1. Rann says

    If it just happens to be the case so what is the problem with mentioning it? Is it to be covered up or ignored? Why not focus on their behavior instead of this one point?

  2. Wes says

    Thats what the author of the video wrote in its description, Just Saying.

    I hope you’re not offended by a mere description of a group of people.

  3. Alex says

    Well, Somalis are the biggest immigrant group in Minneapolis these days. Other than the majority (straight white people) the main groups in Minneapolis are standard African-Americans (i.e. former slave descendants who were born here), gays (Minneapolis is either 3rd or 4th in percentage of gays living in city limits nationwide, after San Francisco and Seattle and maybe one other), college students at the U of M, and Somali immigrants who moved in after 1993. The thing about many of the Somalis is that they are not really used to the normal way of life in Minneapolis, but instead still carry their fundamentalist Islamic values to the extreme. A few years back there were some big scandals such as Somali cab drivers at the airport refusing to carry passengers who had alcohol with them, and Somali cashiers at the Downtown Target refusing to ring up pepperoni pizzas because of the pork. The other groups all seem to get along great in Minneapolis, but sometimes there are issues with the Somalis. I should note that many Somalis are more understanding and “live and let live” but many are not. It is sad to see the kids acting this way, though – they were probably born here. I’d expect that attitude more from the adults.

  4. gayalltheway says

    @just saying – Not sure how the poster of this video knew if that these kids were Somalians but if he knew for sure, then what’s wrong with him stating that they are Somalians? Isn’t that much more descriptive than just saying African-Americans? Maybe these kids are not even American citizens so technically they are still Somalians. People tend to get over-sensitive when ethnicity/race is being brought up in any context. Get over it.

  5. freddy says

    I wish I hadn’t seen that.

    I am impressed the gay guy “turned the other cheek”, so to speak.

    Those kids will all rot with hate. And, no, I am not just saying that because they are black. The video would have elicited the same response had it been a bunch of cracker kids (which is just as plausible).

  6. GregV says

    JS, Somalia is a country from which many developed countries accept a lot of migrants seeking to flee violence and hateful attitudes. The problem is that these individuals are not screened to see whether they support violence and hatred against OTHERS besides themselves.
    To me this is one of the biggest needs of reform in immigration policy. Those individuals who support and contribute to a peaceful society should have more freedom to immigrate, while those who endanger others and are just seeking more money or safety for themselves should be denied.

  7. Lexxvs says

    Sorry to say, but it is important. When you receive people in your country the state must be certain that they will integrate under its customs and norms for everybody’s good. They could be Americans, but being from abroad, the burden takes another tone, so you don’t want haters of any class to add problems to your country. Moreover if the country have its own big dose of hatred. There are millions of good and tolerant people in the world that are not allowed to get into the states, so what makes these little haters more privileged? Are they being coached to become isolated bigots and shit on the country’s values? Yes it’s important. For everybody. For them too.

  8. says

    Even if the article didn’t mention they were Somali children, any educated reader, upon hearing this tape, would have made that assumption. The northern plains have the highest concentration of Somali refugees in the nation. Their accents are telling. Stating that they were Somali just confirms what the preponderence of evidence would have suggested anyway.

    I only wish the opening paragraph was a little more direct. I would have preferred it say, “A group of Somali children, whose families were driven from their homeland under threat of persecutation and death, are seen in this video practicing that same persecution on a member of the gay community.”

    It sickens me.

    And you can accuse me of being a racist when I say “send them back” but if they were Polish, Brazilian, Russian or English, I would be saying the same darned thing.

  9. paul c says

    Disgusting. Can any one of you even imagine ever going to another country to live and then forming a little mob to terrorize and threaten the natives? What would happen to you if you did?

    And were those police officers in uniforms who walked by this mess?

  10. Wes says

    Interesting how it almost seems they associate being gay with being white.

    They say they hate gay people and start chanting “black power” as if its even relevant.

    They are obviously as racist as they are homophobic.

    BTW, the people who walked by were not cops. It says this on the youtube page if you follow the link. They were apartment security guards I believe.

