Man Protests Own Art Exhibit for Exclusion of Gay-Themed Work


John Paul Blanchette, a Massachusetts artist protested his own art exhibit after a Barnes & Noble in Framingham decided to exclude one of his paintings because it is gay-themed.

Said Blanchette: "It's so ridiculous that when I met with (the manager) it took a minute
before I was like, 'Oh, she's actually serious. There are romance book covers in there that are more offensive."


  1. d says

    Andy, just so you know, the artist “lives” in Holliston. I think his last name is Blanchette

  2. Krysan says

    Isn’t the art world supposed to be more open-minded about this stuff? Something smells fishy.
    Maybe the manager didn’t like the painting. I mean, it isn’t as if he was selling gay-themed books to a Christian Club.

  3. says

    as an artist, i can’t envision the case where i wouldn’t know exactly which pieces were to be in a show. If Barnes & Noble approached me, i wouldn’t give them 10 paintings and say “pick 9″ or “pick 5.” i wouldn’t give them the choice in other words, to turn one down. if they told me they had room for 6 pieces, i would bring 6 pieces. If they took one of mine down after i had hung it, editing the show as it were, i would pull the rest out immediately-all or nothing. if you really believe in your art, you don’t allow yourself to be used or abused. but we don’t know the particular circumstances of this exhibit, ttytt. but no exhibit is worth your integrity.

  4. TikiHead says

    Simple solution: get the art printed on shirts, and have your friends all wear it when they visit.