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The Ladies of The View Moved by Brüno


Barbara Walters and Joy Behar weigh in.

Walters warns of the giant wagging penises: "I think this could make people — if you're not homophobic — make you."

Says Behar: "I just want to address one thing about the homophobia. I don't think that people are gonna become anti-gay from the movie cause he is such a stereotype and so out there as this "gay, queen wacky" that there are straight people who are just as crazy, so if you don't know the difference there's something wrong with you."


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  1. Wow John. I had no idea I was a self loathing Homesexual. I am so glad to get that cleared up. I guess all that LGBT political work I do is just me hiding my inner straight guy.

    "Lost Vegas". Ooh, scathing. Did you learn that at Meth Camp?

    Dennis Miller 8x10? Yeah, I'm all about splooging in his face, you got that part right at least.

    Damn Dude, your issues are on display for the world, you do realize that, right?

    I'm sensing some form of inner self loathing Doucheyness here.

    Hit your pipe and come back later Bro. Maybe after a few hits you'll have turned on your Titan and found something else to do other than attack people with dumbass comments.

    Posted by: Derek Washington | Jul 15, 2009 4:30:09 PM

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