1. Jonathan says

    I have a problem with the video. There’s no indication anywhere that the people being messed with by the singer are the people she’s singing about. I won’t go so far as to say it makes the gay community look capricious and hateful, but I will say it just loses every bit of context the song has.

    And, yes, the homemade videos are better.

  2. George says

    It’s a little uninspired. And, I agree with Andy, the YouTube video is so much fun and engaging as well as showing gays, lesbians, and people come in all wonderful shapes, sizes and colors. It’s really brilliant.

  3. hill_w says

    I like it–except for the Pug-stretching part. Next time pick on Golden Labs or Cockapoos, or those annoying Bichon French-fries or whatever.

  4. Tralfaz says

    @ Jonathan – I find that I can not condone this video as well. The social impact of the said video as such leads me to conclude that Ms Allen is trying to express some sort of biological transformance. The relative political impact of the nuclearistical rectal patterns while enjoyble, fall well short of the expected photosynthesis.

  5. Daniel C. says

    No the song was originally intended to be a message to the British National Party. The tabloids wrote that it was about Bush. But the title was changed ( Guess who batman… Get with the blog-ram, and finally F-you very much. Lily Allen wanted to remain non specific. It mentions that it’s o.k. to be gay but that’s about it. That’s only intended for people who can’t live with their own small mindedness (not everybody) So..yeah it’s not about anybody at least according to her My Space page

  6. Tralfaz says

    Point taken Daniel C. Being that the BNP’s radical neo-facsistcal leanings it bear ture that Allen would focus such a “in for your face” so to speak message that would inply that they (the BNP) should be removed from the body politic. Henceforth.