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'Total Eclipse of the Heart', The Literal Version


A new look at Bonnie Tyler's 1983 classic, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via dlisted)

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  1. This video is hilarious! I saw it a couple of days ago and realized that there are apparently quite a few of these literal videos out there...though I never heard of them before. The Separate Worlds by Journey one was pretty funny too, but this was the funniest one that I've seen.

    Posted by: paul c | Jun 1, 2009 8:10:02 PM

  2. The original video was directed by Russell Mulcahy, who went on to direct tons of music videos, including several for Elton John. He also directed several well known films, and the pilot episode for the US version of Queer as Folk (and a few other episodes).

    Posted by: Mike | Jun 1, 2009 8:58:25 PM

  3. "What the effing crap!"


    Posted by: Marc C | Jun 1, 2009 9:51:27 PM

  4. I saw this a few days ago too and I thought that if any blog I read (a few of them) was to do a post on this video, that it would be this one. I think its very funny!

    Posted by: DanM | Jun 1, 2009 10:19:15 PM

  5. thats was freak'n hilarious, I peed my panties...LoL

    Posted by: X man | Jun 1, 2009 10:19:20 PM

  6. I almost died of an embolism I laughed so hard...

    Posted by: Jesry Po | Jun 1, 2009 11:02:23 PM

  7. LOL

    I must have been the gayest kind in the universe then

    This was the first music video I ever saw and knew from the subsequent wet dreams inspired by it that something was different about me.


    Yeah the video is cheesy looking at it now but the song is till one of my all time favorites

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Jun 1, 2009 11:21:42 PM

  8. Great, I just added it to my list of covers of the song in various languages. Thanks!

    Posted by: Total Eclipse of the World | Jun 1, 2009 11:44:53 PM

  9. What's sad is -- I saw this on MTV at a party the night it premiered, and we HOWLED at how gay it was, even then. Just as friends of ours had begun to catch that weird gay pneumonia and dying from it. I think it was the last party I thoroughly and completely enjoyed.

    Posted by: Kyle Sullivan | Jun 2, 2009 12:04:19 AM

  10. You can tell by my staring it's a long time since I've been with a man.

    ROFLMAO every time I watch this!

    Posted by: Marc C | Jun 2, 2009 12:34:00 AM

  11. high-larious. so well done, even though it almost seems like sacrilege. i'm with JIMMYBOYO. way back when, it was cool. over the top? oh, yes!

    Posted by: nic | Jun 2, 2009 8:08:12 AM

  12. This was great. I laughed out loud several times.

    Posted by: Tom@NWOH | Jun 2, 2009 9:27:13 AM

  13. There are a bunch of theses "literal videos" on YouTube but this is by far the best one. And the occasional beefcake just makes it better.

    Posted by: seattle mike | Jun 2, 2009 11:50:49 AM

  14. I make doo doo in pants when watch the most funny video. LOLMAO!


    Posted by: Josef S | Jun 9, 2009 12:19:42 AM

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