1. soulbrotha says

    “…that in moments of distress people will rise to the occasion.”

    …except when a gay or transgender person is getting their head bashed in.

  2. soulbrotha says

    And that is to take nothing away from these brave men in this video or the pain of this family. I’m very glad they got them out of there alive, especially that little boy.

  3. Lisa says

    I can’t help but always think about the camera people in these incidents being assholes who just stand there and film instead of trying to help.

    Its great it came to light and people will get recognized for their help because of it but if it was me I would have been running to the houses trying to get a knife/calling 911/helping the kid in the car.

  4. Alex says

    God, terrifying watching them crawl in the car to get the kid out not knowing it was going to explode. So brave. And for those who think they wouldn’t do it, you may be surprised what you would do in that situation with adrenaline pumping and knowing a small child is in the car. Either way, that is amazing to see. I hope the kid survives.

  5. prisle says

    I agree about running to film the scence instead of helping but my guess is that he was unable b/c of some reason. I have learned that those who think of filming a disaster instead of helping in it may be a little unfit to help.
    Did anyone else notice though that someone asked for a knife long before they even got the Mom and one kid out? People just just stood there in a panic, ignorant as usual. Oh americans….

  6. adam says

    As an EMT these people aren’t being ignorant standing around looking dumb. Most lay people don’t know what to do in a situation and are just at a loss of what to do. Sometimes it not that they don’t want to help is they don’t know how to help. Not to mention some people can’t take the pressure of a situation like that. It takes training to be able to see the situation and know these things have to happen. I’ll admit before my EMT training I would have been a little scatter brained and not really know where to start. Since then its kinda like getting a pull down menu of okay these things have to happen and these things have to happen in order. Also you don’t necessarily know how you would react in a situation like that so don’t go calling them ignorant.

  7. Kristoffer says

    Wow! That family was lucky those guys were in the right place at the right time.

    I can see where having too many people trying to help turns things chaotic with people just getting in the way. It did bother me that the guy with the camera keeps yelling to get a knife, get water and “there’s a baby in there” – just in case the people trying to rescue the baby had forgotten.

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