1. paul c says

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for people who went into “enemy” territory to provoke other people and then found themselves targeted? Or are we supposed to be surprised that people in a rural state are not the most gay-positive citizens of planet Earth?

    And all the people said in response was “look here it’s a couple of gay guys”? No “fags” or even “queers”? Seriously?

    It was also kind of Phelps-clannish of the people who went to protest someone who is already leaving their job. Apparently it was basically just to say “We hate you”…and to provoke the lumberjacks or whoever else was at this thing.

    The whole thing is such a non-event, from Palin’s train-wrecky “career move” to the starved-for-drama protesters who came up short on the excitement they were looking for.

  2. Terry says

    I would have given them the correct respone back: “I’m only here to screw her whore daughter in the ass you knuckledragging moron.” Or, possibly, “I missed seeing the weak and stupid viet nam deserter and Saudi cum guzzler when I had the chance, so this ignorant twat and her family are the closest things to pure failure I’ll even get to meet!”…
    Ah, the list goes on.

  3. EM says

    Paul C, so it’s ok for two Texan bikers to go all the way up there and sing and dance but not okay for ALASKAN gay or otherwise people who live and pay taxes there to have a say about their OWN political jurisdiction?

    God she’s a fucking awful woman, and anyone who supports or condones her needs a lobotomy quite frankly. I’d trek halfway around the world just to protest her too if I had the fucking money! Get off the high horse, Paul! Those guys have every right to be there so fuck you! Her goddamn gratey voice is bad enough! It’s enough to shatter glass at 50 paces.

  4. paul c says

    @Em, any American who wanted to go to Palin’s party or to any other circus sideshow or Maury Povich show taping has the right to do so. I never disputed that.

    Just don’t go whacking at a hornet’s nest and then expect me to cry for you when you get stung. Or in this case, when you get chased but not stung as the “gay fellas” were apparently hoping for.

    Also, Em, that’s some impressive rage and hatred you’re proudly displaying over there. They have therapy for that, you know.

  5. paul c says

    One would assume that someone with the name Ehrenstein would have more sense and decency than to wish death by gassing upon others, but apparently fascists come in all forms.

    Tralfaz, I don’t see how you equate snarky gays holding up posterboard signs designed to incite hostility just for the hell of it with Stonewall. Was Stonewall about trying to get on television and have a few shits and giggles? I didn’t realize that.

  6. says

    @ PAUL C: Your write: “It was also kind of Phelps-clannish of the people who went to protest someone who is already leaving their job.” Oh, so Palin is a victim like Matthew Shepard? or an Iraq-war casualty? Like she didn’t want attention?

  7. paul c says

    @David R, of course it was NOWHERE on the level of what the Phelps clan does, but it was pretty unnecessary to show up to a non-event like her retirement fiesta, or whatever that was supposed to be, just to hold up snarky signs essentially designed to say “we hate you”.

    That accomplishes nothing for gay rights, and I as I said before, it’s just for the “protesters” to have shits and giggles. They were looking for drama and attention, and still could barely scrape any up.

    I’m kind of excited if the harshest thing they got back was what was reported. Can you imagine what would have been said or done a few years ago? Even without provocation.

  8. Derek says

    Paul C. I am sure glad to know I’m not the only one that thinks you’re a total douche bag.