  11. Paul R says

    Oh, and Richard S? Not engaging a group of a dozen 9-14 year olds is a pretty good response for a seemingly tipsy guy. Though I agree that the cops should have done something. Who knows, things might have turned out differently if the camera wasn’t there.

  12. grreat says

    I think is more disturbing how the two policemen walk by at min 1:00 and don´t do anything, i am so happy to not live in the US anymore and be back in Europe

  13. Anon says

    So the United States grants these children and their families entry into our country… so they can go around harassing native-born citizens?


    Kudos to the guy in the video for keeping his cool. If it had been me, I might have reminded these kids that had they stayed in Somalia, they probably would be dead or HIV-positive by now.

    A little respect goes a long way.

  14. sd619guy says

    I think the guy did the right thing by not engaging in verbal retaliation. There were too many kids and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    And I agree – send their a**es back to Somalia.

  15. Daws says

    I don’t know what I’m more shocked by: the behavior of those little shits or the two cops that just walked on by. Seriously wtf!? If they haven’t already, I’d take the vid to the local news and I.D. those worthless fucks. Oh that just pisses me off!

  16. Jon/Shelby says

    Interesting how we assume that they can “go back to their country” when Somalia is a territory of the United States.

    Anyway… Bravo to the guy. I would have lost my temper.

  17. Rufus says

    Yes, Minneapolis is known as a rather large
    area of Somali immigrants. One of the national
    news channels had an extended report about the
    Minneapolis area recently: Somali teenagers suddenly
    disappear and re emerge months later as members
    of extreme groups overseas. Parents puzzled because
    they had strived to keep their children out of the radical
    groups. Authorities have been trying to find the
    very secretive recruiting methods used.

    It’s very disturbing that such young kids would so
    confidently go to a gaypride event to taunt individuals.
    I admire the way the 2 gay men conducted themselves.
    Makes you wonder though, who is teaching the kids and why

  18. john says

    I could give a crap LESS about cultural differences, I don’t care if those kids are Somalian or from France, GET RID OF THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES. They emmigrate to America to get away from violence or adverse conditions and they SCREW with the people who live here over what ever difference, I don’t care if it was religious or what…send em back. They had a chance to live in peace and they obviously didn’t want to, send em back.

  19. Contrarian says

    It hurts me to say this as a generally progressive person, but some groups do not under any circumstances, belong in a liberal muti-ethnic secular culture. Europe, to its horror and chagrin is slowly turning into Eurabia with veiled women and progressive (often gay) artists, writers and teachers under physical threat. Enough already! Progressive politics need not be a suicide pact; stop the immigration of Mohammedens and those who refuse to assimilate and learn western values. P.C. idiots on here, wake up.

  20. JT says

    I don’t know if those kids were born here or not, but I do agree that anybody who moves here and then assaults U.S. citizens has forfeited the privilege to live here and should be returned. I doubt I’m being racist. I believe that for a lot of Russians too. And those like Fastlad.

  21. jno says

    Paul C wrote- “Disgusting. Can any one of you even imagine ever going to another country to live and then forming a little mob to terrorize and threaten the natives? What would happen to you if you did?”

    Seriously? Iraq? Afghanistan? Iran in the 1950’s? Isn’t that what Westward Expansion was all about? Did anyone study European imperialism? I fell off my chair laughing when I read that post. Thanks, Paul C.

  22. shoepins says

    I think people are upset at the mentioning of their ethnicity because it’s really unnecessary. If they were white kids, the writer wouldn’t say (assuming he’s white himself) “white kids”. He would just say “kids”. When white people talk about other white people they don’t mention race. They would describe another white person like this: He’s that tall, good-looking, blond, about 31 years old. If they’re describing a minority, they describe them like this: He’s the black guy. Listen next time two white people are describing another white person vs. a minority.

  23. Paul R says

    “Somalia is a territory of the United States” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on this site.

    You just MAY be thinking of Somoa. Somalia is a failed African state with no effective central government, tons of piracy, and lots of violence. Jesus.

  24. SFshawn says

    These little insecure fuckwads always attack in packs. They are lucky they live in that area because if they tried that at Gay Pride San Francisco they would get their scrawny asses handed to them on a plate! Their parents must be real winners.
    Jeez. Sad and Pathetic what religion indoctrinates into these young and obviously ignorant minds.

