1. bluprntguy says

    There is a generational gap? Is that really what he said? Why does the bigotry of the military command make it acceptable to discriminate against American citizens. OBAMA – YOU ARE COMMANDER IN CHIEF. Tell them to GET OVER IT ALREADY. every other military in the free world allows gays and lesbians to serve openly. This is complete crap. Why do we accept getting FIRED from a JOB for being GAY??? This should be gay priority number one. 75% of the American public believes this law is crap.

  2. Gridlock says

    Hey Ferenbach: still fired?

    Yeah, going to that LGBT photo op for Failbama just so the normals can see the fags don’t hate him *really* worked out well for you, didn’t it.

    I bet there was a generational gap when racial equality was rammed down the collective throat of the nation but amazingly a whiter than white cracker managed to do it.. and here we sit with a biracial minority in office who hides behind platitudes and non action.


    Obama, fucking grow a pair and act like the commander in chief instead of a crying schoolgirl.

  3. sfdj says

    Every time I see an interview of Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach, I am ashamed to be an American. In what world is it OK that we are firing a decorated 18 year veteran of the service? You have no soul if you can defend this action.

  4. Jeremy says

    Obama speaks of being a “champion” for us… But I thought “champions” stood up for the minorities. I thought “champions” take action against injustices. I thought “champions” stood for what’s right no matter what the circumstances. Please Mr. Obama, don’t call yourself a “champion” until you become one…. Talk is cheap and so far that is all we have from you.

    Please don’t think that the partial benefits that you provided for partners of gay and lesbian employees of the government are anything to brag about. I don’t work for the government and neither does my partner, so those benefits do not help me or the majority of the LGBT public. And once you’re out of office the benefits go with you….

  5. David in Houston says

    If Lt. Colonel Fehrenbach gets discharged it will forever tarnish the Obama Administration. We already know that the president has the authority to temporarily stop the prosecutions and discharges right now. I’m still waiting to hear a valid reason why he is unwilling to take this step while the senior citizens in Congress sit on their collective asses for the next 4 years and do nothing. His inaction is absolutely unacceptable. He CANNOT allow Mr. Fehrenbach’s 18 year career to be destroyed.

  6. robertmalcolm says

    My question would be … when “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is repealed (I am thinking positive) do all those soldiers (like Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach) who have been (or will be) forced out of the services get their jobs (plus years lost) back?

  7. el polacko says

    “has not done enough” ?!? what he’s done so far is to stab us in the back in the courts..twice!
    barack could stop these discharges immediately, but he’s reading from the clinton playbook: feel the pain, look us straight in the eye, promise changes to come at some unknown time in the future, take our money and our votes, and then screw us into the wall.. and not in the good way.
    this generational gap arguement is bullshit. there are young people who attack gay people and older folks who have no problem with us. we didn’t wait for old people to die before we racially integrated
    the armed forces, and there were plenty of people, young and old, who were vehemently against it at the time. what’s so different in this case? oh right.. it’s about homos which makes it especially sensitive and..well..icky.
    actually DO something barack and i’ll thank you but, until then, fuck you and your “hope” and shame on the butt-kissers who applaud your empty rhetoric.

  8. says

    @ robertmalcolm

    RE jobs back after repeal…

    In fact, CANDIDATE Obama had just such an idea:

    “I will direct my Secretaries of
    Defense and Homeland Security to develop procedures for taking re-accession requests from those qualified service members who were separated from the armed forces under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and still want to serve their country.” – BO, November 29, 2007.

    Of course, that was before the dinosaurs in the Pentagon’s Jurassic Park started roaring “NOOOOOOOOO FAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS!!!!” in one ear and a certain snake in the Rose Garden started hissing in the other.

    CLUE: he wassssssss alsssssssssssso a sssssssssssssnake in Clinton’ssssssssssss Rossssssssssssssse Garden.

  9. Jimmy Choo Choo says


    Put a stop on D.A.D.T now so in 2012 when you lose A republican President will issue it again WITH MUCH WORSE CRITERIAS.

    Go ahead Barack do it , do it now. Even though I didn’t vote for your ass in the first place do it…and do it now…..


    I’m becoming sick of all it Obama’s lagging efforts and definitely some of these whinning ass gurls on here especially Ms Michael Bedwell,or that other moniker she uses UMMMM oh yeah


    Question: How many of your High Powered queens with the fierce jobs will leave and join the military????????
    You know the girls must live in the trendiest of places.
    Now give that up for Iraq, and or Afghanistan…….

    WILL YOU????


    However in defense of Lt. Colonel Victor Fehrenbach I hope he does not get treated like this any further because that will be very tired of Obama and his administration.

  10. Bill says

    Obama’s words are meaningless.

    We’ve been bamboozled.

    He has no intent on risking his second term for something as silly and meaningless as the promise of equality for all citizens.

  11. Jim says

    A generational GAP??????? How many of the people from this generation have been caught with their pants down in rather compromising circumstances? Does Barney Franks compromise the security of the United States as a result of his sexuality? I find the response “a generational gap” to be appalling. Victor Fehrenbach’s discharge is out and out discrimination. If he served for 18 years, I am sure that he did not become reckless about his sexuality in view of the current laws. On the other hand, I find many people of his generation far less concerned about anyone’s sexuality. What we are tolerating is intolerance and prejudice by 25% of Congress!

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