1. Mike in the Tundra says

    I understand how he feels, but he’s so hot looking. Definitely my type. I love seeing pictures of him, especially when he’s being buggered by a steak.

  2. CKNJ says

    The Paparazzi are just out of control. Sure, do your job, but be civil and unconfrontational about it… the lvel of intrusiveness is just indefensible….

  3. Harrison says

    I’ve read on various places on the Internet (who can you trust nowadays??) that this is all a joke, and that the steak and butcher are two of his friends. Just saying.

  4. j says

    Andy, I love your blog, but whether this was real or a joke, your posting it encourages this kind of behaviour. We can complain about the Paparazzi all we want, but nothing will change if we keep watching it.

  5. JayDub says

    This is hysterical! I loved it. The dog took off at the smell of another dog. The Pap had nothing to do with it.

    Dude can’t even walk a pint-sized dog – too funny! Thanks for the laugh Andy – keep posting.

  6. KJ says

    And Jaydub proves the point made by others. I’m sure glad no one was filming when I fell over my German Shepherd while out jogging and broke my finger. Why would I take pleasure at seeing someone else’s unpleasant experience? Zachary’s a star, let’s treat him like crap! (I say this, of course, as one who enjoys seeing Zachary, but prefer that that be when Zachary wishes to be seen. It’s called “respect.”).

  7. nic says

    i think he’s adorable. he looked a little gay walking his dog, though. hehe.

    come on guys. if you were walking a dog with a man-sized t-bone and a bloody butcher in tow, don’t you think you would attract attention?

  8. Kelly L says

    If you are walking with a giant steak, a bloody butcher and a big dog – People WILL STARE. If you a famous and tired of “Paparazzi” – don’t walk your dog with a giant steak and a bloody butcher, dumbass. I will leave the disclaimer that I still think you’re hot.

  9. BrooklynBrimstone says

    Andy, please please please remove these pap vids from your blog! I beg you!
    You’re only giving the jerk who filmed these humiliating videos exactly what he wants.

  10. Nicole says

    Guys, it’s obviously a statement that he’s making — that he’s NOT a piece of meat. And he proves his point when, after he gets back up from his fall (without the aid of the douchecanoe with the camera) and asks, “happy now? is that what you wanted?”

    I think it’s brilliant social commentary!

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