  25. Husky says

    Send this video to the cops, Isn’t this harassment put warrants out for them. So they are minors, who gives a shit hold the idiotic parents responsible for the abhorrent behavior.

  26. DKNATL says

    So why didn’t the following people step in and stop these people:
    2 lesbians in front (white t-shirts)
    2 cops walking in opposite direction
    2 guys walking in opposite direction
    others on the opposite side of street

    We’re all to blame if we turn a blind eye like they did.

    Screw the wretched teenagers who will end up in jail anyway, what about the grown adults who know better????

  27. Paul R says

    Oh, and did anyone notice that the lesbian couple at the start or the gay friends/couple (one of whom was black) walking by at 1:15 also did nothing? Or can you explain why the kids all stopped at the corner?

    I’m not defending these little thugs in the slightest, but they are mostly children; most seem about 10. Do you think he should have responded by beating them?

  28. jrex says

    I’ve been visiting from NYC and staying at a hotel near this location while in Minneapolis. This is a rather “gayborhood” for Mpls. near Loring Park. A number of nearby apt. buildings had rainbow flags and even “rainbow” potted flowers in the window boxes. There appears to be any number of Somali immigrants living in the area as well. There is a local gay bar about a block from this site and less than a block away is a Somali men’s social club.

    I didn’t witness this attack, but saw that same group of kids hanging about after the Pridefest. It’s sad but not unusual for new immigrants to have difficulty accepting cultural norms of a new environment. Local officials clearly need to better respond to this type of behavior.

  29. D says

    It’s important to acknowledge that they are Somali because they or their parents received refugee status to come to the US. They were supposedly afraid for their lives to stay where they were. This fear was allegedly based on their identity in some way–they were supposedly afraid that someone else would persecute/kill them for their identity. The US government spent your tax dollars to relocate them here so they can persecute you for your identity.

  30. Wes says

    shoepins, he said it was a group of somalians, not black people. and do you think it would be wrong to describe a group of white people with russian accents as a group of russians?

    the guys really could have responded with racism, but they didn’t. they faced a group of racist, homophobic bullies and did not once stoop to their level. I cannot believe in light of the disgusting treatment they received, people are jumping on the fact that they described these people as somalians

  31. Andy says

    I had a friend who when she first moved to Minneapolis moved to a building full of Somalians. When she walked her cute little Pomeranians the Somalians would scream and run away or look at her with disdain. Just because she owned dogs.

    That is the kind of mentality we are dealing with.

    So “Just Saying” – that is why it is of importance. And you should not be offended by that point and by the fact they are black. It is like you are looking to be oversensitive. Instead of coming down on us you should be worried about them.

  32. says

    The YouTube poster has–I believe–taken “Somalian” out of the video description, but, as others have said, using “Somalian” was not a judgment but simply a fact. When Russian immigrants in the Sacramento area have beaten up and killed gay people the fact that they are Russian immigrants who are using their fundamentalism to justify hate and homophobia matters. If a gang of teenagers originally from Sweden had harassed innocent gay people that would be worth noting, too. There’s no shortage of race baiting among Towleroad comments, but this isn’t a case of that in my opinion. Where these kids are learning their hatred from and how they are expressing it is worth discussing.

  33. Crash says

    Yes, that was a Mpls Police officer, followed by what could well be a reservist, or they both could have been reservists.
    Either way, this is typical of Somalians living in the Twin Cities area. They are RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL of anyone who is not from their country.
    I have always and will continue to say that if they can’t accept differences in the communities in which they live, gather them up and send them back to where they came from. Like someone else said here before, I don’t care if they are white, black, red green or purple, if you can’t assimilate into the new country you have CHOSEN to move to, then you need to go back to where you came from.

  34. paul c says

    “Seriously? Iraq? Afghanistan? Iran in the 1950’s? Isn’t that what Westward Expansion was all about? Did anyone study European imperialism? I fell off my chair laughing when I read that post. Thanks, Paul C.”

