1. Paul Weidig says

    This is disgusting. We will now be treated to the spectacle of a sucker punch directed at Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach who will be attending this “celebration,” hosted by his boss, who will offer him no protection from DADT and instead tell him “you’re fired.”

  2. clint says

    This is a disgrace….
    To Haveyouwritten:
    Andy doesn’t write about gay WRITES….Tool. We do need action! Send a message to the Dems in ‘power’ that we will not stand for this and will send Republican to replace them if they can’t produce.

  3. Oscar in Miami Beach says

    Gays that believe Obama is going to do something for us are fooling themselves.Like 99.5% of americans blacks Obama is anti-gay to the core.His upbringing is against believing that gays are worthy of equal rights.He will do just as much as necessary not to look totally anti-gay and that’s all.He needed our votes and courted us with fork-tongue.Just as the saying goes:”Promise her the everything but give her (the shaft)”.Next election he’ll repeat all the promises again and gays will vote for him,again.Fools,fool,fools.

  4. HaveYouWritten says

    Give me a break Clint, you republican plant. No doubt you’re praying for republicans to storm into power so they can knock gay rights out the books.

  5. adamblast says

    @Paul– You’re right.

    Is Obama really going to have the balls to look Victor F in the eyes, tell him he admires the man’s service, and then let him get fired because he’s planning on taking this up a year or two down the line?

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