1. K says

    So what happens if the bill doesn’t get voted on before the session ends? The whole process has to start over from the beginning when the Senate re-convenes in the fall? Is it the same situation with Illinois?

  2. TrogMan says

    The NY legislative session ends June 22. There is no year-end session–unless, I guess, an emergency one is called. (Note that New Jersey does have a lame duck session at year’s end, which is when folks expect marriage to pass in that state.)

    To make the N.Y. situation more dire, 2010 is an election year. So until the makeup of the senate changes, there would likely be no vote until 2011.

  3. Larry says

    Umm, I was there and there were not 2,500 people in that tiny square. 250 is more like it. Did the police confirm this? … Either way, it was nice to see everyone there, but it was like speaking to the initiated. The most interesting speeches were the ones made by straight people who support same-sex marriage.

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