    Uh, yeah jno, because individuals who emigrate to another country to live as citizens of that country, and then have the nerve to travel in gangs and terrorize the natives of their new country are EXACTLY the same as one country that goes to war with another country. On your planet, perhaps.

  35. greg2 says

    Reading some of these posts I must say,were some people asleep during their American History 101 class in Jr.High and High School? However, the 10 year old harassers of today will become the 18 year bashers of tomorrow.Take the video to the local police and at least have it reported for future reference/evidence.

  36. Sargon Bighorn says

    Could you imagine the NATIONAL up roar there would be if a group of white youths followed a Black man yelling and laughing “We hate N-I-G-G-E-R-S” and behaving in the same way. There would be national news in the Mayor’s office in a few hours asking for an explanation. Jesse Jackson would bring in the big guns and there would be a rally and speeches for days.

    It was mentioned that young men are often sexually immature and behave as most young men do, with great stupidity and lack of fore thought. We might there fore forgive these young men their incredible stupidity and hope the Mayor of the city sees the video and address the Somali community.

  37. chrisnyc says

    fucking kick their ass. fuck that shit. seriously, a straight guy wouldn’t have taken that shit, I don’t care if they are kids, they can learn a lesson. ignorant punks.

  38. N RMINN says

    As a proud resident of Minneapolis, I believe it is quite important to consider the ethnicity of the young men who are harassing these festival goers in greater context. Indeed, Minneapolis has the largest Somali immigrant populations in the country, and has graciously welcomed the growing Somali community for years. They are a welcome addition to our strong and progressive community.

    However, I find it disturbing to see these second generation Somalis harassing members of another minority group in a city which has given much and gone through great trouble in welcoming it’s Somali neighbors. It is especially hypocritical for these young men to shout hateful things when they themselves have been welcomed with open arms to Minnesota. Should they wish to continue to say such hateful things, they may want to contemplate what their lives would have been like without the open-minded and heartfelt efforts of Minnesota natives in welcoming them to America from their war-torn country.

  39. alfredo says

    A big can of pepper spray could have made a difference. Honestly, when are we going to stop being victims to this kind of thuggery! And why is he walking away by himself? Safety in numbers people!

  40. Will says

    The fact that they are Somalian seems completely irrelevant to me. Promoting a specific nationality as gay hating may perpetuate racism and anti Somalian sentiments within the gay community.

    Let’s not lower ourselves to the actions of these children and profile minorities.

  41. Chris I Am says

    It’s a damn shame to come from a horrific country and carry on like this.
    This is the same behavior that is carried on by Pakistani kids in England.
    But I will say this I’m glad it wasn’t Black Americans.

  42. Let'sFaceIt says

    At least videos like this serve a purpose in educating those who live in places like Vermont, or other predominantly white areas, what those of us in more “diverse” places so often have to deal with. Europe has had to learn this lesson too, slowly but surely. And this video actually shows a pretty lightweight incident. There are far more brutal attacks on gays in these areas, and it’s gays-of-color who are usually the ones getting attacked. We have to admit this ethnic homophobia, while at the same time being supportive of gays-of-color who deal with this regularly.

  43. Brandon says

    I can’t wait until we live in a world where the first reflex isn’t to compare any incident to the use of the n-word, as though being gay and being of color are somehow mutually exclusive. No one here has mentioned gay Somalis at all. Or do we believe they don’t exist?

  44. rovex says

    The guy did well. How was he to know that they didnt have knives or guns? Racist or not when a gang of black kids approach you like this it must go through your mind. It was highly unlikely they were going to congratulate him.

  45. D says

    Skin color and race is not the issue here. What is shown is a pack of dumb ignorant teenagers traveling in a pack. Pack mentality appeals to the LCD. This is where potential violence stems from, and gangs begin.

    I’d bet that if any one of those stupid kids was alone, without the pack, nothing would have been said to that man.

    Kudos to him for turning the other cheek, but then again, what choice did he have? Of course, all those kids were lucky he wasn’t a nutcase, or he might have pulled out a gun a shot a few of them. Then what, a gays vs. blacks issue?

    …and our tax dollars were wasted on those cops who walked by and did nothing. But if they had intervened, then what, a white cops vs. blacks issue?

