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GLAAD Condemns Assault on Perez Hilton, Asks Him to Apologize

GLAAD yesterday issued a statement in response to the altercation between Perez Hilton and manager Polo Molina at Toronto's MuchMusic awards.

Will Said GLAAD Senior Director of Media Programs Rashad Robinson: While not all the facts in this case are known, the violence that appears to have been committed against Perez Hilton is unacceptable and ought to be condemned in the strongest possible terms."

The group has also asked Perez to apologize for language he used during the altercation: "I don't need to respect you and you're a f**. You're gay and stop being such a f***ot."

Wrote GLAAD: "These are vulgar anti-gay slurs that feed a climate of hatred and intolerance toward our community. For someone in our own community to use it to attack another person by saying that it is, quote, ‘The worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear,’ is incredibly dangerous. It legitimizes use of a slur that is often linked to violence against our community. And it sends a message that it is OK to attempt to dehumanize people by exploiting anti-gay attitudes.”

UPDATE: Perez says GLAAD further victimized him.

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  1. I see Perez is now "Billy" today.

    Posted by: Tralfaz | Jun 23, 2009 10:21:33 AM

  2. This could have been a good excuse for the grotesque and still obese Mario to go under the plastic surgeon's knife and try to have the face of a human put on to replace that porcine pustule he has now.

    Posted by: paul c | Jun 23, 2009 10:58:30 AM

  3. Most entertaining thing that's happened all summer. I know that not everyone likes clowns, but who doesnt's like fighting clowns? That's funny, funny stuff. Thanks guys. By the way, I think it would work well on film too. Imagine... two clowns fighting over a rubber chicken, a couple of thrown pies, and one of those skits where Will i am's posse can all fit in a VW.

    Posted by: 1fanboy2many | Jun 23, 2009 11:30:41 AM

  4. could perez also please apologize for being gay? we don't want him... and apologize for being human? we don't want him... and apologize for his very existence? we don't want him

    Posted by: TJ | Jun 23, 2009 12:58:51 PM

  5. For the love of penises, it doesn't matter if he called (or however the hell he spells his "nick") a "fag" or whatever. It doesn't matter that this was not gay bashing.

    It was an ACT OF VIOLENCE. Perez Hilton has a RIGHT to say hateful things. However, NO ONE has a right to lay a hand on him, whether he "deserves" it or not.

    You know what rational people do when someone calls them bad names? Walk away.

    Posted by: Philip Wester | Jun 23, 2009 1:12:58 PM

  6. I'm so glad everyone here is happy that perez got punched in the face. he's been emotionally damaging people for years, it's about time he got a taste of his own medicine. I saw his side on his site and everyone was saying how sorry they felt for him. Uhm, perez thinks he can throw around the word faggot just because he's gay? I'm sure the guy doesn't even know the ORIGIN of the word...

    Posted by: Rudy | Jun 23, 2009 9:11:59 PM

  7. It's all right to punch somebody because they called you a mean name? Are we still on the playground? Are we still 8 years old? Grow up. That goes for the majority of commenters on Towleroad, Will.I.Am, and Perez Hilton. I expect grade school kids to act this way, not adults. Grow up and act like *real* men.

    Posted by: Wheezy | Jun 23, 2009 9:58:15 PM

  8. The only thing more immature than Perez Hilton are the gay men that are grandstanding by slamming him. (you know who you are.) Please, let's move on to more important topics.

    Posted by: Jhon | Jun 24, 2009 12:01:50 AM

  9. How can GLAAD condemn Israel during the same week when they were first on the scene to help Haiti? It's surreal. And ignorant.

    Posted by: Jesse Clay | Jan 19, 2010 1:40:22 PM

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