Fellow Sailor Charged with Murder of Gay Seaman August Provost

Navy officials have named the fellow sailor charged with the June 30 murder of gay seaman August Provost at Camp Pendleton, and charged him with additional crimes, the North County Times reports:

Provost "Navy Petty Officer Jonathan Campos, a 32-year-old gas system
technician, has been charged with murder, arson, unlawful entry,
unlawful possession of a firearm and a host of other charges in
connection with last month's fatal shooting of a seaman at Camp
Pendelton…Campos, of Lancaster, is being held at the brig at Miramar Marine Corps
Air Station and is cooperating with investigators, who reiterated that
there is no indication the killing of August Provost III on June 30 was
a hate crime. Provost was gay. 'An investigative hearing will be
held in the coming weeks,' the Navy said. 'During the hearing, a
military investigating officer will hear evidence to evaluate the
charges and evidence.' Officials repeatedly have rejected
assertions that Provost was killed because he was gay, as some members
of his family have suggested."

Provost's sister told the Dallas Voice last week that she had information suggesting that Campos killed Provost for fear of being outed. Provost was buried two weeks ago and a vigil held near Camp Pendleton in his honor. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has called for a Congressional inquiry.


  1. pangelboy says

    From the evidence and his sister’s speculation it seems as if he WAS killed because of his sexual orientation. This gas system technician is charged with every crime in the book in his killing of Provost, what was exactly his motive? Why would anyone go through such extreme attempts in murdering an “out” gay seamen? Hmmm

    I think it’s obvious he was killed because of his sexuality, but the Navy doesn’t want to admit it for fear of being responsible for the harassment and eventual death of someone who they are supposed to protect. If DADT wasn’t in affect and Provost could have been open about who he was he would’ve been able to go to his superiors about being harassed, instead he hid the harassment in fear of being discharged and it led to his death.

  2. adamblast says

    If the military thinks Provost’s orientation and their policy towards gays are irrelevant here, they’ve got another thing coming.

    DADT is a policy that rewards–in fact, demands–secrets and lies from those who serve. It promotes dishonor, enables blackmail, and gives rise to both panic crimes and premeditated crimes. It has to stop.

  3. DR says

    Interesting motive coming from the family. If true, explains why it’s not being considered a hate crime. I feel bad for both men’s families now; TWO more lives and two more families ruined because of an outdated and discriminatory policy.

  4. capt191 says

    We are one of the few that have DADT for unknown reasons. Those that do presently, and in the past,have served this country not able to come out, have lived double lives, and there is always some homophobe that would most likely wimp out when shit hits the fan. Give him life in gen pop and see how long he makes it. Give him life for the crime he commited, I.E. took the life of a fellow soldier.

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