  46. terry says

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m more sympathetic to the plight of the Somalians now. It’s a pity you can’t catch the sarcasm in my voice.

  47. GJ says

    This behavior is not uncommon for young Somalian males. It is unfortunate but the Somalians in general do not respect the population at large in which they now reside to escape the disaster that is their homeland. Those that come here are generally poor and uneducated. The children that are on the video learned their behavior from their parents, especially their fathers. Since they are young males, they will not listen to their mothers. The young gay man behaved appropriately. The uniformed individuals were not police, only minimum wage rent a cops. The Somalian population in the Twin Cities in general are disliked. Again, it is unfortunate but until those in the Somalian community who wish to show the rest of the Twin Cities that they are an asset instead of a problem, perceptions will not change.

  48. NR says

    I agree with the sentiments expressed about sending them home. We have enough problems here without importing more problems. The Somali’s hateful attitudes are unlikely to be limited to just gays/lesbians. To the earlier points about immigration policy – it seems completely illogical to me to import a group of people who have little chance at success – they do not desire to become Americans – they want Somalia here. If you want an example of how bad it can be, go to Denmark, Netherlands, UK or France – it’s rediculous. They can pull a knife and kill you but you’ll go to jail for speaking out against them.

  49. adam schreifels says

    Hello. I am the one in the video being harassed. Kudos to lexxvs who explains the importance of stating they are somolian.

    It should be pointed out not too long ago in Minneapolis, some were kicked out of cabs driven by somali cab drivers, merely because they were gay. This reminds me a little bit of the civil rights movement.

    The Somali activist Omar Jamal was quoted as saying “some are saying it is a set-up. I can tell you it was not. I was on my way to get dinner and this hatred was thrust upon me.

    Please call or email the news agencies in Minnesota and ask that these kids be held accountable. Their hatred was unbridle and uninhibited. They felt totally justified in their actions.

  50. Reply says

    Reply 2 paul c.

    Yes I can. America came to the new world. Created a mob, destroyed the natives and took their land.

    Wait.. that was you guys who did that and now you are complaining that people are doing it to you.

    Hypocrite more?

  51. gwyneth cornrow says

    Hi. This post is for the stupid white people who have left comments suggesting these children be repatriated back to Somalia. It is only for those stupid white people, so if you’re not one of those stupid white people, don’t bother reading this. To those stupid white people: sending the children of immigrants back to their nations of origin will not change the problem that gays and lesbians face around the world. The problem is endemic to all parts of the world, not just those places that darker skinned people live. A few days ago someone was beaten within an inch of their life on the streets of the upper east side by a gang of white teenagers. I’m certain they were also the children of immigrants. Shall we repatriate them back to Ireland, or Germany, or wherever it is their ancestors came from? Please, please, stupid white people, get a grip. Your attitude is as revolting, and infantile, as the children in this video. What’s worse, is that it is costing gays and lesbians their liberation.

  52. Sam says

    Please save me that black vs white bullshit.Id say send their scrawny little asses back to their native country.We have enough of the domestic homophobia why have more of it imported to our country.I was saying the same thing about the jackasses who attacked us on 9/11/01.When I (at the time) had suspected that some of the individuals who were involved with the attack were immigrants here.

    Shut the Fuck UP Gwyneth,spare me your “holier than thou” bullshit.Cuz it aint worth a damn thing here.

  53. Bayley says

    I’m sick of the gay community constantly having to tip toe around OTHER groups feelings. SKREW THAT!

    Our being soooooooooooooooo careful (to a fault) not to offend anyone who is blatantely offending, attacking and stripping us of our rights has resulted in us COMPLETELY losing focus on our fight.

    When someone, anyone, attacks our people….you call them out and you call them out in detail. If that offends you, then don’t f8cking offend my brothers & sisters. And as a minority (as minority can get) gay man, I always choose siding with my fellow gay brothers & sisters over those who share my ethnic makeup/cultural background. Those who share my background don’t EVER have it nearly as tough as those who share my sexual orientation in todays world….and don’t even try to label the gay VICTIMS as racist while you (a minority) is the one attacking. That card won’t even be worth playing. Again, I say that as a minority, two fold.

