1. says

    This thug was one of the biggest d-bags in FAVOR of DADT back when. It was he who flew from military base to military base, dragging an army of journalists with him, to dig up the most virulently anti-gay enlisted men and officers he could find … just in time for the evening news.

    And now he has suddenly had a change of heart? What a hypocrite.

    And be sure to check out the monkeys flying out of my butt.

  2. ggreen says

    Nunn will forever be remembered as an old prissy southern senator that was afraid of gays. I will never forget the Newsweek photo of him standing next to the seamen’s bunks in a submarine. Nunn saying they were built too close together for gays and straights to be sleeping so close to each other! ESAD Sam.

  3. mike says

    Sam Nunn is the asshole who get his feathers all ruffled because Clinton was going to sign the executive order to allow openly gay men and women to serve in the military without being discharged. Nunn felt “dissed” because Clinton didn’t check with him first (Nunn was the then Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee). You can thank Nunn and Clinton’s lack of balls for DADT. Nunn is a prick.

  4. Michael @ says

    You can’t teach homohating crackers new tricks. He already had a track as a bigot, having fired two Senate staffers because they were gay, claiming they were a security risk. Then Bill Clinton stole his dream of being elected Prez from the South; then denied him his second dream of being Secretary of Defense. So Nunn Nuts doubled his pleasure by screwing over the fags in order to screw over Clinton. See Nunn at his demagogic worst here:


    July 6, 1943 – Jun e 22, 1988
    “When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.”

  5. John says

    Duh! Ya think? It was a stupid policy then and it is stupid and dangerous policy now!

  6. Clay says

    As far as I know Sam Nunn never exhibited the slightest interest in being President.

    We’re missing the significance of this statement. Nunn is a very conservative Southern Democrat with a solid record as a Defense and National Security hawk that nobody can challenge him on, and he had a shitty, shitty, shitty record on gays in the military and in general while in public life.

    Now he states publicly that DADT needs to be reviewed and reconsidered. That is a sign of real, practical progress on that issue, not for him, for US. How is a person moving from the wrong position toward the right position automatically a hypocrite? He’s not running for anything.

    Once in a while take a break from bitching and note briefly when things are moving in our favor.

  7. Greg says

    Bullshit. This bigot led the charge against gay and lesbian servicemembers in the military. It was sheer bigotry that motivated him, and he can’t now act like he was doing the “best” that could be done at the time.

    Is he still at King and Spalding law firm in Atlanta? They should be ashamed to have him as a colleague.