1. jimmyboyo says

    american xtianistas america’s own home grown terrorists

    They laid low during “jeebus my fave philosopher” shrub jr but are popping back up with the loss of political power

    Sadly, expect more and worse.

  2. adamblast says

    Billo did everything but pull the trigger himself.

    I hope he gets the media shame he deserves for this.

    In fact, it’s all I can to *keep* from hoping some kook takes *him* out. Of course, I don’t. I wish for a civil society where scapegoating-for-ratings and scapegoating-for-votes don’t provoke the unstable into murder.

    Where’s our next Harvey Milk? people ask. Here’s my question– if the US isn’t safe for Dr. Tiller, is it *safe* for an effective and charismatic gay rights leader?

  3. Ted B. (Changing Rhino) says

    If Dr. Tiller’s assassin were a man, he’d have calmly waited and presented himself to the police, and taken responsibility with a full confession. That he assaulted two other parishioners then fled, only to plead “innocence” when captured tells me all I need to know; “spineless coward”.

    Perhaps it’s time to return to a speedy juried-trial before his peers, assembled from the local populace, and a tree-limb and a stout rope.

  4. gwyneth cornrow says

    Truly horrendous. Bill O’Reilly may not have pulled the trigger but he certainly bears responsibility for Dr. Tiller’s murder. I hope true justice can be served in this case.

  5. Ralph says

    Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism — on the rise and it will continue as long as the GOP is in bed with this manufactured HATE for votes.

    This is TWO – TWO! – Christian Fundamentalist Terrorist attacks – MURDERS -in churches in the last 12 !!!

    Remember when we were shocked by Fundamentalist Terrorist attacks in Iraq ???

    Remember how unbelievable it seems that in the name of religion people would murder others while they worshiped ???

    Welcome to the new FAR RIGHT Fascist America. Murder and Terrorist all in Jesus’ name.

  6. Anti-RWA says

    Scott Roeder, the Right-Wing Authoritarian (RWA) follower who murdered Dr. Tiller, is an example of what happens when the hallmarks of RWA followers reach a critical mass state: intense internalized fear combines with a very high degree of self-righteousness to produce extreme aggression against whomever and whatever threatens the follower’s leader or ideology (ironically, “pro-life”).

    Roeder’s psychological disorder is defined by the following: illogical thinking, a highly compartmentalized mind, double standards, hypocrisy, blindness to himself, a profound ethnocentrism, and dogmatism.

    I doubt that Roeder will turn out to be a Social Dominator or a Double High because people with those disorders rely on the RWA followers like Roeder to do the dirty work. The Social Dominators and Double Highs are the “pro-life” extremist leaders, including members of the clergy, hate radio commentators and right-wingnut TV pundits who keep the hateful anti-choice rhetoric ramped high. Gullible suckers like Roeder take the bait.

    (the terms “RWA” and “SD” and “DH” come from a study by Dr. Bob Altemeyer)

  7. CK says

    The far-right in America should be classified as a terrorist group. They are just as ruthless as Al Qaeda… religious fundamentalism gone crazy. Not content to live and let live, they want you to be what they say, and do what they tell you, or they will kill you. Nice one, my fellow-Americans, see what we have grown at home? THIS is what happens when we let wing-nuts gain power by pandering to them politically!

  8. Contrarian says

    @jimmyboyo: Dr, Tiller was murdered, and 2 parishoners assaulted, in a Lutheran (Christian) church. Please don’t paint with such a broad brush against all persons of faith. There are many Christians, particularly in mainline churches who are LGBT activists/friends of the community. Don’t alienate friends to advance an atheist agenda. The suspect is Christian only in his own mind. I for one refuse to let a right-wing fundamentalist fringe hijack the term “Christian”.

  9. Wheezy says

    These right-wing, nut fucks need to keep their damn laws off our genitals. They want to tell *all* of us what to do with *our* private parts. They need to mind their own damn business and stay out of other people’s pants.

  10. sanctimony says

    “why have an abortion when you can put it up for adoption”

    do you realize how broken the adoption system is? more children are going in that coming out, and they’re staying there until adulthood.
    not to mention the physical strain of carrying a child to term. an ignorant comment like that could only come from a man or a woman who’s never even BEEN PREGNANT. i certainly wouldn’t want some parasite in my body for 9 months just to shit it out into a worse life than it would have had if i’d raised it(bearing in mind i have no patience for children).

    “abortion is murder”

    no, nonono. it’s not murder. a fetus – a zygote – is no child. it’s a clump of parasitic cells unable to survive outside of the womb. i don’t know any abortion doctor who will abort & KILL a fetus once it can survive outside of the womb, unless it is horrifically deformed or a danger to the mother. idk about you but i’d be grateful if someone killed me, if my tailbone was fused to the back of my skull. if that’s a life, i’d sooner be dead.

    anyway, what about financial issues? what if the mother isn’t insured and can’t get prenatal care that every pregnant woman needs and deserves? she can’t buy her kid food, clothes… she might even lose her job. OH OH WHATS THAT yes women can pick their career too! over some potential child they don’t even want. but god forbid women exist to be anything but breeding machines.

    what in the case of rape and incest, eh, pro-lifers? you think a woman should be forced to keep the product of a disgusting, repulsive, traumatic and damaging experience on the premise that “it’s not the “baby’s” fault!”. you’re right – it’s not the fetus’ fault it was conceived. but god have mercy on anyone who would try and force me to keep the bastard. who wants to carry that sick reminder of 1 horrific day for 9 months? what if the girl has a boyfriend/husband and they were planning on having a WANTED, LOVED baby together? instead, he has to hold her hand as she shits out a baby both of them hate thats NOT EVEN HIS? oh boy, that’s a double standard if ever i did see one.

    FACT: women who carry their children to term are 50-100% more prone to psychological disorders, pre and post-natal depression and other damaging illnesses than women who have had abortions.

    when you take away the FACTS that are:
    *fetus =/= baby
    *god =/= not real and
    *abortion =/= murder
    pro-lifers don’t have a leg to stand on. seriously, stop trying to tell women what to do with their bodies.

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