up is a little mean, considering he is work hundreds of millions of dollars and still is a working artist, with a band that is still selling out crowds…they are in their 35th year and it was cool to see Adam with them.
    Gene Simmons is a business man first and foremost, and a record producer and he understands the business. While we all would like to believe people are over the “gay thing” they are not. The entertainnment industry is flooded with gay people, but yet an actor or a performer is still not able to come out. could you imagine what would happen if say Ricky Martin finally came out. You know he would lose fans.
    I don’t know…I think there is some validity in what Gene is saying. If there wasn’t the band Sissor Sisters would be a popular act, huge band in Europe and cannot sell out crowds here. think about it.
    On the other hand I do agree that now that everyone knows…the talent alone might move Adam forward.
    I wish him luck and I think he is a winner in my book!! :)

  35. paul c says

    It’s funny, because I’ve always thought that Gene’s bandmate, Peter Criss, was INCREDIBLY effeminate — but I dismissed the notion that he might be gay. I figured it would have come out by now, one way or another. The coments by Simmons just make me wonder if he isn’t basing them on his band buddy’s philosophy on how to live his life.

  36. Cacatua says

    Well Mr. Simmons, I live in Middle America – good ol’ Iowa where WE have legalized gay marriage! I suggest you roll up your abnormally obscene tongue and go back where you came from because your age and predjudices are showing!!!

  37. Paul R says

    Adam Lambert had zero choice but to come out. There were myriad pictures of him kissing men, wearing makeup, kissing other men, etc. Staying closeted would have been a farce no one believed, he would have been questioned and blackmailed for ages, and it would have made him look like an idiot. No one who was a fan of Lambert before the Rolling Stone article suddenly started hating him after it.

    Also, Simmons makes it sound like Lambert is out there talking about this day after day. To my knowledge he gave the RS interview and the 20/20 interview, both of which seemed pretty standard issue. Whether he has a huge career will depend entirely on the quality of his music. Elton John and George Michael have made a whole lot more money than Gene Simmons has, after all.

    Men, gay or straight, often think that for people to like a celebrity they have to want to sleep with them. Women don’t think that way, perhaps because they don’t have elaborate fantasies that they’ll actually sleep with a star. And guess what? Women buy concert tickets too.

  38. paul c says

    My bad, it’s not Peter Criss who looks like a less butch version of Jackie Stallone, it’s Paul Stanley. I always get the one who wore the catface makeup confused with the pretty lady with the star on her eye.

  39. Melodie says

    Why are you bringing this up again? You’re only proving Gene right by not dropping it and letting Adam move forward with his music and his life. You’re using him, for your own agenda, whatever that might be, and causing as much or more harm to Adam.

    Come on, people, give it a rest.

  40. JerzeeMike says

    Poor, pathetic, irrelevant, has-been. KISS had a brilliant career in the 70’s and their place is assured in the history of Rock music for sure but Gene Simmons doesn’t seem to realize his time is past. It’s not like young people are lining up to buy tickets to KISS concerts like they use to. He should just realize he’s part of the past, retire to somewhere beautiful to enjoy his millions, and get out of progress’ way. He’s made homophobic statements as a judge on AI before and his use of the term “sexual preference” shows he’s ignorant and far removed from what music buyers will accept today.

  41. Shari says

    With the American Idol tour and upcoming album, the conversation will move from Adam’s sexuality and back to his extraordinary talent soon enough. Actually, now that the media storm surrounding the RS cover story has died down, that’s already happening. The talk is all about the stellar collaborators on his album and the KILLER songs he’ll be performing on tour. If Gene is genuinely worried about Adam’s career, he needn’t be. This kid is going to be a superstar – no doubt about it.

  42. GregV says

    Gene Simmons’ comments are hypocritical and ironic on so many levels.
    This is a guy who has described to interviewers how he had sex with thousands of women, was sued by a former lover for spreading dirty laundry about their relationship on VH1, is featured in an
    internet sex tape and is currently making a Tv series with a playboy playmate about their personal and sexual relationship…. But Adam Lambert should know that a musician should not talk about his personal business and should stick to singing??????

    Oh, and America and the world just doesn’t care about whether someone is gay or not? If that were true, then it should be no more consequential for him to answer the question than to answer whether he likes strawberry or chocolate ice cream. But Simmons seems to fail to see the irony in saying that nobody cares one way or the other about that and then saying that it will ruin his career because once people know they will refuse to buy his album. That makes no sense whatsoever. And by the way, why have fans and media outlets tripped over themsleves for months to find out something that “no one cares about?”

    I could go on about how integrity is more important to some people (like maybe Lambert) than a simple tally of sales, or how Simmons’ comments about Americans’ attitudes make him seem out of touch with the under-60 crowd. but what can we expect out of a George W. Bush supporter?

  43. Karin says

    Why should Adam Lambert have to hide his sexuality? I want his music and I don’t care if he is gay – that’s his personal life. And he’s hot as hell! It’s good he has cleared this question, now people can focus on the import things – his music. Looking forward to his CD!

  44. RealityCheck says

    Gene Simmons is smarter than you think. With these comments he generates publicity for himself and for his friend Adam Lambert. He is using negative psychology to make us defend and love Adam and the negative comments are actually beneficial to Gene’s image. We are such suckers!
    and I love Adam’s character and music to pieces so don’t get me wrong, I just think we should chill, laugh and enjoy the show.

  45. Jenn says

    Adam Rocks and Gene seem jealous. I think in Gene’s time he might have been right. If you weren’t British it might have mattered. Of course Bowie, Mick J, Mercury, etc. all made at least bi-sexual inuendo. Today, I think Adam is so charismatic and gorgeous and so damn talented it just doesn’t matter. It will add to his allure.

  46. emm says

    We always watch Gene Simmons show before, but after the comment that he made about Adam Lambert we stopped watching he show……..Gene Simmons is killing his career for talking nasty things about Adam Lambert….Grow Up Gene!!!!!! Pick someone your size…

  47. FromIowa says

    I live in Iowa on the Mississippi River, just across the way from Wisconsin. I even have a few friends who live in Wisconsin. I teach and have taught in the Catholic school system for many years. Interestingly enough, I picked Adam Lambert as the winner of AI the first week that I saw him. I also picked him as gay. Don’t care. He has amazing talent. As far as Adam continuing to discuss his sexuality (I am also heterosexual and in my 40’s–the exact demographic I believe Mr. Simmons was referring to) I applauded him. As a teacher, I pray for excellent role models for all of my students to follow and to give them faith and hope that the world is changing and that we all really do deserve an equal place at the table. So, as indicated by the recent reviews of the AI Tour, the world is changing…I–from Iowa–am happy for it…and Adam’s career seems to be doing just fine. Oh, and with all due respect, keep your tongue in your mouth, Mr. Simmons.

  48. **** says

    Why are you morons going on about. The last time Adam said ANYTHING about his sexuality was in that Rolling Stone interview from a year ago. He hasn’t talked about having man sex ever since.

    And to those who say Adam should compromise himself in whatever why to garner fan, you’re messed up in the brains.

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