1. mike says

    The walkways are too narrow and people were walking at a snails pace as there was only enough room for a single line in each direction. What made it worse were the strollers. NY has a lot of great parks… this isn’t one of them.

  2. Brandon says

    So much concrete. Why can’t nature ever be left to just do its thing?. Why can’t people just enjoy the beauty of what happens naturally? There’s this need to constantly control, tame, homogenize what the natural world is doing, that ruins things. We dont always have to attempt to improve upon everything w/ our man-made perspective of the world. It seemed to me like Mother Nature was doing a nice job of reclaiming this area and then some developer had to come in and fuck it up.

  3. says

    I know all my New York friends are impressed by this, but I’d bet that the great majority of the US couldn’t care less about it. Anyone holding this project up as a great urban park or urban renewal needs to get their head out of NYC and realize that many other cities have them beat for green projects. (Check out the greenways of Minneapolis-St Paul, for example.)

    I’m not trying to be be mean. I guess I’m just over reading story after story on various blogs about how great the High Line is. (And I also apologize for ending that last sentence with a preposition.)

  4. paul c says

    Sorry, but one of the most depressing things about New York and Chicago is the elevated train tracks over your head. I don’t care how “pretty” you make the top, it’s still urban blight from the ground. Awful. They should have torn that shit out and sold the scrap metal to balance the budget.

  5. Crash says

    Also as an added to Alex’s post, from what I heard on the news a few nights back is that once it is completed, the Target Centers “Green Roof” may be one of the largest roof top gardens to date.

  6. says

    As a boy growing up in NY, I was fascinated with the highline. How cool to have a train weaving in and out of buildings! Now it’s a cool park that retains parts of the rails and “native” vegetation.

    I can’t WAIT to get back for a visit and stroll along the park, enjoying Manhattan from a new perspective.

    To all the naysayers: piss off and make your own park.

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