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News: Rupert Everett, Soldier, Chimp AIDS, Michael Jackson

RoadMichael Jackson's prosthetic nose missing at morgue...

Blackhold RoadScientists find monster black hole at center of galaxy: "The picture shows a fiery ring around the black hole which is packed with brightly-burning newborn stars."

RoadRupert Everett loses job over his nasty mouth.

RoadStraw poll of gay leaders wants Prop 8 overturn on ballot in 2010. Donors, political consultants caution...

Road17 percent of gay men in Chicago are HIV-positive, half don't know it: "Health officials also say although black men who have sex with other men have double the HIV infection rates of white and Hispanic men. Public Health Department assistant commissioner Christopher Brown says it isn't known why black men are disproportionately affected by HIV. He said the health department is working with social service groups to expand testing and increase contact with the city's gay and bisexual population."

RoadCircumstantial homosexuality in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes?

Soldier RoadBritish Army magazine Soldier puts openly gay servicemember on cover for the first time: "British servicemen and women now march at Gay Pride in uniform, all three services have become Stonewall diversity champions and a few months ago the head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt made history when he became the first army chief to address a Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender conference. 'Respect for others is not an optional extra,' he said."

RoadBroadway performer Nick Adams denied entrance to Turtle Bay bar on the east side of Manhattan because he's gay.

RoadPetition asking Mormon Church to reconsider its anti-gay positions grows...

RoadProject Runway designer Jack Mackenroth medals at the 2009 Outgames in Copenhagen.

RoadDrag queen bingo wars in Seattle.

RoadRep. Jared Polis appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy's supervisory board raises eyebrows: "Polis opposes the military's ban on gay and lesbian servicemembers and has twice proposed, then withdrawn, amendments to undo 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policies. Polis' appointment, made by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has veterans on both sides of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' debate wondering if it's a signal change is coming. 'We're all reading the tea leaves here,' said Tricia Heller, a Class of '87 Air Force Academy graduate who flew C-9 jets for the Air Force before the leaving the service four years ago and coming out."

RoadJake Gyllenhaal: New Prince of Persia stills.

ChimpaidsRoadScientists: Chimpanzees with AIDS-like disease inspire hope for vaccine .

RoadInner Light: Gay pastor offers Black gays and lesbians a spiritual sanctuary in Washington D.C.

RoadMichael Keaton to be the voice of Ken doll.

RoadEl Paso City Council passes anti-discrimination resolution as a result of Chico's Tacos kiss incident.

RoadMale model fix: Ambrose Olsen.

RoadTrue Blood cast visits Comic-Con.

RoadiPhone App developer claims Apple double standard for approving gay iPhone apps: "Terry Ray claims that his iGaydar title was rejected from the App Store on the same day as Bruno -- an app based on the Sacha Baron Cohen movie -- was approved. iGaydar was rejected for "objectionable content," despite being considerably less graphic than the Bruno app, according to Ray. iGaydar pretends to detect a person's sexuality, first displaying a random percentage and then announcing a tongue-in-cheek statement, such as "Honey, not even your priorities are straight." By contrast the Bruno app lets users undress Cohen's character, and touch various body parts which can elicit potentially offensive responses."

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  1. "Michael Jackson's prosthetic nose missing at morgue"

    Has anyone checked Joe Jackson's eBay store?

    Posted by: crispy | Jul 27, 2009 4:04:56 PM

  2. @Crispy-LOL

    Anywho, the hits just keep rolling for Miss Rupert, don't they. The way this bitch keeping flapping her mouth, one has to wonder whether she's had any dick lately.

    Posted by: Chitown Kev | Jul 27, 2009 4:39:20 PM

  3. Someone didn't let nick Adams into their bar? He's beautiful AND nice. What's to reject?

    Posted by: MT | Jul 27, 2009 4:40:53 PM

  4. I am glad Nick has spoken up about his experience. All too often gay people let incidents like this slide. Don't go to Turtle Bay until proper action is taken.

    Congrats to James Wharton and Jake!

    Posted by: Bill | Jul 27, 2009 4:56:14 PM

  5. With regard to the iGaydar app, maybe Apple are starting to exercise quality control on the app store, especially since 49500 of the 50000 apps are a complete pile of useless, pointless, idiotic crap. Nah..

    Posted by: rovex | Jul 27, 2009 5:13:44 PM

  6. I didn't know Nick was open about his sexuality. Is this the first time he acknowledges being gay?

    Posted by: Felix | Jul 27, 2009 5:31:11 PM

  7. Wait, Rupert Everett was on the masthead at Vanity Fair? What the hell for? And yet he was still stupid enough to talk about the sex life of Graydon Carter? Unbelievable.

    Posted by: Paul R | Jul 27, 2009 5:35:11 PM

  8. rupert WAS trying to get his name removed from the masthead so i guess this accomplished it for him.

    Posted by: alguien | Jul 27, 2009 5:40:05 PM

  9. Rupert Everett is just a nasty bitter old queen. Blames his failed career on his sexuality. He can't act for jackshit. Also a major shit stirrer. Karma.

    Posted by: Jethro | Jul 27, 2009 5:57:08 PM

  10. Confidential to Guy Richie and RDJ: Circumstantial homosexuality is usually called "situational homosexuality", but I still love what you're doing.

    Turtle Bay: the manager's claims of "I never allow white T's in my bar" is pretentious, mendacious (see the blog claims) and pathetic. It's a fucking bar! But Miss Emily Turtle Bay Post wants to make sure it's classy.

    Posted by: David R. | Jul 27, 2009 6:39:01 PM

  11. I've been to Turtle Bay twice without incident, but if there's a question of anti-gay discrimination I have no problem boycotting it or any other place. It's not like there aren't 1 million other options in NYC. Apparently the recession hasn't affected them at all and they don't need the business. Oh well.

    Posted by: paul c | Jul 27, 2009 8:26:09 PM

  12. The Michael Jackson nose story is pure tabloid trash. I don't know why this site would be reporting on that....

    Posted by: Brian in Texas | Jul 27, 2009 9:52:12 PM

  13. Good luck with the Mormon thing. Mormon doctrine holds that being gay is worse than being a mass murderer.

    Then again, they also see the abortion of an eight-celled embryo as worse than the vicious rape and murder of a born infant, so who knows.

    Posted by: Blurgle | Jul 28, 2009 12:09:00 AM

  14. Rupes is a hoot.

    Posted by: Nonplussed | Jul 28, 2009 5:18:34 AM

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