1. paul c says

    That’s sad…really sad, but it’s possible that the whale was already dead and floating when the ship snagged it.

    Just think, if the fat hogs on the ship had known it was there, they would have likely tried to hoist it on board and slap it onto their pig trough, err buffet. Cruises are gross.

  2. paul c says

    Derek, you make a very valid point. My ass is gross, so I have rethought my original comment and concluded that cruises are fantastic! They are the ideal vacation for intelligent and thoughtful people who love art, history and culture. They are not full of obese white trash who have no interests outside of perpetual eating binges. My bad.

  3. Derek says

    Well Paul some people, like my grandparents, are monied, cultured, well traveled and enjoy what cruising offers them now in their advanced age. I can guarantee they could buy and sell your pretentious ass without a blip in their net worth.

    So again how about you shut the fuck up and stop the elitist, smarmy, generalizations about who you perceive cruisers to be. You actually have no clue as to who you are bashing…

    Also you prove how little you actually know on the subject since you reduce cruises to eating binges which very few cruises now offer.

  4. paul c says

    Derek, I agreed with you and still you attack me. I don’t know what else to say except that it’s great to hear that “very few cruises now offer eating binges”. They were probably losing too much money, huh?

    It’s also great to hear that your meemaw and peepaw are “monied” and could slave trade me without a “blip in their net worth”. It was really “pretentious” of me to think otherwise.

    Sorry I “reduced cruises” and “bashed cruisers”. My bad. Again.

  5. Derek says

    You can show how “sorry” you are Paul by finally “shutting the fuck up.” These threads could use one less sarcastically smug, douche nozzle like yourself.

    Sound like a deal?

  6. James Anthony says

    Derek, Go fuck yourself. Cruises are for trash. Anyone okay with having their feces dumped into the ocean, UNTREATED, is fucking trash. trash derek….trash…

    “Douche nozzle”? really Derek, maybe you should put down your laptop and let your grandpa finish gumming you (and $$ you). You’ll write more thoughtful and considerate entries.

  7. Derek says

    James Tony please see my last comment to Paul C. since it clearly applies to you also.

    And would your colorful post be considered the “thoughtful and considerate” type you so passionately speak of?

    Trash is as trash does James Tony, own it.

  8. Rudy says

    Paul C. and Tony A. you both sound like two typically affected, faggy, A-holes. Perhaps a date is in order between you, maybe bumping pussies for awhile will help to make you a tad less cunty.

    I mean I’m just saying…

  9. Derek says

    James Tony so then by your own argument anyone on a Naval ship is trash as well since the Navy does the same thing as cruise ships once did.

    And MANY cruise lines have elected to stop ocean dumping of ALL wastes and now have onboard and dockside recycling and water treatment facilities.

    Just trying to help you to become a bit more informed on what you speak of.

    Now you two go bump pussies and shut the fuck up – LOL – too damn funny.

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