1. JEFF says

    Roger has one nice hairy chest. I’d love to bury my face in there among other hairy warm places on Rogers body. WOOF

  2. nic says

    roger federer has the most beautiful game in tennis, but his victory in this years wimbledon is diminished by the absence of rafa nadal, the only man (with the most beautiful ass in tennis) that can beat him regularly.

  3. sr says

    oh, the win is not diminished in the slightest. Don’t be jealous that Rafa could never be the player Federer is. It’s not Fed’s fault that Rafa’s body can’t handle the demands of his playing style over the course of a single season, disabling him from reaching the finals and semis of slams with the regularity that Fed does.

  4. Antony says

    oh c’mon! nadal got a fat ass, weird proportion, Roger’s sexy ass is a piece to look at, especially when he’s waiting for the other’s serve!
    Plus, Fed got hairchest, love the Swiss hot long body