Madonna Boytoy Jesus Luz Ready to Box in Dolce Gabbana Campaign


The first shot has been released in Dolce & Gabbana's fall 2009 and features a full set of modeling veterans — David Gandy, Noah Mills, The City's Adam Senn, Julienne Quevenne, and even Eva Herzigova. But the skin-baring camera hog here is Jesus Luz. Everyone else seems to look slightly displeased.

The photo was shot by Steven Klein at Brooklyn's Gleason's Gym, a well-known boxing gym.


  1. JEFF says

    They say there’s no fool like an old fool. The fool in this case is Madonna. I guess she wants to feel young so she’s with Jesus Luz. What she doesn’t know or care is that he’s gay 100%. I’ve seen him with his hands and face in men’s pants, and, their hands in his. Also his tongue down their throats. Those that know Madonna are laughing their heads off about her and her so called stud.

  2. sugarrhill says

    Wow, Jeff, you’re assumptions are laughable. Jesus could be bi and Madonna, who’s been around the block enough, could be into that. She’s not marrying the guy. She’s having fun. Jealous much?

  3. KL says

    Yeah, Jeff. Madonna’s not an idiot. She’s not being “duped” into thinking Jesus is straight when he’s really secretly gay, except for tons of PDA that even schmucks like you have witnessed. Please. If you’re going to be a bitch at least make your shit-talking believable.

  4. JEFF says

    Well, Sugarfhill & KL,now you’re telling me what i can or can’t say. I never liked Madonna as a performer. I only told it like it is. If anyone’s a bitch it’s you guys. I don’t tell you what you can or cannot say. You’re free to say what you want and what you feel.

  5. rich says

    When did we as people decide that just because someone can sing or dance or write popular songs that they are also a role model?

    How about we let her sing and dance and write songs and look to friends and neighbors or even fictional characters for role modeling?

    This reminds me of Clinton, everyone wanted him to fix the country AND be a paragon of virtue, big news folks, these people are HUMAN, which means somewhere in their personality is gonna be something you don’t like.

    Just let them do what their good at and not worry about who the sex (or don’t) for once.

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