  54. Ben says

    Given that the person in the video has commented here, I’d be curious to know more about how this incident started. They were clearly targeting him in his lone walk, ignoring the 2 lesbians ahead of him and the gaydar-pinging interracial couple that walked through the melee. Where was his cell phone and why was it not calling 911? How did he come upon the group? Why was he showing any response to them? (The video clearly shows him speaking to and making gestures in their direction. If I were confronted alone like that I have to say I’d pretend my attackers weren’t there and cross the street.)

    Very disturbing video. In my part of the country this sort of harassment usually comes from packs of redneck teenagers and young adults.

  55. Darren says

    Can we email this video off to the DeKalb County School System and that asshat of a judge who decided kids don’t know what the word “gay” means. Seems that if immigrants from Somalia know what it means, that our native English speaking students should…

  56. says

    These are not Minneapolis police officers in this video. Minneapolis police have a strict uniform code and these are not city police uniforms. They appear to be private security from 1313 Nicollet. I wish the victims of this harassment would have called 911 so city police could have done something about it. Unless people are willing to call 911 when they are being harassed, it will continue.

  57. horace says

    Were those police or security that we saw walk by? SERIOUSLY?
    Funny how a number can affect whether something is said or done in defense. Take their green cards away.

  58. Luke says

    Here is a letter from our Mayor…R.T. Rybak.

    R.T. Rybak

    Today at 4:42pm
    I saw the video and was also very upset this happened in Minneapolis. … Read More
    So has Deputy Chief Rob Allen, who, as you may know, is one of two out GLBT Deputy Chiefs in Minneapolis.
    He wanted to clarify a couple points: First, this is deeply wrong. Second, these were not Minneapolis police officers; they were private security officers…..If they were Minneapolis police officers I would have made it very clear that they should have stepped in. Third, the person being harassed was very strong to stand up to this, but the most effective thing he, or anyone who saw this, can do is to call 911 quickly. This is how we can get help, and can file a police report. thank you for getting this very upsetting video to me and let’s work together to make sure this does not happen.

  59. Stunpig says

    I think it’s interesting how, towards the end, the perpertrators of this heinous crime (for ’tis a heinous crime!) start shouting ‘What are you saying about black people?’ Interesting how they become utterly defensive and know it’s wrong to insult people because of their race, yet don’t mind harassing (btw, I think ‘harassment’ rather underplays what these people are doing) people because of their sexuality. Ironic doesn’t even cover it.
    And I do think it’s utterly relevent that the post mentions their ethnicity – acceptance of homosexuality is directly related to culture, and Somalian culture does not recognise homosexuality in the way the West does. Therefore it’s interesting how outdated systems are infiltrating democracies like the USA, yet we’re somehow not allowed to mention that for fear of insulting people. So gay people have to go around, living in fear, not speaking out, lest they insult the miscreants.
    I find this video – and many of the comments on here – utterly depressing. It makes you realise just how far gay equality has to go. Complacence will get us nowhere.

  60. wslandry says

    All you have to do is read “INFIDEL” by Ayaan Hiris Ali and you can see what these morons believe in and will go to there graves never changing. Islam is something that Americans are completely blind about gay or straight. Look out coming to your local neighborhood.

  61. Markus says

    What amazes me is during that video – a cop walked right by (or what looked like to be a cop) and DID NOTHING. IGNORANT bastards. I say send them back to there starving ass country!!!! AND I wonder if anything is going to get done about this – the police should step in and contact there parents – cause this is the beginning of future true violence – NOW its just names – when they are bigger it’ll be worse.

  62. baby jane says

    It’s probably safe to assume that none of those kids are going to grow up to be doctors, lawyers, writers, business executives, journalists, etc. They can take my order when I go through the drive through window, or ring me up at the quickie mart. k, thnx.

  63. gwyneth cornrow says

    I’m not exactly amazed at the racism on display here, but it’s still pretty ugly.

    To the poster who wrote about taking sides, what, are you 4 years old or are you still working out childhood playground traumas?

    Your racism is blinding you to the real problem here, which is homophobia.

