1. Name: says

    Obama is a fierce advocate for terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay but not for gays being murdered by Muslim and Arab governments throughout the world. I was glad to see him apologizing for mistreating terrorists that killed Americans but nothing about the murders of gays. Nice!

  2. doro says

    rachel maddow can blast obama and the next minute she is full of praise for him in other issues other than the gay rights. It’s always intresting to watch her hate and love obama all within one hour of her show. I guess for most of its a mixture of emotional feelings when it comes to this president. I had the same same feeling during clintons time.

  3. carolyne says

    @doro. Rachel has to balance her coverage of obama. if she was to blast him all day then there will not be any difference between her and Hannity, will there? I sadly think that obama is not feeling the heat from our community because he has been blasted on a daily basis by right wingers since forever, AND i think he has developed a really “thick skin” so to speak, or become immune to being blasted. Maybe he says to himself i will fight to repeal this law when i’m good and ready and not when choi, rachel or cooper says so. The sad part is that i think he will repeal it, but the annoying part is that he isn’t in a hurry. thats just how I see it.

  4. Cj says

    Marc C: Amen. We bitch about Obama but what have any of us done to help our civil rights cause? Oh, we go to Gay Disney and down drugs while hooking up with strangers, or cruise Manhunt while the gay bars and restaurants and book stores that have been through the civil rights movement for decades close their doors. Just this week NY Times did an articles about cities such as Boston having less and less gay bars and restaurants to patron, and most of those interviewed said it was because of Manhunt and other online hook sites. We do ourselves a disfavor when we act like children.

  5. WTF says

    The fuck are you talking about Ehrenstein? Seriously?! WTF are you talking about? Ugh. People like you really need to put your feet on the earth and get your head out the clouds. Or out your asses.

    Ever since the healthcare debate started, I’ve realized that for the time being, I couldn’t give less of a shit about marriage or DADT right now. I am HIV positive and healthcare bills are through the fucking roof. I’m also single, never been in a serious relationship and I don’t have any plans to join the military to galvanize around the world plundering for corporations.

    I want to live.

    Pick your battles I guess.

  6. Henry V says

    CJ – I totally agree.

    Some of us fall into the very stereotypes that the religious right try to pin on us. There is more to the gay community than drugs and booze and hooking up. We have been a reactive community for far too long. We shouldn’t wait for the President to give us anything. Yes – his “fierce advocacy” has been anemic at best. And that has been disappointing to me personally because in many other ways, there is much to admire in him. But we have to learn to pick ourselves up and not wait for some magic pill or magic bathroom stall to solve all our problems. Shame is still very prevalent in our community. It’s just about sorting it out and defeating it.

  7. Tony in West Hollywood says

    CJ, playing in to stereotypes also does a great disfavor to the community. Yes, a lot of gay guys go to parties and meet online. I have not always lived in West Hollywood. There are people in places who otherwise feel isolated within straight culture.

    We can do both, have a gay culture that includes aknowleding our sexuality, and work to acheive our equal protection under the law.

  8. Brandon says

    same bitching daily. Obama this , obama that. we are putting all our hopes on this one guy thats why we are disappointed when he is not putting us on top of his priority list. have we forgotten how clinton screwed us over? one politician cant hand us our rights, we need to be pushing our local representatives to do their job. BTW i cant tell if rachel loves or hates obama or both. one minute obama is bad and the next sentence she says obama is the best thing that has happened to the world. its like a love / hate thing. woooo!

  9. says

    Maddow is telling it like it is: Obama is great on some things, and not so great on others. People are human. Duh.

    Each and every commenter here should regularly be bringing our issues to the fore with the mainstream with one or more of the following:

    Attend rallies, start rallies! (10/11 in DC)
    Write letters and comments to the mainstream
    media (local and national)
    Lobby your state and federal legislators
    Donate money to the folks doing other work
    Make a movie about an issue and post it on YouTube
    Engage in (non-violent) civil disobedience in a way
    that at least gets on your local news (be ready
    to be arrested)
    Encourage your friends to do these same things

    Get your message and your community noticed—that’s what makes change.

  10. doro says

    I totally have mixed emotions for obama. i hate that he has put us LGBT people at the back of the bus but at the same time i love what he is doing as far as fighting for health care and education. i graduated from public high school 4 years ago and i know how screwed up the education system is. my school was shit even though i struggled and made it to UNI.

  11. Ray says

    It’s one hundred and thirty days guys! He hasn’t closed Guantanamo yet. He hasn’t created universal healthcare yet. He hasn’t ended the war in Iraq yet. Are we really this self absorbed?

  12. el polacko says

    we’ve been in a political struggle for decades, we’ve been vilified and beaten and murdered, we’ve weathered the horrors of the aids epidemic, we’ve been legislated against and told by the courts that we are third-class citizens, and yet we have obama apologists telling us to be nice and wait..and wait.. for our equality because it’s more important that a prison in cuba be closed. how depressing !

  13. Kevin says

    drugs, hooking up, being generally vapid: all things only gay people do. Therefore, if gays want equal rights under the law, they all need to be more morally similar to what straight people all are. (or would like to believe they all are)

    Because the only reason we don’t have marriage rights, or can’t serve openly in the military, is because of some bad habits that we need to clean up.

    To all the “moral” gays on their high horses who “deserve” equal rights because of how “normal” they are—why don’t you get real morals and stop fucking other dudes. That’ll get you accepted quicker than anything.

  14. jjasonham says

    @Marc, CJ, and Henry

    BINGO. This is what I’ve been saying all along. Yes I want DADT, etc repealed. Yes, I want Obama to do it. No, I don’t expect him do do anything and everything for us…right this moment. Yes, that frustrates me. Yes, I still say he is the best “Fierce Advocate” for the people right now.

  15. jjasonham says

    @el polacko

    I am 100% sure not one “Obama apologist” has told you to sit and “wait” for your rights. Read the comments again. Don’t sit screaming for Obama to give them to you when he’s not the omnipotent within the government. And don’t cry when gays are not the first priority on day 131 of his freakin’ first term.

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