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India High Court to consider appeal of historic ruling decriminalizing homosexuality: "In taking up the appeal, the highest court is responding to a petition
by two private citizens who claimed they were deeply hurt by the
judgment 'inasmuch as it seriously affects them and fellow countrymen
in all spheres of their lives, personal as well as social.'"



Does Jupiter "take bullets" for Earth?


It's a Saved by the Bell reunion!


Rep. Virginia Foxx's latest ridiculous statement: Obama health care reform will put seniors to death.


Australian PM Kevin Rudd says ban on same-sex marriage will remain: " Rudd said his government's position remained unchanged amid media speculation that he would face a groundswell of support for same-sex marriage at Labor's national conference, due to begin in Sydney on Thursday. 'We are consistent with the policy we took to the last election,' he told public broadcaster ABC."


Chicago's Commission on Human Rights to honor gay veterans.


Johnny Depp disguises himself as squirrel at Comic-Con.


Two openly gay candidates for SF Supervisor say "wait" on Prop 8 ballot measure.



Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza comes out for marriage equality.


Officials place no restrictions on Gay Pride parade in Belfast: "We respect the views of those who are organising the Pride parade
and those who wish to express their opposition. Just as with any other
parade where there is disagreement the commission believes it is
paramount that all concerned treat each other with respect and show
tolerance towards the view of wider society. We welcome the
assurances we have received in regards to the stewarding of the parade
and the general conduct of the participants."


Kissimmee, Florida City Commissioner wants to add "In God We Trust" to city's logo because he thinks it will help rid the nation of unsavory things like gays, abortion, and pot. Otero:
"This nation has been moving toward more liberal postures such as
homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion and the legalization of
marijuana. I'm against that way of thinking. Those are not
the values upon which this nation was founded. I think we need to fight
for the values we're losing."


Christian Bale completes his latest unbelievable transformation.



STUDY: Tanning beds as deadly as Arsenic and Mustard Gas.


Is Kelly Clarkson being punished by label bosses for speaking out about the similarity of her song to Beyonce's?


Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams sees "two-track" Anglican Church.


Grey's Anatomy says good-bye to Dr. George O'Malley.


OMG interviews Simon Rex about his online pilot.


Chicago's first openly gay alderman Tom Tunney asks if City Hall should set aside business contracts for LGBT-owned companies: "Tunney asked Corporation Counsel Mara Georges whether any other
municipality has a 'category' that defines 'LGBT as a qualified
minority.' Georges said she knows of no such category anywhere in the United States. But, she didn’t slam the door. 'We are certainly happy to talk to you about it and whether that’s something we should attempt to pursue,' Georges said."


  1. woodroad34 says

    Mr. Atkinson — there has always been a two-tiered Anglican Church. The only thing is that the African segment has hijacked it and forced this split with their “no hostage taking” attitude and threats. Your weak leadership exacerbated it and unfortunately you aligned yourself with them. You are now crying over milk that you spilled.

  2. Paul R says

    Virginia Foxx is merely repeating a claim being emailed to the elderly by Donald Wildom/American Family Association that contains an interview with former Senator Fred Thompson (because two lunatics are better than one!). The email says, “Obama’s plan would deny medical care for the elderly.” (I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the interview.)

    I know this because my sweet but easily frightened mother forwarded me the email Monday asking if it were true. (Among my mother’s friends email is a bit dangerous, because it leads them to believe in all sorts of urban myths and scare tactics. One widow was devastated when my Mom had to tell her that Bill Gates would not, in fact, be sending her $500,000.)

    Scaring the elderly with lies: what a proud move by Republicans.

  3. Derek says

    Paul C. and James Tony please provide me a mailing address so I can send you both gift cards good for unlimited tanning at the tanning bed nearest you.

    I think you both deserve them….

  4. David C says

    “Scaring the elderly with lies: what a proud move by Republicans.”

    Really, Paul R?

    Have you forgotten how the Dems claimed the new majority GOP wanted to throw seniors into the streets back in 1990s?

    But since the Democrats plan to base health care on cost per life expectancy, how is Thompson’s claim false?

  5. Paul R says

    Hmm, David C, let me think. Thompson also said that all seniors were going to have to go to the government when they reach 75 and have a talk about whether they should undergo euthanasia. And this is someone you believe? That kind of talk is far worse than anything the Dems said in the 90s.

    And you have a copy of the complete draft bill in front of you, and know exactly what final form it will take in several months?

    I don’t trust people who lie. And we would have had health care reform a lot cheaper if the GOP hadn’t dismissed Hillary Clinton and her team 16 years ago. At that time health care accounted for 10% of GDP; now it’s more than 16%. So you’ll forgive me if I don’t care much about claims by politicians serving as insurance company apologists and pharmaceutical company whores. Thompson is a despicable, stupid man, and works hand in glove with the American Family Association. Know anything about them? If you’re gay and you don’t, then you should be ashamed.

    For the record, I find it regrettable that Baucus is leading the Dems fight for health care reform too. He’s a dolt, and also beholden to industry contributions.

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