1. Jack M says

    I hope if any of those PETA people are attacked by a rattlesnake, a wolf, or any other type of predatory or dangerous animal, they just lay there and let themselves be killed. Wouldn’t want to hurt those animals, now!

  2. jimmyboyo says

    Hey, I myself prefer to catch a spider or fly and toss it out my back door………..BUT PETA kills the majority of animals that come into its care. PETA has no ethical ground to stand on

  3. alguien says

    i’m someone who truly believes in the rights of animals and compassionate treatment of them and i also believe that PETA totally demeans the cause. their antics (i call them that because that is what they are) have probably done more to degrade the cause than anything else.

  4. mike says

    I think this proves without a doubt that PETA belongs firmly in the wing-nut camp. Um, would PETA object if the fleas that carry bubonic plague were killed? Would PETA object if the deer ticks that carry Lyme Disease were killed? I imagine that PETA members’ houses are probably havens for every kind of vermin, including themselves.

  5. dm says

    I suppose they would save a mosquito too. I’m not a PETA supporter but I do believe in humanely killing of chickens, etc. I give them credit for trying to change that.

  6. Danny says

    To Esurnir, RE: PETA kills 95% of animals.

    The link you posted ( is PETA’s actions via the Humane Society. In their defense, there’s no way they could keep and care indefinitely for all of the animals they take in (strays, abandoned pets, etc.) Euthanasia is a sad but necessary fact in pet shelters as long as there are so many animals and so few adopters. That’s the practical reality of the situation. That said, I think you’re taking the 95% number out of context.

    However, this fly stuff is totally ridiculous. Mammals, birds, reptiles and fish I’m down with. FLIES, PETA? Way to undermine your causes that are actually important and defensible.

  7. says

    In defense of PETA, this story is WAY over-sensationalized. I personally refrain from killing insects because I believe all sentient beings should be treated with respect. But, to ask PETA what they think about the president killing a fly and then blow a non-committal statement out of proportion is wrong. PETA isn’t “angry” at the president. Furthermore, if they’d (after being questioned about their opinion) said it didn’t matter, they would have uspet Buddhist vegans like myself.

    I’m not saying PETA is perfect. I find fault with them all the time. But the problem here is sensationlist journalists trying to create controversy where it doesn’t exist. Read PETA’s statement (the one they were probed for). It doesn’t denigrate Obama at all. Whatever happened to straightforward reporting? Why must everything be a controversy?

  8. JK says

    Maybe next time you should actually call PETA and ask them questions about these press releases. Instead of, you know, tut-tutting on a comment board. You might leave *more* informed, instead of *more* riled up over misinformation.

    How has 30 years of these press releases not yet made it clear that they’re a PR ploy, and a very successful one at that: PETA has almost 3 million members, the majority of which joined up after going to the website after reading one of these eye-roll inducing letters.

    It’s easy to criticize a funny press release. It’s less easy to criticize the work PETA does with the FDA, USDA, and research labs around the world.

    To the first commenter, who repeated the most commonly propagated gloss of the truth about PETA, feel free to ride with me on any of the cruelty investigations I go on. You’ll understand more about what Americans do to the animals they neglect. Or, for time’s sake, you can just go here:

    To end on a positive note, you should also check out the list of PETA victories before judging:

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “That was a gay fly he killed.”

    No, it wasn’t. It was an albino with rainbow colored wings.

    “Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher, that traps flies for later release outdoors.”

    But it’s easier to kill them in the house.

    shooo….shoooo fly…shooo! Did the President wipe his hands? Straight guys are so triflin’.

  10. says

    “lol peta will do anything to get in the news.”

    Actually, Tim Lara, PETA was asked multiple times to make a statement before they issued a non-committal response. Read the statement. They weren’t seeking attention. This is a clear case of journalists wanting desperately to sensationalize things that shouldn’t be.

  11. RJP3 says

    How sad and pathetic of PETA — the tormented chicken and livestock need some help while they are alive (so we get healthier food) … but they are fascists and silly immature fascists at that with this latest BS.

    Tearing the wings off flies is fun.

    When they are attacked by a swarm of locus or bees I bet the PETA bitches will swat away.

  12. Peter says

    All I can say is, “You have got to be kidding!”

    This is an organization that demeans a horrible murder in Canada. Now they are complaining about a fly? Absolute nonsense.

  13. Will says

    Any time there is a story about Peta, these comments come off like a bunch of homo-bashing freepers getting their rocks off making stupid and predictable jokes, just substitute ACT-Up for Peta.

  14. Steve Simmons says

    I don’t know what’s more ridiculous: the fact that PETA is making this an issue, or that the media is actually giving them publicity. With real issues facing America people, somebody needs to get some perspective.

  15. Redheadguy says

    Why the f%@$ is this news? The man has more important things on his plate: the economy, health care reform, budget deficit, DADT, and foreign policy to name a few. This isn’t the Butterfly Effect. The world didn’t end because the President swatted a fly. Jesus Christ, PETA! Get over yourselves.

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