1. taodon says

    Yeah, gay bashing is okay as long as it isn’t on tape. I’m glad they got this guy on video. I’m sick and tired of phobes saying violence against gays doesn’t happen.

  2. Grego says

    “the suspect”? Is that thug in the witness protection program? Unless i missed it, why haven’t you or the San Diego Union named the @#$%^ who was arrested for this hate crime?

  3. Disgusted American says

    from what it looks like he was a young black/hispanic thug….who has NO clue what its like to have thier rights trampled on….disgusting!

  4. Surprised says

    I agree DA, the man’s ethnicity always counts. Boo blatinos! Down with your wicked homophobia.

    Keyword: Bell Curve.


  5. alguien says

    my old home town! gotta love san diego-our own little piece of the old south right here in california.

  6. elg says

    When will gay men learn how to fight back? Not trying to blame the victim, but why is a beefy looking gay guy allowing himself to get beat up by an unarmed skinny homophobe?

  7. Alex says

    He was hardly beaten up, just knocked around a bit. The guy didn’t even get the flag out of his hands. And while I’d whole heartedly endorse fighting back (and sending the phobes to the ICU, if you can) in an alley late at night, during a demonstration fighting back can easily be misreported as “rioting” or “street battles” which is what often happens at some anti-globalization protests when a handful of those unconnected to the organizers get all the press. This guy did the right thing, blocking the hits he could and holding on to the flag.

  8. facts are facts says

    as usual – comment on towleroad – lathered up in self-hate

    non-violent protest – which is what a gay pride event is for the clueless – means just that non-violent

    if attacked take your lumps dont fight back

  9. Jim says

    clueless or no, we’ve taken way too many “lumps.” i think it’s time we fight back, whenever, wherever, however we can. nobody has ever gotten their proper rights until they stood up and fought for them. and no, i am definitely not blaming the victim here. i’m just sick of phobes getting by w/this shit. all you boys who love to go to the gym so damn much — use those muscles to take up for yourselves. bullies must be stopped.

  10. facts are facts says

    Jim — actually the civil rights movement was non-violent and I think there may have been much progress there.

    I believe the Gay Pride movement has been non-violent for every gain past Stonewall.

    I also believe the Woman’s Rights Movement was non-violent.

    When the first gay person throws a punch or shoots a gun we have lost the moral high ground.

    There are laws against assualt. The guy assaulted here could have and should have call the cops …. I would have been all for his friends holding the guy down until he could have been arrested….

  11. Jim says

    fair enough, FAF. i’m just sick and tired of seeing us attacked, injured, victimized over the years.

    to paraphrase woody allen, when you’re dealing with nazis/fascists, an op-ed piece in the times just isn’t sufficient.

  12. Mr. E says

    FAF, please spare us your ‘moral high ground’ sermon. There’s no such thing as a 100% non-violent movement. The black movement had it and we have had it. Back in the 90’s there were a group of queers that would “bash back” and leave a spray painted note where it happened. There is no way you, or anyone else, can control a community as diverse as ours.
    And seriously, you’re suggesting that if we’re getting beat up to not fight back in self defense? We are NOT pussy’s! And I will help defend anyone else who is being beat up. The reality of this world is not all patchouli, peace, love and harmony.
    What disgusts me most is that NO ONE came to this guys aid. They just stood around watching as someone gets fag bashed.

  13. hadassah weinreb says

    Deharte shud’a been pack’n heat. It’s now the only way.
    Yes I agree, NoBama !!

  14. Seriously says

    Facts are Facts is the very definition of the emasculated weak gay man.

    Thank god I’m not you.

    Fight back!

  15. Wheezy says

    Fuck the “moral high ground”. Everyone has a right to defend themselves….and to do it with as much force as necessary. In this case, I think DeHarte decided he wasn’t going to let anyone take his flag from him which hampered his ability to fight back. If he’d let go of the flag, he could have probably gotten a couple of good shots in.

  16. gwyneth cornrow says

    Hello, girl, you have a huge flagpole in your hand. It’s not just a baton. You should have beat his ass with that stick.

  17. Jay says

    Yeah sure, fight back with the stick and then that thug pulls a knife out and stabs you in the neck. Never! – fight back. I live in London and too often I read about some poor victim who fought back and was murdered. Is fighting back worth your life? I don’t think so.

  18. Aaron says

    Ah, man, the comments on this site regarding the use of violence make me pause about whether the “gay community” deserves any rights at all, as a “community.”

    The message of that man holding onto his flag is way more powerful than a couple of punches to his assailant’s face ever would have been.

  19. says

    It does, however, illustrate the point that the LGBT community are peacefully fighting their rights while their opponents are violently trying to prevent them from acquiring those rights.

    Every incident is a microcosm of the larger society. One hung Black man swinging from a tree would ignite violent riots all over Black America.

    How many dead Lesbians/Gays/Trans have ignited the same in the Gay community? Or, better still, when was the last time pacifism worked to achieve civil rights in this country? Dr. King’s movement was a peaceful one, but it cannot be divorced from the concurrent violence that helped it along ON BOTH sides. Mahatma Ghandi led a peaceful opposition to British rule in India. But one lone, small man starving himself to death would have done nothing to wrest the jewel from the Victorian Crown.

    When the prize is worth it and all avenues have been closed, you should never be afraid to stand up and fight for your rights.

  20. grego says

    OMG, comments that suggest we should take physical abuse are just misguided. Think for a minute.. What if Rose Parks was assulted by the Barney who arrested her, would her self defense have minimized her actions? Of course not.

    Maybe rainbow flagpoles need to come with sharp points on the ends