  64. Derrick from Philly says

    “Could you imagine the NATIONAL up roar there would be if a group of white youths followed a Black man yelling and laughing “We hate N-I-G-G-E-R-S” and behaving in the same way.”

    You mean like you and your buddies used to do, SARGON…before they found out you were a queer? Now, the trashy crackas want to lynch you too.

    “How was he to know that they didnt have knives or guns? Racist or not when a gang of black kids approach you like this it must go through your mind”

    What do white thugs carry? Sling shots?

    Look, I guess the gay guy did the civilized thing when dealing with a group of uncivilized prepubescent garbage. But the poster who called them “future gay-bashers” is right. I wish he was wrong, but he’s right.

    If I was sober, I’d have walked away too, or asked them “why do you hate gay people? Who taught you that?.” If I’d had a few drinks, I’d try to slap the shit out of one of the little ignorant-ass motha’ fuckas.

  65. Jonathon says

    Perhaps if this guy had used his 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and defend himself by shooting back when rocks were thrown, there would be fewer bigots out there who would feel emboldened to harass gay people on the street.

    Damn…. have I really gotten so sick and tired of anti-gay harassment that I am willing to start carrying a gun?

    Well, at least in my fantasies. Maybe if we start putting the fear of the gay in some of these people we can be left alone.

  66. says

    I love how any story posted about Black people seems to the beginning of racist Gays to come out of the woodwork with words like “jigaboos”, yet, these same Gay people think they are always being discriminated against because they are Gay.

  67. says

    I found so many things interesting about this piece, first WHY IS SUCH A FUCKING DEAL if they are Samolians? if I were to have said you fucking lil black bastards I would have been marked as a racist! funny it’s ok for them to be completely homophobic, lets get it together people, racism and hatred come from all sides of the playground! I also find it interesting that the “apartment security” did fuck all to stop a potential violent situation! and last I love that other people are just walking by like it’s just fine to verbally bash ANYONE! this could have led to a very different situation. I don’t care what race or color your skin is, HATE is HATE! and we can not afford to tolerate it anymore! Kids grow up to be adults, did anyone think of that when mentioning “oh there just lil kids”? on Gay Pride weekend in Portland Oregon 4 people were attacked violently, in 4 separate attacks! NO MORE!

  68. TylerAnthony says

    I say send them back too, they need an ass woopin

    I could tell they were Somolian or a mixed groups of sorts by their looks and some had on traditional gowns

  69. Megan says

    “Disgusting. Can any one of you even imagine ever going to another country to live and then forming a little mob to terrorize and threaten the natives? What would happen to you if you did? ”

    Um…we’d call it the USA?

    Back to the video: This really distresses me and I am furious that those officers just walked right on by without so much as a “Move along, punks.”

    The Islamic pressure is still very strong in this community. Even Somali women that I know, who have lived here for years hate the veil, hate the fact that they have to be “opened up” before their wedding nights, and in the case of one woman, would be a lesbian “if not for my religion.” Yet another reason why religion is obsolete and dangerous.

  70. says

    I took on McCain and Palin’s anti-gay ways. I made two dozen videos supporting Obama. Obama gives Harvey Milk and Billie Jean King the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Nice. But seeing this video shows how much farther we have to go, and so odd that now that they have gotten to the top of the mountain, that their children will likely grow up to prevent us from ever reaching it. One way or another. MOST UNFAIR. I want our President to say something about this.

    LaReina DelBarrio
    human rights activist

  71. Brian says

    It should have read: “Somalian Muslims,” and just like Christians, their religion has placed those beliefs in their young heads.

    Religion has defined and hated gays and lesbians for 2,000 years. Enough already.

    Those beliefs must be extinguished. We must have the courage and common sense to put Equality BEFORE Religion.

  72. Andrew says

    America must be careful with these new African immigrants

    They really are wild savages!!!

    The Muslim ones,are repressive brutal types.The non-Muslim ones,man! They are dumb and fuck around like animals!!!

  73. Clemens says

    I find it really disturbing that these black youngsters whose ancesters suffered so much persecution as well in todays society are harrassing a white gay man for something that he also cannot change? The words pot, kettle, black come to mind.

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